Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Scrapbooking Supplies in Karachi?

Given the idea of scrapbooking is borrowed from the west, we do not have materials readily available to access. Imagine, this is an industry by itself across the globe! I get asked this a lot about where to find crafting/scrapbooking supplies here locally. 

If you need embellishments, paper market has some. I don't use anything but rosettes and organza ribbon. The other items do not appeal to me.. but once you go there, you'll find a range of butterflies, flowers, teddies and other pieces. They're all from China, easy labor.. and well pretty inexpensive. You have to bargain though. Don't go by the price they tell you. You will find similar items at Paras, in Khadda Market. But beware, items you buy 60 Rs a pack.. will cost you Rs 2 per piece. :p

If you need paper, some pretty gift wrap makes its way to stores now and then. Billboard at Shaheen Center is one of em...Paras again has lovely stuff. Other wise check out Kaghaz Kay Karnamay.  They make beautiful paper by hand.. and they experiment too! I've yet to try them but just looking at their work makes me go wow. 

For lace and trims, we are a lucky people. I'm serious! Yards and yards of it is available at as low as Rs 5 per yard! If you purchase from lace houses your project will be expensive... Opt for Sunday Bazaar. They have that open stall near the front of the bazaar that sells 'rejected' factory material.. MOST of it is pretty perfect! Go shop it out there. :) These same trims cost 4.99 a yd if you purchase from leading scrapbooking companies. Trust me, seen it at craft stores myself :)

You can find some mini punches at Billboard, at Clifton. I'm not sure how durable and sturdy they are as I've not used em. They're around Rs 450 I think.

The glue runners you see in craft videos are the 'Gluey' Tape you get at stationery shops. Billboard sells it at 65. Paras had it for Rs 50 last I checked. 

I have been in touch with some scrapbook suppliers and product manufacturers... They love the idea of bringing stuff to Pakistan, but we have to expand a bit before we can get items here via wholesale. It gets really expensive bringing all this in travel luggage. I wish to have a Firefly outlet one day, that way I'll get to stock all these awesome craft supplies for you all :D and make scrapbookin easier... inshaAllah! The manufacturers have noticed the increasing trend in this craft revolution in the middle east.. I just need to get me a shop to stock at :P

Hope this helped.. a little. :)


  1. I've even seen some useable stuff at Universal gift shop, Bahadurabad. But paper market definitely is cheaper than any other place in town.

  2. Mum and co went to paper market and went all out today. Lol...

  3. I also love to scrapbook my family history. I just bought some more scrapbooking supplies with the family history theme. Just hope I get time to scrapbook soon.
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  4. can any one tell me from where i can get sizzix big shot in Islamabad


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