Monday, 20 February 2012

The Studio... well sort of :)

I had mentioned that I revamped my room.. to get the whole craft room/studio thing happening. I thought I'd share a bit of my everyday work space and well, pretty much what I spend 90% of my day working with. So MashaAllah MashaAllah, I present my whimsical space..

This is only a part of it, I haven't featured my work table or the two supply cabinets that hold my paints and envelopes :) Hope you all enjoy this. :D

Starting with my stackable drawers...
This one holds the inks I use everyday with my stamping and crafting.
Some of these are chalk inks, some are pigment inks. Chalk inks are more opaque and quick to dry. Pigment inks are more 'wet' and take longer to dry.. they're good to blend with and stuff. :)
I use Martha Stewart's as well as the Colorbox Cat eye's.

In this drawer, I basically threw in everything 'metal'
All my little metal embellishments and charms, some eyelets and other pieces reside here. 
You see little vials there that I use in my projects too :)

This is my tool box if you would like to call it that. 
I keep my staples, my blades, my scoring tool, my glue sticks, my gluey tape, sharpener, eraser, etc... my round cutter and cutting board blades also live here.

This is a stack on my shelf for craft bin orders that are all packed up waiting for pick up :)

I had these baskets lying around. I didn't like their bamboo color amidst all the black and brown furniture in my room. So to neaten the space, I spray painted them and added these labels. So once orders are back from the printers, I pack them up, and toss them into these baskets :)
Makes things a little easier.

This one's for all the courier orders.

These are all 12x12 scrapbooks, mine, my sisters, family.. etc. My very first scrapbook, I actually took apart and it's sitting in my closet :P

Albums :)
Still have a whole cabinet full of them.

The strawberry box houses all my pigments used during screen printing, the tubs contain base medium, also used for screen printing. The stacks you see are my notepads, I had bought them with the intent of making cute notepads for my exhibition. The exhibition doesn't seem to be taking form but I will inshaAllah be crafting notepads for you all soon :)

That is one VERY important basket...
It houses ALL my sticker embellishments, they all stand and I go through them like a filing system. The front is florals, then there's everyday, then there's family, followed by baby, then romance/love/wedding, then birthday... 

Holders for pens, pencils, pointers, scissors, cutters...

These are my flowers, buttons and other embellishments. They're used with almost every project so I need them right where I can see them. They're sorted by color.. 
Purples and Pinks, Blues, Greens, Reds, Browns-Rusts, Yellow, Orange... Black and so on. These little jars are yellow, because they're for Firefly ;) these are from the local market. Those Flowers in the back are by Prima :) 

I use these book rings a LOT with my chipboard albums. I had a few packs of them, ended tossing them all in here :) They include Tim Holtz, 7Gypsies as well as some funky colorful ones I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

These little storage containers, I had bought four of em, thinking I'll organize my photos with em. That didn't happen. Instead I put all my rhinestones and crystals in here :) One in every color :D

This other box holds 'Pieces' by Basic Grey, they're great as paper and card tags to embellish and use with your projects. They're super pretty and have different shapes too. Makes your projects all the more interesting :)

That little paint can was the cutest thing I ever saw. I bought five of em in different colors  to store my little knick knacks... This pink one sits out on the shelf because I need it everyday. It has a whole bunch of brads in it. Due to luggage issues, I opened all my brads and kept em in here for travel... it worked out perfect. There are hundreds of em in here.

From animals, to flowers.. to pearls to gems. The brad bucket :)

This is my newfound best friend.. and we've been together for almost 8 months MashaAllah. 
This is what I use to emboss and die cut at home :) 

You need its cutting pads and multi purpose platform to use it.

Those are my dies stacked up in boxes,
The green box has all my embossing folders and my smaller dies :)

Umm, if you guessed if those are paper stacks you're spot on :)
The left is all 6x6, the middle tower going crooked are the 4.5 by 6.5 stacks. In between are some envelopes.. then embossing powder, my indian ink and my glueeeee. :) You probably don't see UHU here, because it leaves a white crust when it dries, this glue when wet is white, and dries on clear. It's awesome for my projects because everything is SO tiny, it's sometimes hard to be neat. Towards the right are my 8x8 paper stacks.

Some more little containers, holding embellishments, punched paper, the basket you see has all my adhesive.. tapes! of all kinds... the pink polka dots are another lot of inkpads I use, and if I don't, my baby sister finds herself playing around with em :) the two clear packets are my larger punches. The purple thingy is a mini paper trimmer. I don't use this everyday, I use a cricut one. 

This little box here is adorable beyond words. I love Smurfs! :D

This is what it stores inside :) more punches. These I use for different things, some are for decorative corners, some are shapes. The ones I use the most are the round punches and the scalloped ones, they're the ones lying mirror to each other.

The two shapes for these.

I pulled the basket out to show you the glimmer mists... These are dang pricey, but I had that little whim to just have em and try them. Found them on pretty good deals... so went all out. They're all sparkly and can do wonders once you get the hang of them. :)

Moving onto the next set of stacking drawers...
Here's the ribbon. There's spools of plain satin ribbon, it's local. It's great for binding and simple bows. The rest is.. you know. From my trips to craft stores abroad. I used to have these in a smaller drawer all neat but it's not possible when you pull them out and use em like crazy.. hence the mess!

Here's my fabric.. I keep my mesh and net in here along with velvet I use for my notebooks :)

This drawer keeps my organza ribbon as well as pillow boxes ready for emergencies.. we get a lot of those at Firefly by the way. Makes wrapping easy. :) They're sorted  by color... those at the back are my note cards for little notes and thank yous :)

This drawer has some more embellishments, brads, stickers... flowers.

a random shot.

I had this box sitting at home and it was the only thing big enough to keep all my stamps!
These include background stamps, texture stamps, characters, wood blocks.. acrylic blocks, etc...

Adirondack inks.. they're by Ranger. These are dye inks, take a bit to dry so they're great for stamping as well as inking for textures.
You can't really see the colors here, but I've got them in pastels and brights. The white ink pad is my resist ink.. it's basically clear and meant for embossing :)

These inks are called Archival as they're will not fade or cause damage to your projects with time.. I have them in earthy tones. From what I've learnt, they're waterproof.

These, some of you may recognize. These are the metal wordings I use on my tagbooks.

This box here has some of my less used ink pads. :) Some of em are still packed... some I use now and then.

This box has some old stamps that I don't use as much, the box beneath has sketch pencils and coloring pencils :)

Well, that is my 12x12 paper. I haven't gotten to making my stacker shelves yet... because the woodwork guy asks TOO much for it! -_-; so till I craft my own with some hot glue, I've stacked em here. Some are new paper stacks, some I've had for almost 5 years... I use em as I go. It's helpful because you can always pull out things to mix and match.. and piece together.
I have some by DCWV, K&Company, My Mind's Eye among a few... I have a couple of A4 stacks by Prima as well. 90% of my paper is vintage :P Can you guess why?

Alhamdulillah, this is what I've kinda saved up and shopped for over the last few years particularly. All these items are used almost everyday. Note: HUNT out the best bargains you can. If you get deals online, go for them. But be smart at the checkout, sometimes you end up paying the original price with shipping and taxes. :)

PS: this isn't one of those things you do in one trip, it takes you time to understand what you like working with, what you use more, and what your taste is. :)


  1. Just plain HEAVEN :D!

  2. AMAZING!! I am dying to attend your workshop now..........

    Where do you purchase online from?

  3. I shall look forward to have you Fatimah, inshaAllah :) x

  4. AWWWW all these stuffs are just amazing .. want to steal ..oops Grab all of them ;) Keep up the good work


  6. Heaven!! I know it takes years to build up this stash!! It took me 6 to come to half of what you have!!! love your work btw way!! (Friend of Erum)
    I can give you a tip...try getting the lindy stamp gang mists...they're awesome!!! I got them when they were cheaper then glimmer mists...

  7. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it <3

  8. Oh my my!!!! What a journey through crafters fairy land.... Loved it

  9. just saw this post randomly. Heaven! <3


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