Friday, 15 February 2013

The Smile Sunshine Campaign.

March is around the corner, and every loyal Firefly fan knows what that means, it means we celebrate smiles and gift giving with Firefly's birthday! inshaAllah :) We turn 3 this year. *man time flies* And as I do every year, I wanted to do something for my fans. Apart from the special offers and promotional sale, I will be hosting the Smile Sunshine Campaign... and I need you all to support it. Don't think pockets right now, thinking happy thoughts. Items available as part of the campaign are at Pot of Gold prices.

The idea is to promote an exchange of gifts... It's not quite the Secret Pal, but hey, you may not know what your best friend, your mom or your brother are getting you. :) I drafted this to help everyone understand how this works.

1. Find a Campaign Partner (friend, parent, cousin, significant other, grandparent...)
2. Order gifts for them, (we'll ship them over)
3. They order for you (we ship the gifts to you)
4. You share your sentiments upon receiving, and photograph your gifts...
5. Share them on the Campaign Event Page
6. On the 25th, we select 6 of you, (3 paired up campaign partners) and send you Goody Bags, worth over Rs 2500 each! :)
7. Smile Sunshine!

Even our Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam encouraged gift giving and encouraged bringing together people in good spirit. :) So let's keep the smiles going... and the joys of gift giving going! InshaAllah.

The event is here...

The campaign deals/prices/purchases are open til the 12th of March :)

We draw out 6 names (3 pairs of campaign registrants) for Firefly Goodie Bags (valued at over Rs 2500 each)

Happy Shopping!

Keep me in your duas everybody, and thank you for keeping Firefly as such an important part of your lives <3

Saturday, 9 February 2013

my work, my faith, my ethics.

I don't know what it is, but there's been an avalanche of craziness going around over the web and of course Facebook. Back when I started Firefly, handcrafted items and gifts were a completely different dimension. Today mashaAllah, Pakistan is going through a craft revolution, where entrepreneurship and 'scrapbooking' is being done left, right center... Wallet cards too! But that's not what I want to write about...

What I wanted to write about today, is rather a plea. And I hope after reading this, everyone sits back in their seat and thinks for a minute. Islamically, stealing is a condemned act. Whether some one else sees you or not, Allah Kareem is watching. A thief is one who steals, or takes without consent, and usually secretly.

A thief may not be after crowned jewels, a stash of money, expensive electronics or diamonds... a thief may rob you of your intellectual property, whether it's something you spent time thinking about, putting care into wording or piecing together... OR something you designed, created or assembled. Today, this boom of Facebook businesses has also given rise to fraudulent entrepreneurship as well as thievery of another kind. It's depressing, disgusting and out right wrong.

There are several people that surf around and click, 'Like'... whether it's to keep up with the page, to enter their contest/give away, or just appreciate their work. What happens when you like a page that's involved in robbing others of their talent and efforts?

Let's contemplate:

- someone has created a page, and uploaded photos of work you've seen elsewhere. They have stolenn someone else's work and passed it off as their own. You know the work belongs to someone else, you're still there.. a part of this crime.

- that someone will be taking your order, or creating something for you.

- that someone will commit a date or time for your request, or assure you of your order and it's value.

- what guarantee is there, that the individual will not cheat YOU? When they've cheated on someone else?

Oh great, I like a page that indulges in all this...
-what does this say about you? are you endorsing such acts or deeds by fellow business owners? Are you supporting such form of entrepreneurship?

One day you're going to launch your line of work, you're going to start out somewhere, you're going to want to be original... what will you do when something similar happens to you? are you not going to think back and wonder, Oh no, I supported him/her when they cheated that page, or that person... and today it's happening to me.

Forget hurting someone else... you're only degrading your stature in public... people do not know you as a person, they know you as a page owner, as a brand... and if you're involved in such unethical actions, you're sending out bad vibes to your customers, and your fans.

I've had my 'about' 'pricing' and pretty much everything 'Firefly' copied/replicated start to finish. I am humbled you find my work so appealing and my way of maintaining and promoting my work the way I do. I must make you aware however, whatever I have done, created, or pieced out is Alhamdulillah ORIGINAL. Because Alhamdulillah, I took time and thought to come up with it. Just because it worked for me, does not mean it'll work for you just by lifting or doing what I did.

Rizq and Naseeb are all written by Him from above. I am not saying anything about your earning... I am requesting you to consider the WAY you're earning. Yes, money comes... but the barakah only remains when you're honest with who you are and what you do. You can cheat an entire cosmos... but at the end our Rabb will only smile down upon you... because you are cheating yourself... and your children with the 'earnings' you feed them with.

I pray every business gets the success they deserve... and HE knows best.

I pray for hidayat of all those individuals that are out there working without ethics and sleeping soundly without an ounce of guilt or shame... Alhamdulillah to those who have their conscience alive. :) I have utmost respect for others, that work really hard to do what they do. For those who don't... All I can say is, you may cheat someone now, wait til it happens to you. Karma comes around... and Allah Kareem ki Pakar sab se bari hoti hai.

Being inspired, does not allow ANY person a license to do what the other person does JUST because they were doing it. Do it because you want to have meaning, do it because it means something to you. And when you do it, stop with the copy paste. You're only insulting yourself when you mock codes or ethics... or rights of others. I've seen people laugh or snort at the sound of a lawsuit or copyrights. When our educated class responds this way to the existance of such regulations, it's no wonder our entire country falls below and goes into decline.

PS: I know who copies... who replicate and plagiarize from me. If I haven't said anything or thrashed you for it, does not mean there's nothing I can't do. It's called faith in Him. He will handle affairs, and set them straight. You just may not be worth my time... or my energy. Anything positive, is not achieved without hurdles... and nothing great comes easy. May Allah Kareem guide us all.

a friend of mine keeps telling me... don't look side ways... keep looking ahead. And you know what... that's JUST what I'm going to continue to do! :) <3

Dedicated to all my lovelies. Stay blessed.

Monday, 4 February 2013

living life. Alhamdulillah

It's been a bit since I got to blog everyone, I'm sorry to those who stumbled across recently, and I haven't yet greeted you. At this time I'm slowly getting used to 'abusing' my wrist and working with my hands again. I had to take a little break.. trust me 5 days feels like forever when you craft perpetually.

February is here, and soon March will... and oh my gosh.. we just have so much happening. So many things have happened in the last few weeks that make me contemplate more and more about my existance as a human being and the impact I may or may not have on people around me or remotely close to me. Recently I discovered my blog actually made someone break down and cry... because the emotions I have here are exactly what she felt.. and she felt upset that she let go of her journal, her expression, her identity.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a page that ripped off my doodles and used them for her work. IT upset me more to see things I wrote for greeting cards, she slapped onto her own. It was more shameful to know that she's a bit senior... and considers this her 'passion'. No wonder we aren't getting anywhere as a people. When someone from masses, educated masses can cheat, deceive and be such, why wouldn't others with more power or authority? May Allah Kareem guide us all. I haven't done anything about it. My Rabb will take care of things and what is true shall reveal itself somewhere down the road. InshaAllah.

My crafting supplies and tools arrived on Friday. Mum shipped the first box. So now I'm ready to go back into gear. Although I did 3 mini albums without any dies or embossing folders, OR any punches. :) so I suppose I have it in me to make do with whatever. Alhamdulillah :) Space here for us is limited. And am I grateful my husband doesn't show his discomfort or sigh over the hoard of crafting supplies tucked here and there. I've bought heaps of storage drawers and have pretty much utilized every nook and cranny to keep things organized and arranged. I'll share photos of the space this week :) Need to get it spiffied up a bit more since I have work in progress scattered out.

Here it's a little different, because things are somewhat more expensive. There are scrapbooking stores, but sheesh.. they cost heaps too. And I can understand why, as I have been in their place with Willow. Shipping and stocking gets expensive!

I'm really looking forward to my first international exhibition at the Handmade Hong Kong Backyard Bazaar at Discovery Bay. It's a blissful location. Beachside, greenery, a pier.. posh cafes and tons of foreigners... that have an eye for keepsakes and paper craft :) We went to check out their Feb bazaar yesterday. So I can have an idea of what to prepare and how to go about it. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. So make dua for me you guys :)

Firefly turns three in March inshaAllah. And we're going to celebrate it with the launch of our website. :) I have Ali from Infinitus putting his life into this and it makes me feel so blessed to have his help :D Allah Kareem is awesome. He sends miracles my way, and everything in my life just keeps falling into place, mysteriously. SubhanAllah.

It is the beautiful month of the beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam. I have attempted to a the 99 Praises for him. Hoping to finish those soon. It's actually hilarious how everyone wants to declare fatwas and insist on Islamic teachings and values regarding celebrating Mawlid, but no one really raises a finger or protests 'Valentine's'. I'm not a Valentine's addict nor do I care too much for the occasion, which is probably why yall haven't seen the word 'Valentine' at Firefly :) I do have gifts for loved ones, and have collaborated with Nov and ET this year. It's a 'Love' thing for me. Nothing more.

I'm slowly making my place here. I have a lot I want to accomplish.. but that'll happen gradually with time... I was thinking back the other night. How nearly two years ago. No one knew what a tag book was. People scrapbook yes, they have forever, but the concept went viral in Pakistan. And the best part, I wanted people to be aware of this craft, to appreciate it. I began the Ultimate Crafter's Workshops last year. And man.. it's amazing. How ideas take form and evolve an entire people. I'm happy to 'think' that I 'might' have contributed to this. A bit. :) Willow will be resuming soon. We're looking into Ranger products and MME! :D

A lot of people are now interested in hosting and conducting 'expos'.. at times I hate this bandwagon theory, but then snap back to positivity thinking, hey! we sparked a trend :) And it's good for those entrepreneurs starting out or waiting for the right exposure! :)) For those who are waiting for the Crafter's Expo this year. We are working on a date for December inshaAllah :) do start planning what you'd like or wish to do. We'd love to make it bigger and better this year! *throws confetti* It was a milestone to have accomplished it in September... I could never have imagined it happening but it pulled through. And Alhamdulillah, it rocked! :) So looking forward to seeing everybody again.

*note to self: we are not doing a lucky draw. our photobooth will ONLY have digital portraits*

Anyhow. I hope things keep moving forward inshaAllah. It's a bit of adjusting, waiting a month for orders... or having them ship from Hong Kong. But hey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do :) I ship out my first lot of handmade at the end of this month. inshaAllah :D

I'm still dreaming of a shop. Maybe I'll go for one in Hong Kong and then root my feet into Pakistan again. Just a few dreams, neh? What are we without em? And of course.. without our faith?

Thank YOU Allah Kareem, You are AWESOME.
Mr Awesome went viral. *grin*
I used that phrase for my fiance, now husband when he sent me a surprise parcel. I exclaimed ohmg that's Awesome! He replied saying, of course, 'cause you're awesome... and I couldn't hold back.. He wasn't Prince Charming. He was, is and will be Mr Awesome for life :) <3
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