Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Why do you do what you do?

Had the second session of crafting classes. We had three modules lined up, B2, B3 and B4.. and well.. No one wanted to take the former two, so we had two students for our Embossing at Home Technique. Every time I do a class, or workshop... I tend to learn new thing for myself the same way the attendees take home a little something with them. I suppose that's the magic of exchanging knowledge or sharing what you know.

Yesterday was the workshop encore, a little less fancy since it was fewer participants. These smaller classes are working out super great though, because in the process I'm learning more about those who come, what they'd like to learn and how every time.. my faith gets renewed and my motivation gets an overdrive kinda thrust... to push me to do what I do.

My brother went through the slideshow with me, he looked through my class schedule... and modules. And he freaked out thinking he was back at school with a college counselor. He made me feel great when he said: "You've put a lot of thought into this Varah Api"

In the last 6 days alone, I've received emails, and Facebook messages from young girls... aged maybe 15-17. Each of them thanking me for being an inspiration, appreciating what Firefly is, what it's done and how they've mustered up the courage to leap into a crafting world and have started their own line of work or are in the process of pursuing it. Nothing makes me happy than to read such sweet things especially about new beginnings! Alhamdulillah!

In the last year and half, there's been this boom of crafting pages and businesses. It's made youth understand and unleash their potential.. more so it's given a rise to women entrepreneurship and young talent.

What makes me happy, literally.. is that most of us have networked and connected so well, we're honest with our thoughts and of course our work. If we're asked to replicate another brand's work or design, we know right away to divert them to the appropriate page. I know, that I myself have said no to people asking for Fizy's Albums or GPCS's Cushions... I know that whatever I do and earn from not my own effort, won't last very long.. worse off it's going to tangle and twine my non existence after I depart this life.

So my students asked me today, why are you sharing what you know with others? Back in March when I introduced the Ultimate Crafter's Workshops, I did it with the aim of educating Pakistani's about crafting materials, techniques and tools available beyond the beads and sequins... Wanted to show them what we can use to trim down our work time, how we can variate the projects we make despite having the same embossing folder or the same stamp... or even the same printed paper. That's what we should do, share what we know, you know.. pass on that light.. by igniting more candles.

When I acquired the approval from the manufacturers, it was a wow moment for me, not because we were going to be able to stock items here officially, but because Firefly was recognized internationally for its efforts in teaching and sharing the crafting and scrapbooking essence of a hobby. I shared information on our workshops, and that was one of the key reasons we got approval. They knew we were serious!

Despite me hopping about different continents in the last few months, it's been a struggle for me to not keep up with Firefly. Those who refuse to see it as my journal may not understand, but it's something I cannot part from. I've worked too hard on it to. My shopping cart at Prima is full, ready for check out. I'm just debating the shipping here or abroad... I've made a punch list at Bo Bunny too, but this whole uncertainty and time frame thing is taking things to formulate a little longer.

In just the last four months new pages have surfaced, now stocking scrapbooking supplies. I wish they'd know what they're stocking before they put them up for sale though. I'm not taking credit for this awareness, I'm not the pioneer. As crafting has been around forever. But I'd like to look at it this way. If two years ago, 40 people knew about the sizzix or stamping, 400 of them knew back in March... After the workshops.. if 400 shared this with maybe 10... 4000 people now know about crafting, techniques, keepsakes, punches.. etc. The market's awesome! And it's growing! and seeing that today makes me happy.

That was the purpose of Firefly, to introduce something different, which Alhamdulillah it has. If there are some who believe I'm not open to new people or newbies, that's a totally wrong misconception. I couldn't be more open about what I do... if I've gotten up and made the effort to host a class or a workshop.. might just show yes, I'm open to sharing what I know with people. And it's not about money either... if it were there would be no 'tutorials' or how to classes on the blog, which by the way are totally free. Not to mention the queries I receive day in and day out about supplies or how to's or what to use...

I thank Allah Kareem for bringing Firefly and me where we are, and I thank Him for every day that we receive an opportunity to make someone smile. Smiling is charity, gift giving and cherishing moments bring people closer together... so those of you who have come our way, smile sunshine. :) And those who'd like to venture into crafting, God created the earth, for all to roam free.. He commanded man to create the internet, so knowledge would be in reach.

Love to all those who work super hard at what they do, and a big thank you for everyone who appreciates what we do.

This is from one of our class attendees today. And it overwhelmed me!
Have you had a kindness shown?
Pass it on;
'Twas not given for thee alone,
Pass it on;
Let it travel down the years,
Let it wipe another's tears,
'Til in Heaven the deed appears 
-Pass it on.
~Henry Burton

What a class! A true hands-on learning session. Thank you so much for passing it on. :-)

If I can brighten up someone's day with a little bit of Firefly's sunshine, Alhamdulillah. 

Are you proud of what Firefly's become?
*big smile* Yes I am! MashaAllah!

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