Sunday, 29 May 2011

Vacation Plan

I'm traveling Wednesday so I thought I would list down a bunch of things that I will like to work on and would also like to list down services that will not be available as I cannot personally supervise them.

Products-Services NOT Available til the 23rd of June

  • Pillow boxes, gift wrapping
  • Tagbooks & brag books
  • Hand Crafted CD covers
  • Notebooks
  • Notepads
  • Journals
  • Clips
  • Envelopes

Things I shall be working on...
  • New doodles *must*
  • Putting together kits for the Scrapbooking Sessions
  • Prototypes for Cushions
  • Working out new projects in paper craft :D

Reviewing Defects?

I just thought I would mention, if you have experienced:
  • your keychain's 'chain' break due to an opened loop
  • or have lost your keychain because the chain broke
  • or have had your dogtag's ball chain collapse
  • or have had your processed card or keychain come apart or appear eroded
Please do not discard the product. Write to me so we can work on improving these products for you. While defected products are discarded or removed from the lot, there are some variables not in our control (mine and my printer's) There are chances that 1 out of 50 pieces has undergone a fault.

In recent weeks, there have been numerous issues with load-shedding and fluctuating voltage which have in return effected the heat and process time... which may have reduced the life of your Firefly product. Do not panic. This varies and is dependent on the batches. :) Firefly takes pride in the durability and longivity of its products. I'm serious! I've tested every product myself. :D I've had a hoard of keychains (approximately 30 of them) latched on to my own bag with a ball chain for the last 5 months. My bag weathers all sorts of abuse and Alhamdulillah! All pieces are STILL in place. We are constantly trying to improve the finishing and appearance of our processed products and some of you may have even noticed the upgrades over the last one year. :) We've shifted to shimmery material for good! We no longer work with plain material and the new stuff is awesome!

So if you land yourself with a product that leads to a complaint, please let me know so I can replace it for you. 

I just wanted everyone to know that they CAN bring forward their concerns so they can be addressed. It is not at all an offense on Firefly's services or work as this is all part of improving the great stuff that's already here in the land of rainbows :D

Please note, attempting to pull apart products or purposefully abusing them is not going to land you a fresh piece. This is why I request you to not discard your product and return it to Firefly so it can be reviewed for replacement. :) While hard plastic has been tested to endure rough usage, it is not advised you leave it out under the sun for days at a stretch or submerge it under water for excess periods of time. *wink*

Thanks for the feedback and continuous support. :) 
Spreading Smiles... Smile Sunshine!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sessions! A must read for every Firefly fan! :D

Do you often wonder how one could put together pretty looking cards, presentations and photo pages? Do you ask yourself, could it really be that hard? What if I try it?

Why keep asking when you could so totally go for it? :D Scrapbooking is a lovely pass time. It is a great hobby for the softies at heart... and those little creative bugs we have hopping around in our systems.

So I have been brainstorming on the whole Scrapbook sessions story. Here is what  I've formulated. :)

  • Scrapbook Kits + 3 hands on sessions (2 hours each) Held every two weeks.
  • Kits will include, small sized scrapbook albums + decorative paper + embellishments to help you kick start your very own scrapbook.
  • Sessions will be to explore layouts, planning & compiling themes as well as learning techniques on creating certain looks and manipulating paper-material for textures embellishments and decorative surfaces. You will be exchanging 'tags' as part of a design challenge... let's not forget meeting other creative scrappers out there. :)

Why should you have a go at this?
Scrapbooking is very personal. Very heartfelt. And there are some memories and moments you cannot preserve with a simple album or photo library and you can't always get someone to do it for you! Express yourself! Journaling and adding your personal touches enhances memories. Makes things fun to look back at... 

These mini sessions are your gateway to one on one first hand advice and tips on making your layouts awesome and your ideas come to life. :) You will not only get a hands on experience in layouts and design, but you will slowly enjoy taking on weekly-monthly scrapbooking challenges. You will sharpen your eye for color, for contrast and comparison as well as enhance your creativity. Sounds fun na? :) Every one of us has experienced a scrapbooking technique or moment at some point in our lives. Most of us think it's for a designer, an artist or a totally creative person. Many just say, I can't do something like that. That isn't true! If you fancy scrapbooks or personalized and hand crafted gifts, chance is you have an eye for such creative things! WHICH means, your aesthetics are awesome. :) MashaALLAH!

What's this going to cost?
Six hours of your time dedicated to creating and designing during the Scrapbooking sessions, alongside some prep time in pulling together your favorite photos or memories of your favorite events. What do you want to capture? Which memory do you want to preserve? You may have homework, but just to explore your own strengths and talent. :) 

Registrations will close on the 16th of June, to ensure everyone gets a kit they need to sign up asap! 

Rs 3500 is the total cost. 
This includes:
  • the registration
  • scrapbook album
  • decorative paper
  • embellishments (3 packets of fun add-ons for your pages)
  • stamping ink 
  • set of clear stamps. 
  • your membership as a Firefly-Girl Creative Scrapper (card with no expiration)
Rs 1000 payable upon registration. Rs 2500 once kits arrive.
The kits will be purchased from abroad! How cool would that be! You're getting your hands on some genuine stuff. :D

There is no age limit, but I would suggest our youngest members be 10 years old. It's great to get kids involved in such tasteful pass times from a young age. :D Don't step back or be shy if you're even out of your teens! ;)

Venue will be in Phase 6, Defence. To be disclosed. 
Timings will be 4-6 on one Saturday every alternate week.
Sessions will be announced after Eid ul Fitr.

After these 3 sessions, you will be rewarded a mini certificate for your participation. Ain't that something fun to hold on to? :D

As things progress inshaALLAH, our scrapbooking sessions will become frequent and advance :) Scrapbook page design challenges and layout contests will be held right here, at the Firefly-Girl blog! :) inshaALLAH!

This is a concept still new to us in Pakistan, why not be the first to be a part of it and explore YOUR potential?

If you're not in Karachi and would still like to participate or be a part of the Creative Scrapper crew, feel free to join in. :) You can still avail your kit and membership card. Layout challenges and bi weekly session updates will be posted here. :)

Are you ready to be a creative scrapper? Register now, email
with Scrapbooking Sessions as the subject line!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

That's life...

As recent as the last few days I've realized that no matter what you do, some things will remain constant, some things will continue to change. I know that's like a paradox or something but it's true. Here's what my summer looks like as of now...

  • Next batch of orders goes out on 29th of May.
  • 30th May, Submit Final Dissertation.
  • Decide topic/source of inspiration for Mini Thesis. (Flower-Selling Children on the Road Side are out)
  • Firefly-Girl travels home to Dallas, Texas for 3 weeks.
  • Returning and heading off to intern. Starting 26th of June.
  • All those summer projects for Firefly are on hold.
  • Mission Graduation. This summer, too.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Firefly meets the Tribune?

Some time back I was approached for an interview... and well. Nothing's hit me as much as it has now, and in the last ten minutes. Firefly has just been featured as part of the Tribune's Life and Style story. :) MashaALLAH! I can't believe it. *airhead... gave the interview and still doesn't believe it*

I dedicate this one to everyone at home...
Nivy, Mama, Baba, Zaiq, Papa, Mom, Khala and my Mithi.

Read it here :)

I was actually ready to doze off when my phone beeped saying it's online. It's overwhelming. I think all that thesis energy even revived like an Energizer Battery! Alhamdulillah! AAAAAH. Okay. *easy there C-ster*

Allah Kareem is definitely Meherbaan. These are His blessings upon me... and the Karam of our Beloved Aaqa Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam. This is a milestone for me. Really.

JazakAllah everyone for the support and love. x

Prayers and the Firefly Shop (online)

So, I'm stumped. Sleepy. SERIOUSLY STRESSED. 9 DAYS til jury day. 30 samples to produce. NO idea where that'll happen from. It's not that my work is off... it's just that I don't know how to take it further. I'm just panicking. Almost 10 days of being ill didn't help at ALL.

I've faith that's giving me that ounce of hope to smile and blog... We'll all get through this inshaALLAH. Don't know how, but YEAH! We'll rock it all. :)

So I'm praying. Like really hard... that my inspiration strikes super soon. So that I can begin printing and producing the coolest looking series of prints ever. (InshaALLAH).

So anyone passing by this blog here, I request a few seconds of your time for a little prayer.

Lots of Duas for the kiddos giving their CIE's.
Hey, I need duas too. :)

BY THE WAY... in case Facebook messes up for some reason again... we now have a back up plan. :D I'm slowly archiving stuff for Firefly. 90% of it is up and RUNNING! Do visit the Firefly Shop! Subscribe to get updates... and don't forget to bookmark it. :) I've added an order form, too... to make life a little easier for those who don't like emailing :D

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So I'm lazing and half asleep. As I've started my dose of antibiotics for this weird thing called an ENT. I've been aching for a couple of days and this morning, voila. Zukaam Zindabad and a throat to match.

Can't say I'm enjoying it at ALL. Apparently there was a riot out in the city again today as well as last night. What is happening to our country?

I believe there's behthri in everything, and well... some reasons surface much much later than we'd expect them to.

On a slightly optimistic note, I am going to try pulling out a  few minutes everyday to work on a 'Firefly-Shop' blog. I will add design codes to the existing ones and categorize them in blog format so there is an outlet/gallery space to view Firefly goodies JUST in case Facebook goes offline for us here. I've worked out a neat online ordering form too. Up til now, the test run's okay. I miss the days when I used to code my own everything. I'm sure I can do it again if I just put my head to it. But I can't right now. I need to design and experiment with my print work first. :)

Oh yes, I had an idea in one of my viral daze states.
How many of you are interested in Scrapbooking? or would like to learn how?

Sunday, 8 May 2011


I suppose this really really delayed blog post today would give the detailed insight to the Life of the Firefly Girl. It's funny. There have been so many happenings in the last few weeks that I could go on narrating the stories endlessly.

Today, Mother's Day... while I agree with the notion that for us, as Muslims and as people with roots to Eastern Cultural traditions, we carry everyday as Mum's Day. Respect and 'khidmat' to her is daily... and her of course, undying-unconditional love is overwhelming. It makes us wonder how she puts up with our 'crap' round the clock. How she listens when we're upset and frustrated. How she remains quiet about things that trouble her. And about how, even when she has a million and one things on her mind, she remembers the minutest details about our everyday lives. I know that every kid feels his or her mum is the greatest in the world. I for a fact am not one of those kids. I believe strongly that my mother is a true example of an extraordinary and exemplary woman, not because I'm being biased... but because she IS!

She has overcome and endured so many struggles in life... and I've been thinking back on those times the last few days. I snap myself out of it and remember them again a short span of time later. Mum's been so strong, in situations where an ordinary woman would have sacrificed her beliefs to keep things together. Mum's been so patient, when things people said made you wonder whether humanity existed or not. And Mum's been so so so selfless the years she taught at school and it was my little brother and me she had to think about. She's always remained so committed to her other set of 20 children in the classroom, their parents, her peers, her colleagues... she's been an all rounder. And she's never been bitter. She's been a reminder of faith. Not just the cliche faith that most people call out when they're having a hard time in life. REAL faith. Faith in the Creator and great love for the His Beloved.

Life transformed. And almost 13 years later. One can't help but smile, because life's almost a 180 degree turn. Alhamdulillah to the good, the bad, the beautiful... and of course.. Alhamdulillah to the woman I can call my Mama. I have been the most difficult amongst the three of us... and even now, I'll say Mama I can't help it. :) I love my mum. And at times I wonder how exactly I can let her know of it... working hard at school, then uni.. and recently Firefly... I suppose these are all reasons I turn to... to bring a smile to Mama's face. To make her see that her kid is out there doing something awesome and living on the values she instilled in me!

She's away with Baba and our little princess, Hayaati. They're away for Umra. And this is the fourth year that I haven't gone... simply because I can't get such a lengthy leave. The group that has left has about 3000 people traveling together with our Shaykh. And man, arranging accommodation and flights for that many people has not been easy. *nod* Baba has worked on it tirelessly. Alhamdulillah. Both my parents are really devoted to the mission... and well, may they be rewarded for all that they do.

While they're away. Nivy and I are at home. No, it's not a party. :p I have my mini thesis, and Nivy has his papers. We've been managing to fix up neat dinners and snacks for ourselves... and *cough... eating out now and then* It's always an adventure for us two.

Let's not forget the Firefly adventures now! Recent weeks have been insane. And this weekend has been the culmination point I suppose. There are some things I  would like every Firefly friend/fan to know.

  • Firefly is by me, Varah Musavvir
  • It is NOT a photography studio.
  • There is no, 'you guys'
  • I started this as a means of expression for all those special moments and true to life experiences
  • Each Firefly product, by default has a logo, a tagline, Made in Pakistan, AS WELL AS: Doodled and Designed by Varah Musavvir
  • There are charges for customizing at Firefly cards, keychains, magnets, etc.
  • I come up with my own comments and punchlines for designs
  • I do not copy from the internet... all 'quotes' have the 'quotee' mentioned
  • I do not appreciate visitors pasting links to other pages on the Firefly page.
  • I'm trying to find an alternate way to host designs as FB might be banned again... sigh.
  • I do not appreciate being flamed for things that may arise from lack of common sense.
  • I am very particular about my work being reproduced or 'copied'.
  • Taking inspiration and chhapofying are two VERY different things
  • I'm flattered there are Firefly-ers out there, who like Firefly have 'come up' with the 'unique and innovative' ideas for wallet cards and gift cards. Like really. That's so cool :) Firefly's totally raised awareness for that nifty card and now people want to make their own! 
  • Too bad, Firefly will always be different because everything's heartfelt... there isn't the 'business' notion here.
  • All info is on the Notes tab. 
  • All prices are there, too.
  • I do not bargain on my work.
  • If a thread of 13 plus emails is in my inbox, I will go by the last said thing.
  • Do not expect a 'magnet' when you've mentioned a 'card' in your email please.
  • I do not check my email at 5 am. So emailing me at quarter to... and expecting a reply by 9 is kinda impractical.
  • I'm a full time student, AT an Art University... STUDYING in my final year.
  • Yes, that's big. 
  • And yes, that's a lot of work.
  • I love receiving little notes with envelopes. 
  • They make me smile.
  • Like a lot...
  • I love all the new people I've met through Firefly.
  • I feel blessed to have been given an opportunity to spread smiles and love.
  • I feel I'd be rewarded for that somehow :) InshaALLAH.
  • It's an honor to be an inspiration. Really. It moves me to hear that I've encouraged or motivated someone. Whether through words or my work.
  • Firefly might go through some changes next year.
  • Firefly will always glow bright. InshaALLAH.
  • I love what I do.
I actually fell really sick 4 days before Art Showcase. I had low blood pressure. I didn't attend classes. I couldn't work. I just slept and felt tired. I panicked a day before the Exhibition and saw the doctor... and well. The answer was simple. I was thinking too much! Friday morning, I dragged myself to university. I really really didn't feel like myself. 

I haven't a clue how... but my energy was next to none, til it hit me that I have an exhibition. Not just an exhibition... but I have Firefly. I've had numerous people scold me... numerous people tell me that put Firefly on hold. You can't manage. It's not happening. Just put it aside. Focus on other things. My question was why? When I have to go to university... when I have to study... when I feel the need to commit time to family, when I feel the need to commit time to friends... why should I neglect something so strongly a part of me? That afternoon I rushed home. Pulled out pieces for the evening... display material, products, flyers... and well. That was it. I was refreshed. I pulled myself up and sat, smiling for my exhibit at Firefly showcase. 

It struck me at night that Firefly gave me so much energy. It gave me reason to pull myself up for my Mini Thesis... for my health... for my family. Alhamdulillah! God does not always speak directly to His people, and it is those moments when He sends individuals to comfort one another, to speak those words to inspire or to encourage... to let one know that everything would be fine, it would just take a bit of time til things fall into place. I'd say it's a blessing, that I am able to reflect or share a message, through a card or a keychain. 

I am most grateful to everyone that is constantly giving me new reasons to smile. :) And of course, it was a pleasure meeting all the lovely Firefly friends that came by to see me that weekend. The little girls in hijaab were the cutest! Hayaati Hijaabi was very well received. It was awesome. :)

I don't think it was unfortunate that the city became restless... there was khair in that too! 

I request everybody to keep me in their duas, the next two weeks are intense work for me. :) I was considering putting orders on hold. But Alhamdulillah, they're still running. And MashaALLAH, I'm still managing. :) 

Yesterday was spent in the bazaar looking for Mini Thesis Shopping. I can say it was fun :p I get plates back from the photo-etcher dude. And then inshaALLAH I start printing tomorrow. :) Yeay.

If I haven't gotten back to you, your email probably got skipped due to me reading it on my phone, OR, I'm working on something you requested before getting back to you. :)

TWO very big moments upcoming for Firefly inshaALLAH. Stay tuned ;) hehehe...

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