Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Retrospect: Imperfections and Contentment

Originally written on the 29th of September, 2014

I believe that every moment of our lives comes with a purpose... To awaken or learn from.
When I was awaiting my boarding pass at the Emirates counter two weeks... ago.. I paused thinking it shouldn't take me too long with my skywards membership. I reached the queue and boy, was I mistaken. It was packed. The porter mentioned that there are many hajjis hence the wait, and it shouldn't take me long. Considering the mindframe I was in I then realized that waiting was my only option. I looked up at the passengers. All the men in ihraam. Their families.. Women and children. Watching them, My eagerness to get into departure gates subsided. I couldn't help but smile believing the splendor and magic of being united and visiting Allah's home. Where there is no difference in caste.. Stature.. Color.. Age or gender. I was ashamed actually to think I should continue with the expedited check in because I flew with an airline frequently.

A few moments waiting at this counter worked wonders to charge a train of thoughts that plays constantly like a reel for my trip. I observed families and individuals in public spaces. Not once but again and again. I realized that people are happy. They don't care if their wives are beauty pageant contestants.. Or if their husbands are Korean or Hispanic like themselves. It mattered that they were together. They had beautiful children together and just for the day they just wanted to get out and celebrate their lives. Some men were tall. Their companions petite. Some women were heavier than their leaner partners. A group of young people walked about with different wardrobes altogether.. And their smiles were happy. Just happy.. You know the way your eyes light up and you can see the relaxed expressions from across a corridor kinda happy. The I will splurge on my reading kinda happy.. Or I'm in the mood for a chocolate indulgence kinda happy.

People don't care what you're wearing. Who cares if your top isn't flattering .. Or those pants don't do justice. Why must it be superficial. What if your slacks give you comfort. What if your flat chappals give you more of an edge than your stilettos?

It's very evidently us, ourselves, that let expectations rule our very precious lives. Each of us was made beautiful.. Crafted to perfection under His care. When we get called to Him.. We all leave the same way. When we entrust Him with our affairs.. He watches over each of us the same way. Why do we allow ourselves to calibrate and compare or tread toward an expected perfection. When our now is direction to better the present.

We rely on everyone else's approval of our happiness. We forget ourselves and our gratitude toward Him. It may seem like a vague little narrative.. But I don't know. I feel moved. I know life is in His hands.. It could be brief. In that short span I'd love to be in the company of those He blessed me with.. To fulfill my purpose in serving Him.. And of course to find my little piece of happiness. Rightly so.. Happiness is not being perfect.. It's looking past the imperfections. That is what He does for you and me. If we keep longing for more.. The better.. We may miss out in the faith cherishing our now and sit wondering a million what ifs.

Tomorrow is never certain.. But our faith sets it in place. When we believe in His Master Plan.. Things always feel right even when skies are stormy. We become so worried wondering what the storm will bring.. We forget to listen to raindrops tapping at the window sill.. Or the thunder roaring in its might across open fields. I want to listen.. I find that thunder comforting. I love the rain.. It feels like everything in the surroundings is being rinsed of negativity and sadness... To renew that little dose of happy.

I pray.. May He pardon our flaws.. May He show us the joys in our perfect imperfections. And may we look beyond skin tones and physiques.. Appreciate the guise of working hands and feet.. And of course... Always accept His decree. May we embrace the time bestowed with our elders.. May we honor the comfort of a dear friend.. May we value the love of a companion.. And respect the presence of a mentor. May He call us to His home.. and may we unite in faith.. All in accordance to His Master Plan.

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