Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Entrepreneurship Code

We've been having a lot of posts on entrepreneurship and home based businesses Masha Allah. Having worked with several hundred entrepreneurs myself and having my own brand over the last 7 years, I thought it would be of help to share a few things. 🦋 I wrote them. If you wish to share, repost or pass on, please acknowledge the person who authored these words. 😊

🌺 when you start out, be crazy... Like absolutely passionately crazy about your initiative. No one has time for half baked ideas or non-motivated dreams. This means, whatever you're doing... Do it because you feel for it and are willing to put your heart into it. Don't do it because you see dollar signs and hear a cha-ching.

🌺 many folks start something because it is in vogue, fashionable or the new in thing. When approaching the same, don't do so believing you will make the same amount of monthly revenue as someone else or will be as well received as others. Those in the market made their mark and built their credibility from scratch.

🌺 keep a planner or organizer and write things down. Everything. Whether it's tasks you want to accomplish, products you want to develop or designs you want to execute. This helps clear your head and allows you to explore your options. A good number of women never write anything down. It is often an underlying hindrance from moving forward. These things are what will motivate you when you have the 'crap' days.

🌺 the moment you feel flustered and want to quit, scream, cry and binge on your favorite ice cream... But do not vent about it on social media. Everyone has down days. Yes.. Ask for prayers.. Seek guidance but never express your fears or frustration in the spur of the moment. A lot of people use social media for their outbursts, while you will find your friends pacifying and aiding you, not everyone will be so kind. No dirty laundry on social media.

🌺 you need to have that spark in your eyes to excite others around you. If you do not believe in your product, your service or your efforts, it will be really hard to have others believe in you. Be your own cheerleader first. Entrust Him with whatever step you take and rely on Him to be your aid.

🌺 there will be good days and not so good days.. That's the fun part.

🌺 you will not be successful over night. You have to create, innovate and be on your toes at all times.

🌺 do unto others what you wish upon yourself. Don't cheat, replicate or plagiarize. Tomorrow you will be an unhappy camper when it comes around to you. Be original. Make an effort to be innovative. That doesn't mean you recreate what's on Pinterest. Study inspiration but bring your own signature and flair.

🌺 be good to your staff and your team.

🌺 never whine, sigh or show lack of gratitude for 'work'. There are others dieing for an opportunity to have a fraction of what you have. We are very fortunate to pursue our paths and fulfill our dreams... There are a lot of young people that post dramatics like: fml.. So much work. Kill me, so many orders. I hate this, too many customers msging me. Say Alhamdulillah and Bring It On!

🌺 be grateful. Always. He will always bless you with more.

🌺 don't forget the little people, or big ones... That helped you or lifted you up.

🌺 things are not meant to be perfect but you can make them amazing. Strive to deliver your best, uphold integrity and stand by honesty always.

🌺 blowing out the other man's candle won't make yours burn any brighter. Don't put down someone else's work or product to elevate yours. That's insecure behavior.

🌺 keep positive thoughts. And that doesn't mean the really nice ones you post on Facebook so people like you.. It means the ones you have when you're alone and no one is watching.

Hope these motivate you and help all of y'all. We go through this almost every time at my #HappinessIsHandmade workshops. And it is always gratifying to know good vibes attract their kind!

Lots of love.

🌻 Varah

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


About 5 years back, when we curated the first Crafter's Expo, it was imperative and kinda novel, because it hadn't been done before.

The platform was founded to give home to all craftpreneurs who did not have the dedicated arrangements or arena for craft based work offline. Kinda like a meet and greet for the hands behind handmade.

Exhibitions have been around forever. I took part in several of them before identifying what was lacking in them and hosted my own.

While today, there is grave awareness, lots of competition, and a general need to be out there, I feel it is integral to understand your own brand, your own work and be dedicated to your own cause or craft.

Step One. Identify why you're doing this.
Over the years, I've worked with over 500 individual brands. Yes. 500. Alhamdulillah. Out of this number, however, a good number of these brands do not operate today, or feel they haven't their mojo. Which brings us to an important question. Why are we here and why are we doing this? So often we hear stories about why someone began their endeavor. Sometimes it's because times were hard, they needed to earn extra income, other times it's because they wanted to overcome a loss, grief or void. Some even began entrepreneurship because 'everyone was doing it'.

With 'Happiness Is Handmade' we realized that crafters in general had a different energy and dedication as compared to other commercial endeavors. Each of them has had a heartfelt story to tell and a reason to stand.

Whatever YOUR REASON... Be consistent. Your passion resonates in the work you put across on platforms. If you don't recall why you're here or what your motivation is, you lose focus. That's when all the nitty gritty details start weighing you down, why you become discouraged and why it becomes easier to toss your hands in the air and say, forget it.

Keep your mind and heart on your ambition, dedicate yourself to your craft. Don't leap into the market to compete with others, do it to make things better for yourself, to improve YOUR understanding of a craft, a product or passion.

Step Two. Identify whom you're catering to.
It's really simple when it comes to deciding where you want to place yourself. If there is a showcase of floral arrangements and beautiful decor, you're not exactly going to go exhibit your meat cutting skills or the finest cold cuts. That is such an odd place for your product. Target your market. Is it segmented. Is it a niche. Who are you creating for? Are they going to be there, where you plan to display or exhibit? Can they pay for your work?

If you can clarify these points within your thought process, you don't really need to go around worrying about your work being a misfit.

Step Three. Pull up the socks. It's all or nothing.
Often times we are overburdened with opportunities that we feel compelled to leap for. Slow and steady is alright. Every venture, every event, every project should be important and given it utmost attention. Only take on commitments you know you can fulfill. A lot of times we fear the What If factor. What if we had said yes. What if we had gone for it. What if we pushed ourselves then. In this fear, we end up downplaying our value as an individual and as a crafts person at times. Being dedicated does not imply you exhibit every weekend. It also means you spend ample time researching. Creating and innovating. You also seek opportunities that are correct for you rather than just 'opportunities'.

Took me a good 7 years to identify some for Firefly. It works differently for everyone that's why it is imperative we identify what sort of work we are producing and whom we wish to cater to. I will not lower the costs or time I invest in a photo book just to create more and to cater to more customers. I am definitely comfortable producing fewer pieces and catering to customers who value what I have put together for them. This allows me time to create and explore other things..including outreach projects, workshops, seminars, and more.

You also do not need to piece together a party in 10k or a goody bag in 75 Rupees just cause the client wants it. Do something and do it well. All or nothing doesn't mean hop-scotching, it means you work diligently for each of your set goals and in making your mark.

Personal Experiences and Tips
A lot of craft based brands create more for the sake of creative exploration and 'art'. That is perfectly fine but you have to remember that the work you produce will sit within a Niche. Lilla Rogers, a representative and agent for numerous illustrators and independent artists actually has a workshop program called Make Art that Sells. This actually is integral to growth and understanding the market by producing work that is actually marketable, sellable and has utility.

Some of us create for the sake of aesthetic. What if that aesthetic also incorporated purpose? Product design is important and a big reason why local consumers will lift or drop your creative endeavors.

This does not mean you create to please others, but it does mean to create sensibly especially when you're preparing for an upcoming exhibition. Create items that people will actually purchase and use rather than items they'll admire and then walk away from.

This is why at the end of some events, there is a good variation in the number of sales reached by different participants.

You also need to be your biggest salesman.  You cannot leave it to others. Market your brand, share it with loved ones. Believing your work is good and people are plenty to talk about it... It isn't enough. You have to talk about it. Maybe not spam everyone's Facebook timelines, but share your projects.. What you're up to. Share behind the scenes. Share the finished result. It's exciting and engaging. It also brings you feedback. This hype creates a platform to launch new ideas and to get pre event publicity as well if you're gaming for an event.

Please also do not produce work or items that can easily be replicated by someone else. Creativity may not always be tangible but you can produce work that has your signature. Anyone who'd recreate it would have to wonder 50 times on how they possibly can.

Remember that less is more. Not everyone goes through art school, but the general public has a fairly decent aesthetic that allows them to decipher from what's horrible and hideous vs composed and beautiful. You don't need to stuff the flowers, the butterflies, the locks, the keys, the shells, the hearts all in one composition. And if you do, study principles and elements of design to help you understand layouts that work better. Some colors and techniques mixed with the above are over kill and may appear unappealing or gaudy. No doubt handmade work is hard work, it's also important to create items that fit well aesthetically and can offer utility.

Don't undermine or devalue yourself. And don't use social media to vent on others for it. Hold yourself together, dignified. All of us have down days and are struggling. But negativity, nay say and criticism does not always need the front seat in your life. You are your best cheerleader. Believe in the work you're doing, the magic you're creating and maybe the lives you're impacting. If you don't have that sparkle in your eyes when talking about what you're most passionate about, you cannot expect the person across the room to either.

Never be discouraged by 'sales'. As an entrepreneur, that is always a question mark. Keep exploring. At events, do not go with an intention to break records, but tell yourself this is a part of introducing yourself to new people, prospect new opportunities and being a part of what you love. Rizq comes from Him. Remember to be content always. ❤

I've shared all this as there's so much need to speak of it, yet no one does. We should constantly be on the search to better ourselves but not at the comfort of putting down someone else or disrespecting another person's efforts. This also implies the need for ethics and integrity as absolute pillars for whatever you're doing. The person you are copying word for word, plagiarize flower by flower or stalking event by event is not blind, nor are they unintelligent. They know you and what you're doing. Just because you haven't publicly been called out on it, doesn't make it okay for you to keep doing so.

Anything founded on the base of deceit, lies, envy or vengeance will not flourish or bloom. He helps those who help themselves, and we're all answerable for our actions, whether its justly dealing with vendors, customers or even competitors.

Hope this comforts some of you undergoing dark clouds. Smile Sunshine.

PS: registrations for #INDIE17 are open. Email

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Food for your Face and the 13 Power Packed Essential Oils

Food for your Face was launched back in February out of a whim to rescue distressed young women who were exhausted from work and tireless nights, and needed a quick fix to repair the condition of their fatigued skin. Might I add, this was done so after Mama Firefly decided to treat MY tired skin after a series of exhibitions and back to back projects. I grew up around home remedies and fixes for healthy skin, but never paid attention or took interest in looking after myself. I never spent that allotted time every evening pampering myself or trying xyz recipes to improve skin texture, complexion or appearance. It wasn’t until Mama Firefly forced me to sit down for a spa session that I realized how effective these mixes can be, and genuinely, how great one could feel with clean, refreshed and nourished skin. Perhaps all these years I took ‘good skin’ for granted (MashaAllah).

What’s made FFYF stand out, as a product line and venture, is the power packed natural ingredients such as traditional oats, barley, various herbs and flours, in addition to our favorite essential oils. Mama Firefly has nearly 20 years of experience in aromatherapy which we’ve configured into all our products. Each batch is handcrafted fresh by her every week. Ingredients are sourced from the finest of vendors. Most of these ingredients are freshly ground at home. This ensures quality in our mixtures for cleansers, scrubs, and face packs.

Essential Oils have a plethora of benefits for the mind and body but must be used with care and precaution. Some are strong and require carrier oils to be diluted with to prevent reactions or side effects. Please don’t panic, we use appropriate quantities in our products to ensure the safety and well-being of our patrons. These essential oils are applied in varying blends and amounts into our mixture for FFYF products. This is also why we request our concerned customers to share their skin conditions, any known allergies, in addition to medical conditions or pregnancies prior to placing an order. We do not retail our products without a brief consultation. This allows us to recommend the right product, not just for its results on the skin, but the general well-being of every individual that uses FFYF.

Please note, the benefits shared here are generally identified with skin care. There are several other uses and properties of each oil that may be researched or explored in detail later. The information posted below is put together after researching several reading materials and books. If you like it, share this post or link back to it.

Rosemary Oil
The aroma of Rosemary Oil, when inhaled tends to relieve mental stress, reduces anxiety, allows mental clarity and can aid in learning mechanisms. Inhaling rosemary can also help clear sinuses and chest congestion. Anti-bacterial properties make it a go to oil for clearer skin that combats acne. Packed with anti-oxidants, it reduces signs of aging. Tightens the skin and boosts cell growth, which in return reduces wrinkles. Improves skin complexion and fights acne. Anti-inflammatory properties make it a great treatment for dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. This reduces the puffiness and swelling. Rosemary also helps soothe the skin and heal burns. Rosemary Oil tends to be great for dry skin.

Found in Sweet Cherry Pie (Face Pack for Dry & Sensitive Skin)

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Oil tends to have healing and therapeutic properties. It is a great source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and vitamin C. It also provides essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. Lemongrass Oil minimizes pores due to astringent quality. It aids in tightening the skin and also fights fungal bacteria, warding off infections due to its antibacterial properties. Lemongrass Oil also controls secretion of oil, limiting its production, being extremely beneficial for oily skin. Lemongrass Oil also strengthens your skin tissues.

Found in A Tangerine Affair (for most skin types)

Orange Oil
Extracted from the peels of orange, Orange Oil is packed with Vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps protect and heal the skin, which makes it super for acquiring smooth and glowing skin.  Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for acne prone skin, can aid in reducing redness, swelling and pain caused by acne and bacterial infections. Orange Oil has calming and therapeutic properties, accordingly, can be used to alleviate stress, depression and anger.

Found in A Tangerine Affair (for most skin types)

Bergamot Oil
Bergamot, a citrus oil, works as an Anti-depressant and uplifts the mood. In return, also alleviates stress by reducing nervous tension. Bergamot has great healing properties for the skin, reducing chances of infection and adding shine to the skin. Anti-septic properties make it a winner in combating acne and breakouts. Bergamot is also essential to reducing scars and acne marks, leaving the skin even toned.

Found in all Pandora Perfect Cleansers and Fixxer Upper Face Packs: Sweet Cherry Pie (Face Pack for Dry & Sensitive Skin), Mint Cooler (Face Pack for all skin types), A Tangerine Affair (for most skin types), From Cleo with Love (Face Pack for Oily Skin),
Rumi’s Notes (Face Pack for Aging Skin), Gladiator (Face Pack for Acne Prone Skin)

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil, like Bergamot, Geranium and Patchouli is a feel good oil. It uplifts your mood and invokes a happy feeling. Peppermint oil is an antiseptic so the redness and breakouts that could be, are zapped with it. Anti-inflammatory properties make it suitable to treat eczema and psoriasis.  is also a reason for its tingling sensation (the menthol effect). Peppermint Oil is comprised of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A & C in addition to Omega 3 fatty acids. Anti-Microbial properties make it a natural remedy to combat acne. When sunburnt, peppermint oil can alleviate pain and hydrate the skin. The scent of peppermint oil can reduce headaches and remove stress. Peppermint oil can also help clear sinuses and congestion within nasal passages.

Found in Mint Cooler (Face Pack for all skin types),

Geranium Oil
Geranium Oil is a powerhouse of benefits for healthy and beautiful skin. It has astringent properties and therefore tightens the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Geranium Oil increases blood circulation under the skin and helps heal scars, wounds, cuts and other abrasions. It can be used to target dermatitis, acne and other skin diseases. This also reduces dark spots and acne marks. Geranium Oil also helps heal wounds and combats infections. Beneficial for both oily and dry skin.

Found in all Pandora Perfect Cleansers and Fixxer Upper Face Packs

Patchouli Oil
Like several other essential oils, Patchouli Oil has properties that allow an individual to find harmony and balance, in addition to alleviating stress and anxiety. It is remarkable as an anti-depressant and aids in overcoming grief and loss. Patchouli Oil has immense anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This makes it a powerful ingredient in fighting eczema, dermatitis, acne and psoriasis. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it’s beneficial in reducing itchiness and redness caused by skin irritation. Also aids in reducing wrinkles, smoothing out the skin, giving it a glow.

Found in Mint Cooler (Face Pack for all skin types), A Tangerine Affair (for most skin types), Rumi’s Notes (Face Pack for Aging Skin)

Petit Grain
Another category of citrus oil, Petit Grain is fundamental to skin care in addition to its therapeutic properties as an anti-depressant and feel good oil. It can help reduce stress as well. Petit Grain is particularly beneficial to oily skin as it controls oil production.  Regular use can aid in reducing pimples, blemishes, acne, scars, in addition to blackheads and whiteheads. Petit Grain has healing properties due to its anti-septic nature. It prevents infections and can help heal cuts, wounds, and other skin abrasions, while restricting growth of bacteria. Petit Grain oil can aid in hydrating the skin and maintaining oil balance. When used in the summer time, Petit Grain oil can lend a cooling effect.

Found in From Cleo with Love (Face Pack for Oily Skin), The Gladiator (Face Pack for Acne-Prone Skin)
Ylang Ylang
Known for its gentle fragrance, Ylang Ylang Oil carries a variety of properties that make it great for skin, mental and physical health. Ylang Ylang balances the production of sebum within the skin, making it a great retreat for overly dry or overly oily skin. It can help treat eczema while also being pivotal in healing cuts, burns and wounds due to its anti-septic properties. Ylang Ylang can target acne without drying the skin. This oil tends to expedite the healing process while also benefiting the human body by lowering blood pressure, relieving stress and working as an anti-depressant, taking away chronic sadness.

Found in From Cleo with Love (Face Pack for Oily Skin), The Gladiator (Face Pack for Acne-Prone Skin)

Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus Oil has taken popularity in recent times by being infused with several skin care products. The oil has a woody aroma in essence. Eucalyptus has strong healing properties as an anti-septic. It is used to treat burns, cuts, blisters, and bruises. It softens the skin and leaves it hydrated. It is also used in treating shingles and measles, reducing irritation and inflammation. It tends to sting over insect bites and open wounds, but works to cool the skin and heal the targeted areas. Eucalyptus can also aid in alleviating headaches and clearing sinuses.

Found in From Cleo with Love (Face Pack for Oily Skin)

Cedar Wood
Cedar Wood Oil has a woody aroma with warm undertones. It is considered to have calming properties, while stimulating spiritual bonding between individuals. It can invigorate a sense of confidence and strength, particularly in individuals undergoing testing times. Cedar Wood promotes smooth skin by healing cracks and dry patches; it can therefore be used to treat eczema. It is also used to treat wounds and scars due to its antiseptic properties. Cedar Wood Oil is also considered an astringent; it constricts muscles, hence tightening skin and pores leaving refreshed, rejuvenated skin. This oil keeps microbes from entering the pores in addition to impurities caused by dust and other allergens, this helps combat acne. The scent of Cedar Wood Oil can be a stress reliever and reduce anxiety. It aids in the release of serotonin which then converts to melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep within the brain. It can help ease one to sleep and rest peacefully. Cedar Wood Oil is also known to help balance hormones.

Found in Rumi’s Notes (Face Pack for Aging Skin)

With a woody scent reminiscent of the forests, Cypress Oil is a natural healer for cuts and wounds. It is used to treat external wounds as well as preventing infections. Cypress also holds astringent and antiseptic properties, this allows it to play a vital role in treating skin irritations as well as lending to youthful and smooth looking skin.

Found in Rumi’s Notes (Face Pack for Aging Skin)

Vetiver Oil
Vetiver has an earthy scent, similar to musk. Vetiver replaces damaged and dead skin cells with new ones, being a healer. This is effective toward reducing scars and marks across the skin.  It has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties, making it a great way to clean impurities from within pores that lead to blackheads and acne. Vetiver is also applied to restore moisture balance within the skin, keeping it hydrated. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a great retreat for puffy skin and redness, in addition to its power house of anti-oxidants which combat premature aging.

Found in Rumi’s Notes (Face Pack for Aging Skin)

Ordering Food for your Face
Drop a message at Facebook Page with your skin type and what  you're looking to combat! :) We'll review and respond.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Retrospect: Imperfections and Contentment

Originally written on the 29th of September, 2014

I believe that every moment of our lives comes with a purpose... To awaken or learn from.
When I was awaiting my boarding pass at the Emirates counter two weeks... ago.. I paused thinking it shouldn't take me too long with my skywards membership. I reached the queue and boy, was I mistaken. It was packed. The porter mentioned that there are many hajjis hence the wait, and it shouldn't take me long. Considering the mindframe I was in I then realized that waiting was my only option. I looked up at the passengers. All the men in ihraam. Their families.. Women and children. Watching them, My eagerness to get into departure gates subsided. I couldn't help but smile believing the splendor and magic of being united and visiting Allah's home. Where there is no difference in caste.. Stature.. Color.. Age or gender. I was ashamed actually to think I should continue with the expedited check in because I flew with an airline frequently.

A few moments waiting at this counter worked wonders to charge a train of thoughts that plays constantly like a reel for my trip. I observed families and individuals in public spaces. Not once but again and again. I realized that people are happy. They don't care if their wives are beauty pageant contestants.. Or if their husbands are Korean or Hispanic like themselves. It mattered that they were together. They had beautiful children together and just for the day they just wanted to get out and celebrate their lives. Some men were tall. Their companions petite. Some women were heavier than their leaner partners. A group of young people walked about with different wardrobes altogether.. And their smiles were happy. Just happy.. You know the way your eyes light up and you can see the relaxed expressions from across a corridor kinda happy. The I will splurge on my reading kinda happy.. Or I'm in the mood for a chocolate indulgence kinda happy.

People don't care what you're wearing. Who cares if your top isn't flattering .. Or those pants don't do justice. Why must it be superficial. What if your slacks give you comfort. What if your flat chappals give you more of an edge than your stilettos?

It's very evidently us, ourselves, that let expectations rule our very precious lives. Each of us was made beautiful.. Crafted to perfection under His care. When we get called to Him.. We all leave the same way. When we entrust Him with our affairs.. He watches over each of us the same way. Why do we allow ourselves to calibrate and compare or tread toward an expected perfection. When our now is direction to better the present.

We rely on everyone else's approval of our happiness. We forget ourselves and our gratitude toward Him. It may seem like a vague little narrative.. But I don't know. I feel moved. I know life is in His hands.. It could be brief. In that short span I'd love to be in the company of those He blessed me with.. To fulfill my purpose in serving Him.. And of course to find my little piece of happiness. Rightly so.. Happiness is not being perfect.. It's looking past the imperfections. That is what He does for you and me. If we keep longing for more.. The better.. We may miss out in the faith cherishing our now and sit wondering a million what ifs.

Tomorrow is never certain.. But our faith sets it in place. When we believe in His Master Plan.. Things always feel right even when skies are stormy. We become so worried wondering what the storm will bring.. We forget to listen to raindrops tapping at the window sill.. Or the thunder roaring in its might across open fields. I want to listen.. I find that thunder comforting. I love the rain.. It feels like everything in the surroundings is being rinsed of negativity and sadness... To renew that little dose of happy.

I pray.. May He pardon our flaws.. May He show us the joys in our perfect imperfections. And may we look beyond skin tones and physiques.. Appreciate the guise of working hands and feet.. And of course... Always accept His decree. May we embrace the time bestowed with our elders.. May we honor the comfort of a dear friend.. May we value the love of a companion.. And respect the presence of a mentor. May He call us to His home.. and may we unite in faith.. All in accordance to His Master Plan.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Every time I receive a request for a particular photobook design, I make it clear my handmade items aren't recreated.. can't be recreated and are actually individually crafted pieces.

And somehow, this particular theme is the most loved from all the photobooks I've done to date. I keep my general base the same, inspired by printmaking, I have stamped elements across the ground.

I love using Stationer's Desk for this by Prima Marketing, Inc. Absolutely gorgeous prints. The flowers and blooms are from my stash. The rest are stamped elements I have fussy cut, and the detailing in the center is with my dies and distress ink. 

I love adding a touch of gold to albums like these to celebrate the occasion, this particular photobook was ordered to gift a friend on her anniversary. A beautiful gesture, that deserves a little gold touch.

The inside has gold sentiments and imagery heat set in embossing powder. There's a pocket with the inner cover that holds note cards that coordinate with the paper collection.

Sunkissed Friends

I have an undying love for flowers, which I'm certain is evident in my work. I also have a love for Prima Marketing Inc's collections... this one in fact is a few years old. And the reason I used it, is because Sunkissed is an absolutely warm and happy set of prints and designs... kinda perfect to get you through winter time!

I had been pining to create a piece with yellows and warm tones as well as these adorable sunflowers.
I crafted this Photobook as a keepsake. It's the lines of my Dahlia Photobooks... Comes with a few tags, and there's an embossed image on each alternative page within :)

I love the result of scattered gold embossing as well. I dusted the leaves and blooms with gold dust and heat set. The center is a series of layers and die cuts, all embossed and inked with my favorite shade of Distress Ink, Wild Honey. The butterflies are fussy cut. And of course, the details are visible in the photos!

Some elements are from the Sunkissed Collection, including the chipboard embellishments and notecard inserts.

I initially created this to take part in a challenge over at the Artful Crafting blog, the post has been long due in the middle of my perpetually crazy, busy life *hides face*

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Firefly Girl Studio Classes November Session

The classes are back, and they're going to be awesome inshaAllah!  Just in time for you to have fun creating during the winter holidays!

Some classes have two sessions, so we're flexible on timings/dates for you.
Each class must be signed up and paid for 4 days prior to it's first session, to allow preparation of materials and course outlines/worksheets.
Classes marked with an asterisk * signify Prima Art Educator classes for the first time in Pakistan!

Yes, Prima inspired classes by me for all the local crafters! :) So if you wonder how we can attend those classes like they show on the Prima Facebook Page or Blog, seek no further, you're going to join em with me and we'll get to use some of the newest and coolest Prima product releases out in the market.

Classes are in Karachi, Phase 5 DHA.

These classes will surface for online sessions starting 24th December.

To REGISTER, please email with the Class and Session you are interested in joining! :)

Basics and Design.
 2 hr class.
 Compositions and Aesthetics
 Essential tools.
 Basic crafting techniques
 Exercise to assist topics covered.
This class is essential to those new to Paper Crafting, or feel they lack the essential foundation to make their work stand out. We cover Basic Design, compositions, introduce you to varying products across available in the market, local fixes, and talk to you about what is worth investing in, and where you can kick start your paper crafting passion.
12th of November
 Session One: 11-1
 Session Two: 3-5

 3 part class.
 4200/- or 1700/- each
 Introduction to types of Inks
 World of Distress
 Mists and Sprays
 Alcohol Inks
Conclusive written test, access to mentioned products and practical application.
Inkology covers the core to the world of paper crafts and mixed media through various inks, stains and other media. The 3 part class covers the different inks, their properties, their uses and practical application. We explore the techniques apt to each ink type, discuss product alternates and test their uses, incorporating them into our projects. This is more theoretical, and vital to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge to explore paper crafting with an intense approach.
 Limited Seats.
13th of November
 Types of Inks, their uses, their properties
 Session One: 11 to 1
 Session Two: 5 to 7
14th of November
 World of Distress (Using Ranger Inc, Tim Holtz products: inks, stains, and more . Different techniques and uses, experimental approach)
 Session One: 3 to 5.30
 Session Two: 6 to 7.30
15th of November
Mists and Sprays, Alcohol Inks
 Session One : 11-1
 Session Two: 3-5

 3 hr class.
 Heat Embossing
 Powders and Pearls
 Rendering Stamped images
 Must take Inkology as a prior module.
 Conclusive test, access to mentioned materials and practical application.
 Limited Seats.
 Studying stamping techniques, types of stamps and the variety of projects possible to produce.
17th of November
 Types of Inks, their uses, their properties
 Session One: 11 to 2
 Session Two: 4 to 7

Introduction to Mixed Media with Finnabair Art Essentials and Prima*
 3 hr class.
 Basic materials & techniques inclusive of art mediums, color sprays, stencils and more
 Practical application
 Learn to use Prima’s Art Essentials, learn to layer, explore various mediums, and apply them to collages and mixed media art pieces.
16th of November
 Session One : 11-2

Mixed Media Art Journal*
 with Finnabair and Prima
 3 hr class
 Create your own Mixed Media Art Journal
 Materials provided. Additional materials based on preference to be acquired.
 16th of November
 Session One: 4-7

Mixed Media Art Tile*
 With Finnabair and Prima
 3 hr class
 Create your own Mixed Media Art Art Canvas 8x8 inches in size
 Materials provided. Additional materials based on preference may be acquired.
18th of November
 Session One: 3-6

Polaroid Inspired photo Holders*
2 hr class
 Make and Take
 Materials provided. Additional materials based on preferred project may be required.
Create adorable photo holders to don your special moments. You will create a set of 3 photo holders and will create the coordinating embellishments to match. All materials, including Prima products provided.
18th of November
 Session One: 11-1
20th of November
 Session Two: 4-6

The Ornate Shadow Box*
 3 hr class
 Make and Take
 Materials such as 8x8 shadow frame provided. Additional materials based on individual project may be required. 1 4x6 photo to commemorate required.
19th of November
 Session One: 4-7

Tiny Treasures Gift Boxes*
 2 hr class
 Make and Take
 Dress up two of your own mini gift boxes. Experiment and play with embellishments and create based on preferred theme.
21st of November
 Session One: 5-7

Mini Album magic*
 3.5 hr class
 Create your own mini album. Start to finish.
 Chipboard bases and selective materials provided. Supply list based on personal preferences issued for variety and individual tastes.
23rd of November
 Session One: 3-6.30

Constructing Keepsake Tags*
 2 hr class
 Craft and take home your own whimsy tag. Dress it up with a concept. Select one word you want to work with. Access to Prima paper, stamps and flowers. Additional materials to be acquired based on preference.
25th of November
 Session One: 5 to 7

Tea in Transit, for every Chai Addict*3 hr class
 Assemble and take home your mini tea bag dispenser using adorable Prima products. Whether you want to gift it to someone or want a pretty way to access your tea bags. You don't want to miss this!
 Materials provided.
27th of November
 Session One: 4 to 7

Bloom Inspired Art Tiles*
 3 hr class
 A fun class incorporating Jamie Daugherty Bloom Stamps and other Prima products. Construct an art piece on an 8x8 art tile. Personal medium of choice for coloring required (water colors, acrylics, coloring pencils, etc) basic materials for mixed media provided. Additional materials for embellishments to be brought based on individual requirement. Tile, access to Prima Art Essentials, Bloom stamps, adhesive and stencils included.
28th of November
 Session One: 4 to 7

Upcycled Utilities*
3 hr class
 Make the most of what you have lying about at home. Upcycle an existing box, container, basket, tin or pail. All materials provided, just bring something to alter! We're going to go all Prima on it!
1st of December
 Session One: 4 to 7
To REGISTER, please email with the Class and Session you are interested in joining! :)
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