Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Crafts Month and our First Ever Tag Swap!

Excited that you'd like to join us for the tag swap!

You are to put together a total of 20 tags, 19 of them you will prepare for fellow crafters participating in the swap.

You will ship these tags to us at Firefly headquarters. We'll make packets for all participants and mail off everyone's tags. So you'll receive a parcel with tags from all other participants, and each parcel we ship out includes a tag from you.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we request you to deposit Rs 200 to cover the expenses related to shipping these tags to you.

All participants must share samples of their work. We don't want to be unfair to anyone and would like everyone to produce high quality work for this tag swap.
Last date to submit tags is 15th April :D
Email with samples of your work to and we'll send you the payment details/address for your tags!
Please confirm  your interest asap. :D

The 3 themes are as follows, you may interpret them as you like.
Vintage Romance
Tea Party
Spring in Bloom

The sizes for the tags are 2.5x4 inches. You may alter the size no more than an inch in terms of shape and form.
You can add flowers, trim, ink, layers, glitter, mixed media, film, paint, color... anything you'd like to do. These are going to be original art pieces you're gifting fellow crafters to use with their projects in the long run. Please produce work that you yourself would be happy receiving!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi so just to clear confusion. You need us to first submit a sample of the tags via email and then once you approve of them then we can ship 20 tags? Is that right?


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