Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Firefly Girl Studio Classes November Session

The classes are back, and they're going to be awesome inshaAllah!  Just in time for you to have fun creating during the winter holidays!

Some classes have two sessions, so we're flexible on timings/dates for you.
Each class must be signed up and paid for 4 days prior to it's first session, to allow preparation of materials and course outlines/worksheets.
Classes marked with an asterisk * signify Prima Art Educator classes for the first time in Pakistan!

Yes, Prima inspired classes by me for all the local crafters! :) So if you wonder how we can attend those classes like they show on the Prima Facebook Page or Blog, seek no further, you're going to join em with me and we'll get to use some of the newest and coolest Prima product releases out in the market.

Classes are in Karachi, Phase 5 DHA.

These classes will surface for online sessions starting 24th December.

To REGISTER, please email with the Class and Session you are interested in joining! :)

Basics and Design.
 2 hr class.
 Compositions and Aesthetics
 Essential tools.
 Basic crafting techniques
 Exercise to assist topics covered.
This class is essential to those new to Paper Crafting, or feel they lack the essential foundation to make their work stand out. We cover Basic Design, compositions, introduce you to varying products across available in the market, local fixes, and talk to you about what is worth investing in, and where you can kick start your paper crafting passion.
12th of November
 Session One: 11-1
 Session Two: 3-5

 3 part class.
 4200/- or 1700/- each
 Introduction to types of Inks
 World of Distress
 Mists and Sprays
 Alcohol Inks
Conclusive written test, access to mentioned products and practical application.
Inkology covers the core to the world of paper crafts and mixed media through various inks, stains and other media. The 3 part class covers the different inks, their properties, their uses and practical application. We explore the techniques apt to each ink type, discuss product alternates and test their uses, incorporating them into our projects. This is more theoretical, and vital to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge to explore paper crafting with an intense approach.
 Limited Seats.
13th of November
 Types of Inks, their uses, their properties
 Session One: 11 to 1
 Session Two: 5 to 7
14th of November
 World of Distress (Using Ranger Inc, Tim Holtz products: inks, stains, and more . Different techniques and uses, experimental approach)
 Session One: 3 to 5.30
 Session Two: 6 to 7.30
15th of November
Mists and Sprays, Alcohol Inks
 Session One : 11-1
 Session Two: 3-5

 3 hr class.
 Heat Embossing
 Powders and Pearls
 Rendering Stamped images
 Must take Inkology as a prior module.
 Conclusive test, access to mentioned materials and practical application.
 Limited Seats.
 Studying stamping techniques, types of stamps and the variety of projects possible to produce.
17th of November
 Types of Inks, their uses, their properties
 Session One: 11 to 2
 Session Two: 4 to 7

Introduction to Mixed Media with Finnabair Art Essentials and Prima*
 3 hr class.
 Basic materials & techniques inclusive of art mediums, color sprays, stencils and more
 Practical application
 Learn to use Prima’s Art Essentials, learn to layer, explore various mediums, and apply them to collages and mixed media art pieces.
16th of November
 Session One : 11-2

Mixed Media Art Journal*
 with Finnabair and Prima
 3 hr class
 Create your own Mixed Media Art Journal
 Materials provided. Additional materials based on preference to be acquired.
 16th of November
 Session One: 4-7

Mixed Media Art Tile*
 With Finnabair and Prima
 3 hr class
 Create your own Mixed Media Art Art Canvas 8x8 inches in size
 Materials provided. Additional materials based on preference may be acquired.
18th of November
 Session One: 3-6

Polaroid Inspired photo Holders*
2 hr class
 Make and Take
 Materials provided. Additional materials based on preferred project may be required.
Create adorable photo holders to don your special moments. You will create a set of 3 photo holders and will create the coordinating embellishments to match. All materials, including Prima products provided.
18th of November
 Session One: 11-1
20th of November
 Session Two: 4-6

The Ornate Shadow Box*
 3 hr class
 Make and Take
 Materials such as 8x8 shadow frame provided. Additional materials based on individual project may be required. 1 4x6 photo to commemorate required.
19th of November
 Session One: 4-7

Tiny Treasures Gift Boxes*
 2 hr class
 Make and Take
 Dress up two of your own mini gift boxes. Experiment and play with embellishments and create based on preferred theme.
21st of November
 Session One: 5-7

Mini Album magic*
 3.5 hr class
 Create your own mini album. Start to finish.
 Chipboard bases and selective materials provided. Supply list based on personal preferences issued for variety and individual tastes.
23rd of November
 Session One: 3-6.30

Constructing Keepsake Tags*
 2 hr class
 Craft and take home your own whimsy tag. Dress it up with a concept. Select one word you want to work with. Access to Prima paper, stamps and flowers. Additional materials to be acquired based on preference.
25th of November
 Session One: 5 to 7

Tea in Transit, for every Chai Addict*3 hr class
 Assemble and take home your mini tea bag dispenser using adorable Prima products. Whether you want to gift it to someone or want a pretty way to access your tea bags. You don't want to miss this!
 Materials provided.
27th of November
 Session One: 4 to 7

Bloom Inspired Art Tiles*
 3 hr class
 A fun class incorporating Jamie Daugherty Bloom Stamps and other Prima products. Construct an art piece on an 8x8 art tile. Personal medium of choice for coloring required (water colors, acrylics, coloring pencils, etc) basic materials for mixed media provided. Additional materials for embellishments to be brought based on individual requirement. Tile, access to Prima Art Essentials, Bloom stamps, adhesive and stencils included.
28th of November
 Session One: 4 to 7

Upcycled Utilities*
3 hr class
 Make the most of what you have lying about at home. Upcycle an existing box, container, basket, tin or pail. All materials provided, just bring something to alter! We're going to go all Prima on it!
1st of December
 Session One: 4 to 7
To REGISTER, please email with the Class and Session you are interested in joining! :)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sparkle with Prima (Lulupu Blog Hop) Day 10

Hello Hello!

Thank you for paying my little space a visit as part of this super fun blog hop hosted by my friends over at Lulupu. I'm super excited to be sharing my bits and bobbles contributing to the amazing projects lined up as part of Sparkle with Prima. Before me was the Goddess of shabby chic and vintage, Mallika over at Aola Handmade Cards.

This is probably also my first post in a long while, and it's super cool cause I get to share one of the many pretty things I'll be experimenting with in the coming months as a Prima Art Educator for Pakistan. I have been on wheels for 5 weeks traveling for a little home away from home holiday. I got back day before yesterday, so please pardon the photos.

Alright, let's get to it.

I thought about what I wanted to craft for this hop. I had received an entire box of Prima goodies to play with (which by the way are still packed and in the process of going up in the craft space) prior to my holiday. And I had no time lost in deciding that it'd be fun to do something to commemorate the festival of lights, Diwali. I wanted to do this for all my crafty friends celebrating this festival. I read about it, and it was a little exciting working with a conceptual project.

I didn't want to take Diwali to a literal interpretation with candles and lights.. instead I worked up some crafty goodness keeping in mind the essence of Diwali. It celebrates new beginnings, comes around in autumn, and favors the good vs evil. Keeping these in mind I pulled up Prima's beautiful 'Epiphany' collection and got to it. This is an 8x8 mixed media canvas tile. It has been ink stained and layered with some of the cool new Finnabair Art Extravagance Specialty Paste, Clear Crackle. I stenciled it on with Prima's spin wheel set. It turned out pretty cool in between the ink layers. I used some of the Finnabair Mica Flakes and crused glitter.

The gorgeous resin bird is from the Ingvild Bolme collection. It's so prettttttaaaay! I popped open some lovely hues from the Color Bloom Sprays to accent the over all piece in tones of natural colors with a touch of fairy dust. Love these Color Bloom Sprays. Their nozzle, compared to others makes helps keep your hands clean. Super easy to use. The colors and consistency is just right, and the pearl like finish looks magical! <3

You can see some details up close, I've layered up with some inspiring words that tie up the new beginnings and Diwali. They give hope, make you feel happy...

The flutters within are all cut from the Epiphany collection. How lovely is it to imagine a changed world, with new beginnings, metamorphosis and the colors of gorgeous autumn?

I hope you all enjoyed this project. I look forward to some more craft therapy in coming months :) Thank you for stopping by. <3

Please hop over to Kripa at The Colour Press now to see the gorgeousness she's cooked up! :D


Thursday, 11 September 2014

the call for urgent services on stingy budgets...

I am just thinking out loud.. This isn't to offend anyone.
But, why does everyone on every forum post the need for event planning, gifts, party favors and other things for birthdays.. Baby showers and bridal showers.. As well as anniversaries URGENTLY. I mean.. Don't these things get marked on the calendar ahead of time? Why the 11th hour?
And further.. Why must it be on a budget or inexpensive if it is urgently required. Someone's going to go into overdrive to get stuff sorted for you.. Is going to double time the efforts because someone else was lazy... And further it's probably a bespoke service!
Why do we hold back on paying where the money is due? To be wholely honest, I stopped bargaining with shop keepers and street vendors about 3 years ago. Unless I feel like the person is evidently taking me for a ride, I pay my bill as requested.
I love that our craft and design market has saturated and grown... But it's unfortunate that the psyche of consumers hasn't. Those who know the value of your work deserve to own it.. I didn't mention price.. I used the word value. And I didn't use the word afford, I used the word own... Both for a reason.

To My Bright Star

I do and will always love you.
For you are my brightest star,
My light to flutter filled days.
My greatest blessing,
For you transform my world in a thousand different ways.


Friday, 5 September 2014

socia media.. easypaisa.. and other things

Often home run businesses.. Especially those that grow as a hobby are targeted to speculation and consumer rights.. One bad review.. Weighs often more than 10 good ones. And sometimes you have to go beyond the left and right to move forward.

Some of us who work from home do so out of passion. We brought our work to where it is.. With time.. Tireless efforts and immense thought processes. Some of us didn't borrow ideas from the community.. Our proceedings.. Our structure.. It evolved as time passed.

I write here now with an insight... to be able to share why parts of my structure at Firefly are the way they are.

Why I won't offer cash on delivery.
Cash on delivery is more expensive than courier services, firstly. Second, some companies have a billing cycle, in which payments are released in waiting periods. For a business like mine, dealing with smaller items and gifts... We run on revolving amounts. We clear our bills and make our purchases as and when needed. And we rely on payments to run. It's a proceeding. We don't process requests til payments are received. Given the volumes of queries and customers, it would be quite difficult to accommodate several hundred unpaid orders a month.

I also do not believe everyone is as honest about work as I may be.. And am not really ready to deal with customers who decline their orders... I am not going to foot the return bill and I will not have orders processed be returned just because. It's just a perspective. A lot of my fellow colleagues and crafters offer these facilities. They're convenient.. They're hassle free. I however look at things from another perspective and can't quite deal with this considering all the stuff currently on my plate.

Why can't I take easyPaisa?
Imagine. You like an item online.. You pay for it via easyPaisa.. Simple. You wait. Now there are 50 others like you, who pay via easyPaisa. Each at separate times. Each with separate requirements. In my average day.. I hardly have time to sit down and eat properly and pray.. Let alone step out and collect easyPaisa round the clock. If I attend to this all the time.. I'd be taking away from whatever little I have to design..plan..correspond or craft.

I do consider it on orders of minimum 4500/- simply because I'm okay stepping out to acquire an amount for an order that's appropriate in value. For every 200 and 400 rupee request it just doesn't work for me.. At Firefly at least. I understand customers feel the same way about going to the bank... But anywhere on the world abroad.. You pay for your items first. Then they deliver in 6 to 8 weeks!

Why I avoid artwork and images that don't belong to me.
Tomorrow, I do not in any way want to be held accountable for infringing on someone else's intellectual property or artwork. It's just not mine.. To use.. To sell.. To become popular for. I've always held Firefly close to me. It roots from my journal. I would want it to project my ideas.. My creativity. I had folks request TFIOS inspired pieces. I sat to work and developed a few designs. My take on it. I didn't want to use the blue and black clouds or chalkboard. I gave my galactic scrapbook touch... MY approach to it.

Why some things sell and others don't.

Why I have to put rules in place.
There are too many people I've come to know through my work.. And I've learned that even friends will withdraw from a commitment. Whether an order.. Or a stall booking. It doesn't bother me that who's going to buy it now. It matters to me that someone else could have availed my time.. My design process.. Or availed my platform.. To market their work.. Prepare themselves in accordance with time frames and found success. I can't bend the rules. I do it for one person.. I'm expected to for everyone.

My social media presence.
Going back to the number of people I know and the 'spotlight'... I prefer keeping some parts of my life exclusive to me. Maybe on me time. I systematically go through my mails.. I have particular paperwork I need present when doing so. If I haven't responded I may not have access to my data to avoid missing someone's request or booking.

I don't prefer using the FB profile for business transactions. It's great to share learning.. To connect and network.. But I like my work convos and discussions on my work platform. Keeps me from forgetting requests or orders.

Just because I liked a status.. Or shared a post off my cell phone.. Does not mean I'm available for a deep end discussion on why watering plants is integral.. Or how I need to reply to a work query because I'm online. I work round the clock. I work a lot. And there are times when I'm honestly in the middle of a mindset and cannot switch gears. Maybe I'm contemplating times with my grandmother at a point... And I don't want to respond post 1 am. You wait. You sort of have to become firm because not everyone will always be on the same wave length as you.

Work delays and circumstances.
Some of my work is outsourced.. And there are times I schedule something.. And life has other plans. Technical glitches... Horrid weather.. Or God forbid.. Civil unrest. You just roll with the times. Go with the flow!

I don't see how you're running a business or a show when you can't reply to someone.
I'm just going to smile at this one :) I don't feel the need to justify anything here. Must have done something right to be where I am. Alhamdulillah. I'll just say that some people feel really at ease or inspired meeting with me. And some just completely put off. I respect both. I just can't accommodate everyone or chase after things all the time. I get tired. I feel human. And that's a normal thing?

I'm still learning everyday. I'm growing... Each of us should. :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Being Me.

Salaam and Hello everyone! :)

I'm not going to begin this post by mentioning how long it's been since I've blogged. Hehe. There we go, I just did.... ANYWAY!

I was inspired to blog today on a little personal something, about being me. A lot of you follow me on Facebook via my personal profile, have heard things about me, or know me as THE Firefly Girl. I'm humbled and thank you for your kindness, your love and utmost respect. I above all, thank HIM for protecting my flaws and granting me the honor among his people, on several levels. Alhamdulillah!

I get friends messaging me how they're thankful to have met me, or how I've inspired their lives, or you to know... what they like about me. And I sit dumbfounded. Wondering, that's how most people are, no? It may be that to the world you're someone, but to someone you may be the world. It makes my heart melt when all these young girls message me saying Varah Baji you inspire me, or Varah Baji I look up to you... or Varah you're my role model, you're such a colorful person. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah!

I wanted to share today that I'm a lot like everyone else. I mean, I have phases of being extremely happy and excited about things that add a sparkle to my day, and I have down days. Some days are such down days, I don't know how high of the ground I am. No joke! It's learning. A lot about life. I have a family, we have our family time, we have commitments, we have tragedies and we have happiness. I guess being imperfect is a sign of being normal. I become absent minded when I'm buried in work. I do feel bummed when the project turns out wrong the first 10 times. I don't like certain foods. And I love exploring he world.

The reason I'm sharing this here today is because in the last 6 months I discovered a whole new world for myself. I uncovered the fact that I have grown as a person through my work in the last 4 years, and a lot more through my personal life in the last year and a half. I'm definitely blessed there. I've come back to K-town. And I'm enjoying it. I love being around crafty people, I love meeting creative people and I thoroughly enjoy exploring new arenas for myself. I'm within the comfort of those I love. And I wouldn't trade it for anything else!

I'm probably the world's most impatient person. *guilty* I learned a lot about sabr over the last one year. In the last 2.5 months alone at the current work place, I've learned to be more accommodating, understanding, and have finally nailed the spot where not everything is my fault. I'm a perfectionist at some level, and when things aren't on the agenda or go off, I get upset... I believe in His decree, whole heartedly. And all along the way, I know that He's teaching me more about myself than I had ever imagined.

  • I'm taking better care of myself on some levels. (no one else will come do it for me)
  • I am more regular with my prayers/meditation time with Him. I've become more punctual actually in regard to Salah times. And I have this weird sad feeling when I miss one or am late. I'm not pious... I'm not Holy. I'm like everyone. Struggling and being Guided.
  • I take a few minutes to doodle and write every day or every other day. Even if it's a one liner on Facebook. It keeps me sane! 
  • I value my family greatly... 
  • I am more attentive to my friends.
  • I am generally happier
  • I swore to myself that despite being unkind to, I will remain kind. Despite being bitterly treated, I would not become bitter, and despite being hurt or put down, I won't do the same to another human being, ever.
  • I attempt to make at least a few people smile everyday (thank goodness for 479 people talking about this)
  • I buy what I like when I shop... life's too short to think about that sale later, what if your shoe size is out of stock when you go back? I've found a lot of 'joy' in retail therapy the last few months. I dress well with what I'm comfortable in.
  • There is no time to sit and ask WHY. Instead, I'm on more of a Why Not kind of spree. I've basically started over from scratch... and what they say about nothing is impossible til it's done.. It's so unbelievably true! You don't know how strong you are until that's the only choice you have. :) 
There's actually a whole lot more I wish to do and feel I need to reflect and improve on, I'm getting there. A wee bit at a time. :) Just felt like sharing this with you. I'm inspired. And it's all Him. <3

He is beautiful and loves beauty... why not spread it?
Love, V

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Submitting to His Master Plan

When Firefly began 4 years ago, it was a very whimsy impulse to just do something and it became my journey. Because it roots from my journal, a lot of my life's individual experiences have always... been encircled with it. When I had my thesis, all of you knew my stress with mission graduation... when I had my travels, you all shared the same excitement when I'd post random travelogues, when I have been ill or distressed, you all have sent in your prayers, when I worked for a fashion house's publications from morning til evening, you all accommodated my weekend replies and even waited for your parcels to ship from Hong Kong.

I never really thought I could manage such a set up from another country til it was the only choice I had... You all have been a part of this larger family that I have yet to meet or be introduced to. And while you all leave me encouraging words every so often, whatever I have here to show for my endeavors is by His immense Grace and further by your support. I wanted to say Thank You.

So recently, another little phase swept over my life, and I have a strong feeling it's going to make Firefly leap into some more changes. I am a textilian.. which means my life at some point is rooted to fabrics, design, texture and other pretty things. While my heart and soul is and will remain Firefly, I have committed to a chapter for my professional career. I am back to work during the week. It is exciting for me, and is definitely something I look forward to. This means that orders here will continue to run, but will need a bit of adjustments. The inflow of requests is huge, MashaAllah, and it puts me in a stump on how I can even consider managing so many orders with a full time role at an office.

Please don't ever feel I have sidelined you, or do not find it significant to accommodate you. I am one person with just too much on one plate. I really love everything about this life we live Alhamdulillah, and my strength to continue is solely the amazing people I meet through my work. My shows for crafters shall continue, I shall continue creating keepsakes and quirky gifts, and I shall continue to inspire as well inshaAllah as long as my life permits me to.

I will revamp my order forms and order catalog, and I will finally put stocking around the city in place. Just to make things easier for all of you in the process. Nothing is constant, but change. I find it kinda magical that Firefly has always led me to where I'm supposed to be... it's kept me connected to 'home' on so many levels. And the journey seems to get better and better MashaAllah.

Thank you everyone for being the most amazing fanbase and support system anybody could hope for. You all are #love

I will update our order status on the website this evening. Lots of you will receive happy mail this coming week! And all my unread messages and emails will also be addressed tonight.

The Firefly Girl

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Indie Art and Craft Show

After the tremendous success, and overwhelming response at the previously hosted Crafter’s Expo, we bring over a slightly smaller sister show this August, the Indie Art and Craft Show. These events have become a strong feat in Karachi that work as platforms for Crafters and Craft enthusiasts to exhibit and honor their talent and skill. These shows hosted by The Crafter's Guild under Firefly facilitate home owned businesses as well as NGO’s and Grass Root level organizations to support local craftsman and artisans.

The show is expected to feature paper crafts, handmade home décor, clay and terracotta gift pieces, it even diversifies into handmade fashion accessories, trinkets, home textiles, as well as indie photography and conceptual art. Our events are home to crowds of 4000-6000 people. The feedback has always been appreciative, and the exposure is groundbreaking. Alhamdulillah. These shows are a perfect platform that connects our vendors to corporate clients, introduces them to marketing/networking and stocking opportunities, and above all, gives them lifelong learning and friendships.

All our friends and family are welcome to attend The Indie Art and Craft Show. There is no entry fee. The show takes place on the 17th of August at the Royal Rodale.

For candidates interested in taking part or acquiring stalls at the Indie Art and Craft Show, you may download the form and registration details by downloading the form.

All information regarding the stall prices, proceedings is outlined within the form. If you need guidance regarding your work, feel free to email

We will not be sending out rejection notifications.  Please ensure you have submitted the appropriate information and taken care of the required steps/procedure to avoid having your request sidelined.

All items must either be designed or handmade by YOU.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Crafts Month and our First Ever Tag Swap!

Excited that you'd like to join us for the tag swap!

You are to put together a total of 20 tags, 19 of them you will prepare for fellow crafters participating in the swap.

You will ship these tags to us at Firefly headquarters. We'll make packets for all participants and mail off everyone's tags. So you'll receive a parcel with tags from all other participants, and each parcel we ship out includes a tag from you.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we request you to deposit Rs 200 to cover the expenses related to shipping these tags to you.

All participants must share samples of their work. We don't want to be unfair to anyone and would like everyone to produce high quality work for this tag swap.
Last date to submit tags is 15th April :D
Email with samples of your work to and we'll send you the payment details/address for your tags!
Please confirm  your interest asap. :D

The 3 themes are as follows, you may interpret them as you like.
Vintage Romance
Tea Party
Spring in Bloom

The sizes for the tags are 2.5x4 inches. You may alter the size no more than an inch in terms of shape and form.
You can add flowers, trim, ink, layers, glitter, mixed media, film, paint, color... anything you'd like to do. These are going to be original art pieces you're gifting fellow crafters to use with their projects in the long run. Please produce work that you yourself would be happy receiving!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Four Amazing Years to Celebrate!

It probably sounds a little cliché with the idea that when I began my work, I never intended it to grow this much nor did I see it being what it is now. The truth, however is... that it's a fact! Firefly was a very whimsy attempt during a spring break in my 3rd year at Indus and I don't think I've really looked back since then. My vision for Firefly has grown. It's definitely broadened, and for a fact we've achieved several milestones. All I can say is, ALHAMDULILLAH! Isn't He Awesome?!

Every Year Allah Kareem grants me a few gifts to celebrate Firefly's birthday in March.
Here's what we've done this year...

-Managed Giveaways for PepsiCo for Pakistan Idol
-Produced handmade flowers and marble magnets for Daaman's Press and Media Kits for Fashion Pakistan Week 2014
-I, the Firefly Girl was awarded with Young Entrepreneur in the Spotlight at the 6th Annual Ladiesfund Women's Awards (that, too on 1st March!)
-We're at 18,000+ fans on Facebook
-We have 500+ loves following us on Instagram

That's probably the most remarkable bit to my journey. The unknown is beautiful... and the surprises are always breathtaking. Alhamdulillah! :)

I've been a bit of headless chicken.. my attention's been all over the place.. and it's been a lot of work trying to ground myself to life and routine here. Slow and steady wins the race, no? :)

I request each of you to make dua for me, and those of you that pray for me, I appreciate it and cannot thank you enough.

The Give Away!

Without further delay, I want to celebrate 4 years of my precious Firefly. I've been writing in it often, will think about sharing some of my writings with you all :) To party it up with our confetti, I'm rolling out the Giveaway. Given it's Crafts Month, let's celebrate by gifting one lucky crafter these gorgeous gifts to help them kickstart their crafting and inspire them to create <3

What's Included?
-12x12 Café Mediterranean Stack by Die Cuts With a View
-Tim Holtz Ideology Trinket Pins
- K&Co Birthday embellishment stickers
- Making Memories ornate frames
- Prima Mulberry Blooms
- TPC Studios Calendar Stamp Set
- My Mind's Eye Kate & Co Stamp set
- Acrylic Block
- Fiskers flower punch
- 4 solid color washis
- 3 patterned washis
- 1 set of bottle caps (metallic)
- 1 set of hand dyed mini pegs
- Perfect Pearls
- 4 packs of Basic Grey embellishments, canvas tags, pieces, etc
- 2 packs of Journaling cards/Pocket Pages made easy (chalkboard style)
- My Mind's Eye Collectible Wooden buttons
- mini vial packed with diamond dust
- mini vial packed with shaved ice
These items are all valued at over Rs 10,000!

How do you take part?
1- Go over to the Firefly Page on facebook. (

2- Visit our product archives and go through the photos. Pick out ONE Handmade project done by me that you love.

3- Share that photo and write what you love about it, and what makes it stand out for you on your Profile Page (make it public)

4- Leave a comment here on this post once you do with your Facebook Profile Link :)

5- You can share multiple projects you admire, but do write constructively in your feedback.

6- Last date to share is the 30th of this month (March)

7- Winners get announced here on the blog on the 31st! InshaAllah.

8- All participants must have a Pakistan based postal address to ship the goodies to!


I wanted to take out a moment to say thank you to everyone that took part in this giveaway. Reading through some of these posts and shares, I could see some very genuine feedback and appreciation, and it means a lot to me to have you share those thoughts out loud.

Out of all the entries, I fed a count into's generator... we have Zain  Saleem as the lucky winner of our Craft Month and Birthday give away! :D Congrats love! inbox me your postal address so I can mail out your crafty treats!

From the shares, it's quite evident everyone loves the Romance Novel mini albums I did! :D

I have compiled the entries I had visible access to. :) It is always a blessing to be able to inspire and help others grow... and encourage them to learn. Thank you everyone for giving me that opportunity :) xx


Monday, 3 March 2014

March, Spring... and the Life it brings.

I think everyone's gotten accustomed to my stagnant blog and the posts that disappear. I'll be honest, I went into a little hiatus. My writings took a back seat for the last 8 months or so. I traveled, was occupied with family and am now back to working. I'm managing to do new things and am exploring paths I crossed previously. And mashaAllah things are shaping... they're slow but they're shaping.

March is birthday month. And you know that that means! Celebrations! :) Firefly turns 4 inshaAllah this year. I can't believe it's been 4 years already. Time flies when you're having fun :)

I just wanted to post in a little love here to everyone for their support along my journey. I received Entrepreneur in the Spotlight at the 6th Annual Ladiesfund Awards over the weekend. It felt surreal... that feeling of having your work recognized over such a platform is like an entire paradigm shift. Especially when 2 years back, my work wasn't worth a nomination.

Firefly and The Crafter's Guild has a lot of my efforts and emotions bound to it, but I can't help but mention it's come to this point because of all of YOU. Thank you everyone. Let's see where we head from here. :)

Coming up.

-Bohemian Crunch
-Birthday Party

Thursday, 16 January 2014

An Entrepreneur's Nightmare Part 1

I won't even begin to feel bad about being quiet on the blog for almost 7 months. Sheesh it's been long. It's also probably why my thoughts are less profound or my personality's been a little snappy. :P I've been keeping it in. Thinking more, creatively less.

I have so much to write about naturally! But I'll keep it brief, because I began this train of thought to begin a series of topics I want to bring to light and open to discussion for my Entrepreneural seminar. It's these little posts that I hope will enlighten and bring the seminar to a fruitful discussion inshaAllah! Haven't set a date yet... but stay tuned. We'll have a good time :))

I was chatting with someone the other day and I felt it important to share this with those new to the world of entrepreneurship or having a hard time coping with breaking into the market.
It's very easy to feel disheartened or to feel like you 'failed' because you paid an x amount booth fee, invested in a y amount inventory and didn't even make z sales. It could be a number of factors that affect your productivity and return at participating in events. I've been there guys. Trust me.

No sales, barely sales, happy people but lame sales, awesome feedback, sell out inventory... bits and pieces of all of it :) Alhamdulillah! ALL to learn from!

Here are a few points to ponder upon.
How long have you been operating your brand? How many people know you?

If you just started and thought an exhibition is a fab way to introduce yourself, you're right! If 10 people come to see someone else's work, they just might come and see yours, right? No! If no one recognizes your or identifies the work you do, they might pause, glance and walk by. If you have a clientele or fan base already present, there's a bigger chance you have more visitors stopping by to visit you and your fantastic work. It's a gamble.

Apart from the marketing or publicity honored by the organizer, it is VERY important to activate your OWN market, your fanbase... even if it's just your parents, siblings or close friends. get them to come out and support YOU :) it makes a big difference.

It took me 6 months before I took part in my first exhibit for Firefly. Yes, I had a little fan base, that I actually managed to hype up to come see Firefly goodies up close. It was awesome Alhamdulillah!
Then there were hi-fi events that just didn't work for me, because I was the new girl. People didn't recognize me there from previous years... and well... the market was different. :) It was an experience for sure. I walked home with a  LOT of stuff, but hey! I exhibited there, too!

Some platforms are amazing grounds for exposure and prospect clientele. Events like this are usually larger, with larger crowds, and most often with likeminded people coming in for likeminded tastes. Personally, the Crafter's Expo is one of those kind of platforms. Your visiting cards, your display, your smile, and your energy are what lure people to remember you. You have to be confident and you need to stand proud next to your work, forget selling it, you want others to stop by, look, and get to know who you are.

I don't know how many noticed, but we put up our expo photographs recently. The turnout was huge, the exposure was definitely phenomenal. For some more than others. If you observe the photographs, there are some vendors who are smiling, interacting, enjoying and putting up a happy face. Others appear worried, upset, shy, or just uninviting. Body language and facial expressions are key to energizing people. Your vibes are what draw people to you, or put them off. No one's asking you to harass someone to come and stop by your booth, no. smile, be nice. Be welcoming! If you stand frowning, heck no one's going to want to drop by ;)

These are just a few to get you thinking and reflecting. How'd you feel when you exhibited?
You don't need to be upset or afraid if you came home with left over items, it's okay. Your rizq and naseeb are pre-written. Your efforts reap fruits eventually! :) you don't give up. Think about how many more people went home knowing about you. Think about how many new people know about you and will tell others about you. Think positive! and say Alhamdulillah!

Love. (I'm going to pause it here for now)
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