Thursday, 16 February 2012

The ten embellishment project... Class 1 Part One.


I'm not sure how many of you remember but I was supposed to hold scrapper sessions after Ramadan last year... it didn't shape out with all the rains and the distress in the city... and then came thesis.. and well.. You get the idea. :)

SO, after MANY requests from all of you, I am very excited about doing classes online via the Firefly Girl blog :) once I get the hang of things I'll try posting videos to help further :) So, if you'd like to be a part of our class, all you have to do is leave your name at the bottom of this page. Every time we have a class, you will be required to photograph your materials or finished project.. you can do it on Facebook. Upload the photo in an album which will be visible to everyone :) Do not share private or personal photos in that album. Safety and privacy is super important when being online. :)

Without any further delay, let's begin :)

Many of you have requested help on how to piece together layouts, before we can do so, here's your first part of the lesson, you will have to go treasure hunting to find the materials you need for this layout class!

Basic Supplies:
You will need these with every class. Special requirements will be mentioned :)

- everyday scissors  *needs to be nice with cutting, don't use a blunt one*
- adhesive, UHU glue in the tube. Smaller size for beginners.
- adhesive, tape.. scotch tape will do
- adhesive, glue stick. Can be UHU, Scotch or any other make
- a paper cutter *only use if you've got patience and are not afraid of the blade!
- a cutting mat or glass top to cut over with the cutter
- an old board or heavy weight paper to craft on *this is so we don't ruin surfaces through out the house*
- a pencil *to make markings now and then
- a scale.. preferably steel edge

The treasure hunt:
The items you collect here will be used in crafting your first layout :)

-a neutral colored chart paper or card stock, computer paper is too light weight... go for a brown, beige, black or off white. WHITE is too stark.
- a printed pattern that is not so busy... can be crafting paper, gift wrapping paper, a leftover packaging, etc.. This should have the color you're using as a base, ie if you're crafting with beige, it should have a touch of beige. You will be cutting this out.

- a heavily printed pattern... slightly dense as compared to the one above. Again you will need to find one that matches your base color. You will be cutting this out.

- a pattern in bands. We see a lot of gift wrapping paper which comes in rows and bands of designs. These are perfect as strips to ornament with :)

- 3 large embellishment flowers. These can be fabric, crochet or even paper :) Size should be between 1.5 and 2 inches. Again, pick colors that will go with your theme.

- 3 small embellishment flowers. These can all be one color. Best option is little rosettes or the little gem flowers you get here and there

- a 1x4 inch piece of mesh, net, organza, or any other fabric you wish to incorporate in your little layout

- a button. could be as tiny.. but no bigger than half an inch. :) I'd opt for a plastic or acrylic one. No metallic ones here.

- 5 mini metal things... can be a screw, a safety pin, a metallic button, a charm, an old key, a coin, broken jewelry. Possibilities are endless.. you will need to find 5 of them...

That's the list for now :)
Gather these and stay tuned for part two :) We will begin our crafting :D


  1. Oh yay.....count me in!

    Ammarah Zafar

  2. Amazing! Keep up the good work. Y dont u start conducting workshops.. Like teach n earn some money? I always love wat u do.

  3. 0ooOo varah! luv to b ur student :) add me too
    SIDRA AZHER .. . :)

  4. Welcome aboard :)
    K, that's a neat idea but I have a very tough schedule the next few weeks, I hope to once I situate myself a little inshaAllah :) Thank you for your support, makes me smile :D

    Those who'd really like to learn, can always approach me, will work out a weekend work shop. :D

  5. Varahhh !! ..

    Sounds so interesting .. i'm really bad at being creative, but good at following instructions, especially if they come with photo's :p . so going to try following :) ..
    But where do we get good patterned paper from here in Karachi? I think getting the right material is the best start to anything creative ..

  6. Wow I stumbled upon this thanks to a friend, but I truly loved the concept. Am beginning to gather materials, definitely in! Jazakillah!

  7. Kiran :D
    okay, for patterned paper, I'm very serious.. you can really interesting finds at Paper Market.

    If you can't go that far... you will find pretty gift wrapping paper and patterned paper at Paras, in Khadda Market.

    If you want textured ones, go for Shaheen Center at Clifton, it includes Bilal Stationers and Billboard as well.

    If you're really into something wow, go for the handmade paper, Kaghaz ke Karnamay.

    You're spot on about the right material. But being creative and making something creative.. can come from the simplest things :) will show you guys in a later tutorial.

  8. Varah :D ..
    Paper Market; Actually not that much of a problem, coz i get a lot of stuff from Bohri Bazaar, Empress Market and Paper Market when we need to get things in bulk .. but are there are any specific shops that you know of? coz that would help me in searching ..
    And will check out Shaheen Center ..
    I did get handmade paper from KKK; i actually decorated this notebook for a friend :) .. so needed stuff for that .. and it turned out pretty good :) ..

  9. Marva, great to have you onboard :) can't wait to see what you come up with <3

    Kiran, from what I remember it's a shop a little towards the end of the lane. The dude had old wall papers and wallpaper ornaments.. loved em to bit.

    No specific shop. Just look, hunt.. swoon and storm. ie GRAB. :) that's great about your nb project :D


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