Thursday, 16 February 2012

The ten embellishment project... Class 1 Part Two.

Alright, I'm back :) Did you all collect the things you needed? Here's what I've got.

Here's all of it. I picked out a beige/nude, gold and black theme to work with. The first paper is a neutral beige. The middle two are the patterned papers. One is heavy in design, the other a little lighter. The last is a printed cardstock with the bands we can cut up and use. On the right are my 6 florals. I would have loved to use crochet flowers but I don't have any right now. My button's there on top. My mesh below. And of course.. the 5 metal pieces. I found em in my stash :)

Now, these papers are from my paper stash, and are 4.5x6.5 in size. I am considering this as a layout for my tagbook, so will be trimming down the beige base cardstock to 4x6.5 inches, as that is the canvas I work on. If you want to use this exercise for say a card or a collage, you can opt to have a 4x6 or 5x7 base to work on. :)

a closer look.

the beige base.

the patterned ones.. they're in foil I think.

the coordinating bands.

Two of the flowers are neutrals, one is darker. The darker piece will always stand out more.. and will be stark  in appearance.. which is why I opted for one black. The other two lighter :) The three little rosettes are all black, with such a small size, beige or neutral would not show, hence the minis in black. 

Please note that you can cut out floral shapes from your chart paper and use those. You don't need fancy embellishments to make your work look awesome. Trust me, you'll find out my little jugaars on the way ;) The ideal size for the larger ones is 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch. If you  go bigger, it may become difficult using them in your layout...

a very simple clear button. You can find nicer ones in the market :) It's 1/2 inch wide.

These are about an inch max, 1/2 -3/4th...

my five metal pieces. One is a button, one is a little Eifel Tower, a key, a safety pin, and I had those Tim Holtz ones.. don't worry about your items. Anything metal can do wonders :) the buttons and the safety pin are local by the way.

your best friend during crafting.. especially if you're into the whole vintage and shabby chic look. It is super inexpensive and easily available from your local florist or craft shop :) Just say, bhai ek gaz dedo. :p They have them in a variety of colors and styles. I'm staying with this one for this project :)

SO.. what did you all find? I want to seeeee. :) Maybe I can help narrow things down or suggest more options :) If you've taken up this class, share a facebook photo with a snap of all your goodies as I did above. No no, you don't need to photograph each piece, one collective image will do :) 

Stay tuned for part Three :) that's where we do the layout.

PS: I know some of you are thinking is she crazy, I thought this is supposed to be 'easy'. Trust me :) starting you all on this is going to make future projects SUPER easy. :D

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  1. Hey I've uploaded some pics on your Facebook page. Please check and let me know if those are ok. Thanks! :)


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