Sunday, 21 August 2011

we are what we are...

I personally don't watch a lot of television, frankly because I'm too lazy to go to my brother's room and flip through channels, AND because I hardly get time between going to uni, working on orders... and hanging out with my little sister. I love movies, and am fond of music. But it's not the essence of my soul, as in, I can go days without listening to a track and I can Alhamdulillah, have good pace of work with or without a jingle to hum to.

Given that I hardly flip channels and the only thing I do catch glimpses of are the headlines and breaking news developments I happen to come across when sitting with my parents...

And of course, now that we're in this digital realm, all our articles and news updates are available online... even opening Facebook, all you see are threads and series of status updates about how everyone is suffering and how everyone is upset and enraged about the terror in the city and the utter chaos our people are falling to.

Here is what I've observed. In the middle of a fast, when your mind is to control anger, frustration and remember the Exalted Creator, you are posting about the horror tearing across town with such foul words and dirty language. Hmm... whaddia know. This is how we have welcomed our last Ashura, this is how we react to the evil deeds of the misguided, by wasting our hasanat in reacting to their wrong doings in such a manner. Point. 1.

We feel helpless, we want to carry forward on our marches and stand up for our people. We want change. How is creating an event on Facebook going to do so, if all you're doing is clicking 'attending' and logging in from the comfort of your pajamas at 3 pm in the afternoon? Point 2.

Recent controversy, related to tv personalities and scholars. Does everyone honestly think it was worth spending time posting and ranting about someone or his actions? When the least we could have done is maybe did Tauba and sought for protection from being misled? Aren't these signs for us, of that DAY? Our country is in divide, where a Pakistani is thirsting the blood of another Pakistani. It is not for religion, it is not for land. I'm really wondering, what's the purpose? We were warned of such doings... were we not? Point 3.

Everyone is crying out and pleading to the All Forgiving, All Loving Super Power. He has never EVER left us stranded. We have food on our plates, the comfort of our air conditioned homes, cars running smoothly enough for us to commute all across town. But when calamity falls, why is it we turn to Him only then? When we as a people are doing our level best to keep Him and His Beloved along with the values of Islam far from our work place and institutions? Is it not true? You want to take leave for Umrah, you are told to decide whether you want to pursue your education or do ibadah... You want to observe a Holy Day such as Juma tul Widah, you are told, we cannot give a holiday for every occasion, when duely so, our institutions can close due to excess rain, because the city is on fire or someone in some God knows what post was shot and his funeral has taken place but his people want you to mourn for 3 days even though you have no clue what he did, who he was or what exactly we are mourning.

Tomorrow is Yaom e Hazrat Ali... the day of his Shahadah. How many offices are functioning? How many are observing the day in respect. I am not a Shia' Muslim. I'm a Sunni, but that doesn't matter. I strongly, strongly Alhamdulillah believe in love for my Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam and His family... And I respect the significance of the day. But I don't get it, I'm utterly confused, when it's okay for people to skip work and play cricket on the streets the day it's raining, when it's okay for students to miss school and hang out with friends or prance on their rooftops in the rain, why is it not okay to stay at home out of respect for such important days of our history? :/

I know this is very different from what I usually post about, but today I just felt I had to. I am a very optimistic person when it comes to the state of my country and the matters of it's people. That we will survive... and we will rise beautiful, strong and free... but I also feel our deeds and actions as a people, our mindset regarding our being in this world and are attitude towards our deen and our Creator all add up to the state we're in. We have strayed, and we need to accept it. Deen wants that which is easy for us. I love how Ramadan is that prep camp, it's supposed to energize us for the remaining year, but funnily enough our battery discharges as soon as Chaand Raat nears. Did you know that that is the night in which all the rewards for ibadah are distributed? How many of us reminded ourselves that we are fasting when someone provoked our anger? Did you? How many of us fought our Nafs when it came to picking faults in our colleague or co worker, Did you?

Life isn't a report card where you get to repeat a course because you flunked. It's fair and final. And you don't know when you'll sit for your exam, best be prepared for it at all times. It is saddening to know that Kaffans are being sold instead of new clothes for coming Eid. Could this beautiful month have more a message for us? Those of us that are safe and Alhamdulilah alive, should be more aware of our actions and deeds, should be more giving, be more kind hearted... and should be more welcoming to fate.

As the Holy Nights descend upon us, I request each person who has read this to say a sincere prayer for our people. Not just those who have lost their lives, but for ourselves, that Allah Kareem, make us strong in our faith, strengthen our Eman, and make our deeds of those who shall enter Paradise... and make this month of immense Blessing and Mercy a turning point for us all. Cleanse our hearts, and purify our souls. Make the storms hovering over rain finally, washing away all that which is dark and devious. 

PS, I just had smile shine upon my face... read the last paragraph, and heard thunder. :)
Smile Sunshine...

We have nothing to lose, as all that is ours belongs to Him. Our joys, our pride... our existence, our everything. I am not here preaching. :) I'm just here posting the ramblings I've had exhausted within my head in recent days.

I am very very grateful to Allah Kareem to have been able to accomplish a few things I tend to miss or delay every year. I hope everyone took a thing or two beneficial by visiting the Firefly page this Ramadan. I've received several beautiful emails this month and one of them was for Makkah Shareef! What a lucky soul...

Please forgive me for my shortcomings, and keep Firefly as well as the Firefly-Girl in your lovely duas.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Just Because, this made me smile.

Dear Varah Baji
[Firefly Girl;) ]

Oh well, i needed a case instead. Still thank you very much Varah Baji for your cooperation, though i know you are very busy these days. And for taking out your time :) I really appreciate it! =) And again I'd like to say that I just really loved your work!! it's just of my type, funky and fun! :D May GOD bless you and your work always! :) Surely in the future I'd love to order from you as your work is irresstible!;) But for now, I'd like to cancel my order as you don't have the correct thing of my need:) Still, I'D LOVE TO MEET YOU ONE DAY TOO! ^_^

Thank you! :)
PS: I'll phrase your words for you: Smile Sunshine! <3 :D

Ramadan Kareem everyone :) May this month bring all it's beautiful noor, to illuminate our hearts, and enrich our souls with the strongest Eman! Keep the Firefly Girl in your duas. And KESC too! :)

Congratulations to Tanya and Tamim, who have finally received their Save the Dates. I pray for the most beautiful life ahead for you two. May you always have each other and live the happily ever after everyone dreams of and learns from in fairytales. Ek tha Raja, Ek thi Rani...

A special wave to Komal Riz, who's the patientest woman EVER with her order. Luck has it that it gets delayed due to light flux OR errors in process. Sorry!

A hello to Amna Hanif, who's anxiously waiting for special tags that need to travel with her.

A big smile out to Amna Iqbal, who probably thought Firefly will drive her crazy with her keychains. It's so awesome, she waited and waited. WAITED and waited... and now she wants more of em. hehe. SubhanAllah!

I want to mention Fatima Hamdani, one of the many younger Firefly fans out there who write to me and write to the world. She blogs you know! Thanks for always adding those little sparkly bits of life in our randomest google chat convos kiddo. :)

Alina, who's working for a cause... This is her message for anyone and EVERYONE who reads it:
We as Ronaq-e-Qainaat are arranging a GRAND iftari THIS friday for over 300 to 400 people and children in collaboration with Payaam's trust....Please if ANYONE is interested in contributing for this noble me ASAP....!! Donate GENEROUSLY....!! CONTACT:
*Do mention you saw this at the Firefly-Girl blog* :)

Sonya, dude... you just love the luggage tags. :) She and her family as well as friends abroad have ordered uncountable luggage tags, in fact, she's the reason I started making them. Lots of love your way. I  hope you recover really soon from your little ankle, foot.. chronic.. injury thing. :) x

Cookie baji, you've moved away and I have a feeling I'm going to miss out on those heartfelt cupcakes... Lots of duas for your new beginning at the other side of the world. Hope the tags travel with you always... <3

My ESP partner, C-ster. My little bro, Nivy. I miss you. I miss our packaging plant sitting in our pj's wrapping God knows how many star boxes stuffed with Skittles. I do know you're off to great things and inshaALLAH you will find all the success in the world, and baad mein too :) Love you!

I want to say thank you to my other half, Z.A. in HK... you've been such a great help and so so supportive from A to Z of everything I ever do. From the surprise package over the weekend, to the research you took on since I didn't have time, and for helping me put together the Ramadan series... bubba, thank you. :) You're Mr Awesome (MASHAALLAH!) and I can completely rely on you to upload stuff for me when my internet likes to be  meanie. :) JazakAllah!

Little Hayaati. My darling little mithi. Api loves you so so much. I will always be beside you, to teach you how to use the light table, to teach you how to hammer holes to make a notebook, to teach you how to use the cricut paper cutter, and of course, help you use glitter glue to color all your beautiful drawings for Z and me. In no time you'll have your own Skype ID. hehe. Billy, you are growing up so quickly and so soon, KG2! That's big now. MashaAllah. Can't wait til you're old enough to start Firefly orders with your Jaan.

The electricity may be unstable, there may be chances of error while processing, the samples I gave for metallic embellishments may have come out all wrong, people may have abandoned their orders... but Alhamdulillah... the forecast is whimsical, with a chance of rainbows!

Thank you everybody, we crossed 2500 today. :)

Lots of Love. Smile Sunshine.
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