Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Ultimate Crafter's Workshop

Hey there everybody!

With so much inspiration in the air and the perfect time of the year to sit down and just learn something new, I’ve decided to finally hold a workshop. I had so many of you request the online classes, but a proper workshop was due… so Yeay :D *throws confetti* Everytime I scheduled one of these, things kept coming up and well… inshaAllah, I am hopeful you all will go home with a thing or two and will definitely be hooked on this whole idea of scrapbooking if not crafting full time. Warning you, it’s addictive. Those of you who’ve already had doses of it sure know what it’s like :D

PS: this workshop is in Karachi.

Here’s the plan…
  • -          Registrations are open for the 5 hour workshop. Trust me, the five hours will swoosh by…
  • -          When filling out the form, please mention which date is suitable for you: 17th, 24th, 31st March. Please opt for the one most preferable and whether any 3 Saturdays are okay for you. The timings will be 2-7.
  • -          The cost of the workshop is Rs 3500, and Rs 3000 for those who purchased Scrapper Session Kits from me last summer. :D
  • -          Venue, my garden, Defence / Seaview :) address specifics and directions provided to those who successfully register.
  • -          There is no age limit, but I do request our guests be over the age of 12 :)
  • -          Not trying to be biased, but this workshop is for ladies and young women only.
Change in Plan, and surely for the better :D inshaALLAH!
  • registrations will close on Sunday, 4th March
  • Please select which workshop you would like to attend, the 18th or the 24th. Both workshops are the same. :) We have broken it down into two groups to make attendance easier for our crafting friends :D
  • the cost is Rs 3500 per registration, Rs 3000 for those who purchased Scrapper Session kits last summer.
  • No age limit, but I request our guests and workshop attendees be over the age of 12
  • Not trying to be biased but, this workshop is for ladies and young women only. :)
What’s included in the package?
  • Scrapbooking Layouts 101. We will go over the basics for starting your scrapbook. These techniques and ideas are applicable to other projects such as gift plates, greeting cards and so on. Everyone will be started with a 6x6 piece of scrapbooking paper. The list of supplies will be posted up before hand so you may bring what you need. The scrapbooking paper will be provided to you along with your essentials.. glue, scissors etc. We will go over the idea of embellishments and ornamenting your pages, deciding your theme and so on. 
  • The Cuts. You will learn how to use the basic paper cutter as well as learn the concept of ‘scoring’. Whether you have a paper trimming tool or just an everyday paper cutter.
  • Stamps and Embossing. You will receive a demonstration and will try the embossing technique via embossing powders and inks for yourself. In the process, you will learn how to use cling stamps, block stamps and clear stamps. After the demo, you will have an understanding of the different types of inks / inkpads available, and what they are used for. It’s a pretty neat thing to learn. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be crafting out your greeting cards and gifts in no time :)
  • Learning to use punches, layering, choosing the right punch *yes you get to try mine* this will help you see which styles of punches are easier for you to handle. This will further allow you to gauge which sizes and shapes to opt for when investing in your own. We will craft with the ones you use :)
  • Die Cutting and Embossing Systems. These are the newest trend in the market to make crafting and DIY projects for individuals easier. While it is an initial investment, these tools help you work faster, and prepare smashing results. I will go over the basics on how to use the die cutting platform, how to use embossing folders, as well as combining the functions for your projects. These are great for arts and crafts at home as well as schools and teaching tools. So if you’re an art teacher at an elementary school, you need to request your school to invest in one of these :D
  •  Wondering how I age my paper?  Distressing technique revealed.
  • If there is something you are particularly interested in learning how to do, feel free to write that out at the end of you registration form, I’ll see what I can accommodate into our Workshop :) Your ideas are welcomed.
  • I will put together a few gifts for some of you to take home with you at the end of the Workshop. This will include some fun little things to kick start your crafting and to help you scrapbook. You could call it a lucky draw. :) I will also ensure, you get certificates of participation for your time :)
  • There will be a question answer session throughout each demo, so you are most welcome to ask away.
  • Our evening will conclude with hi tea and snacks :)
  • Kaghaz Kay Karnamay is sponsoring their gorgeous handmade paper for our layout kits.
  • Kaghaz Kay Karnamay paper packs will be available at special rates for our workshop attendees. Yeay! :D how awesome?
We will close registrations on the 4th of March :) Payments to be received by the 6th.
Are you in for this one of a kind workshop? :)
If you are ready to sign up please fill out the form by clicking the link below:


  1. i hope u conduct more workshops after march too.. i want my mum to participate.

  2. I will be moving but, will plan things in a way that I conduct a workshop or two every time I am in Karachi :) inshaAllah...
    Let's see how this one goes, if all goes well, might do one more in April :)

  3. hey im a working person, and i dont get free till 6-630. could you keep one on sunday ??

  4. Hey Al Hamra, I'm still getting a lot of queries on the dates :)

    If all goes super well, and I get a good response, I'll go for a second workshop... I avoid the Sunday because most families are at home and well.. it's a family day. I, too avoid working or being out of the house on Sundays out of respect for my Baba being home :) keep checking the Firefly page, and of course the blog for updates :) inshaAllah we'll try accommodating all those wanting to attend :D

  5. can u plz keep ur workshop on sunday.... plz plz plz ...i hv university 6 days a week .. n i m very keen to attend this workshop ....

    contact me @


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