Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hello, December :D

Alright, long due blog post... I figured I'd do it with  the last give away for 2011. Every month, one lucky Awesome Customer Card Holder gets a chance to win the freebie of the month... it can be a new product, a promotional item, a gift pack etc...

This month, to celebrate my Mission Graduation Success and to share the love and excitement with over 4000 Firefly friends... I wanted to share a very very big part of my life and my work with a lucky Firefly friend. I love scrapbooking and have been for a VERY long time. Over this long period of time, I have accumulated so much in terms of crafting supplies... my little brother calls it Scrap Crap. :p

So from this stash of stamps, ribbons, papers, stickers... embellishments and things.. I pulled out items that I don't really use and I felt someone else could totally totally make use of them. Some of these items, I've placed in the giveaway are mostly unused! :D

I hope that you make the best use of these. :D I will be back after my trip with more goodies inshaAllah.. and would love sharing them with you. :D Congrats Mahrukh Khawar! You're this month's Awesome Give Away's Awesome Winner *hug*

I think this paper stash is by The Paper Studio, it was a whole pack I bought a couple of years ago, they had cropped pieces in there with different prints... you see a lot of holiday related stuff, so I'm sure lots of gifts for winter holidays are in store. :) 6x6 pieces. Approximately 20.

I didn't count these.. there were so many. I would guess about 50? 3x3 in in size.

These are like 20 or 30 6x3 in sheets of the same Paper Studio Paper... I bought them all as a pack.

The retro box one is self adhesive, I think there's a yard of the cupcake one... entire spools of the other 4.
The blue one is 6 ft long. That's a good amount of ribbon for a give away! MashaAllah!

You can see the designs better here.. American Crafts ribbon there too.. they're known for it!

I had so much orange.. I had to share some.. These are rosettes of different sizes.

Cupcake embellishments I made a while back :)

I felt bad about giving use stamps.. I love stamps.. LOVE them.. and I was so excited to see these unused pieces in my stash. :D The ink pad is in black, again, I don't like used ink pads for a give away. Hope you like it and enjoy it :) I'm sure you can try the dollar ink pads we have available locally... you just need to keep a bottle of thinner or oil to clean them right after you're done, cause that ink stays... I'll see if I can get you a colored ink pad set on my upcoming trip. :)

I love these, but I don't ever get to use them... there are 2 sheets in each I think. Paper Studio. Never used em.. still packed. :D

Alphabet stickers! :) they're so fun! brand new pack of these...

Okay, you have to love these.. like seriously... these get kinda hefty on the pocket but it works out at the end... and if you're gettin these in a giveaway, you'd be over the moon anyway :) It says 39 pieces, but I think after using them over the years, I have like 19 of them left in this box. They're pretty neat, good quality chipboard... and some are glittered or have rhinestones in the center.

OHMYGOSH.... I love these. There are actually two varieties of these tags being manufactured, both by K&Company... they both have the same exact print... but the difference is, one line is on cardstock, this one on paper. But it's so so beautiful man. You'll love these tags, they're perfect for little tag projects... I don't think I used these packets.. should be 24. I'm sorry if a piece or two are missing, I have so many of these, I probably don't remember which one I tore tags out of :p

Just a look.

Okay, THESE... the spring ones on the corner, I used one side... and the tags at the bottom, I used half. BUT they're amazing. :) so use em well.. there's an unused baby set, butterflies... and then I have some Miss Elizabeth's... Some are from the U.S... craft stores, others are replicas from Sunday Bazaar I think. Again, not sure when I got what...or where from. They're the same thing. 

VELLUM phrases. :) These are awesome to add to tags and albums! There were four sheets total, I used two. So these are two left.. I kept them in the packet, cause Vellum (it's like butter paper) gets these ugly creases if not stored properly.

I got this a forever ago, it literally collected dust sitting in my drawer. I NEVER used it... it's really tiny.. but super cute!

This is kinda neat, you wet your card stock/chart paper a little... and you use this tool here and emboss it :D 

In here I've got some of my favorite epoxy brads, some inspiring gromlets, a few mini safety pins, 20 floral brads AND some mini clothes pins. They are TOO adorable! I have a couple of Tim Holtz D rings too. Can you believe it.. Tim Holtz :p

I used this very little... and I think most of the sheets were bought.. but this stack is so beautiful.. and so just prettttyyyy... It has a lot of NEAT sheets left. At least 30-40... I'm sorry, I don't like counting paper :p

These are 8x8 sheets from the DCWV Indian something theme pack..  you're getting 7 of these my friend. :)

So that's a wrap :) 
What do you guys think? 

I will inshaAllah continue scrap-grabs like these in the future, because I know not everyone has access to them... I have recently spoken with companies abroad... let's see if they can get their products available to us down here :) If I become a registered name inshaAllah in Jan as planned, we might actually have that :D Scrapbooking supplies. Wohoooot. 

Til then, thank you everybody for taking part in this give away. Looking at everyone's feedback has given me an insight on what to include in my next one :D I don't know how many of you will believe me, but I have 20 boxes of unopened packages waiting for me when I get to the U.S. Yes, I ordered online. :P I'm really really excited and cannot wait to get my hands on my inks, mists... some new stamp sets... and of course PAPER! I've ordered some new dies as well, so let's see how those projects turn out. 

I have started planning on my Firefly exhibition.. you know the one most of you keep asking about. :D InshaAllah we will all celebrate Firefly's 2nd birthday with a bang! Yellow Carpet and all that jazz. :) If you have ideas or want to volunteer to help with the event, you are so very welcome to. :) I am going to have an official team of volunteers... inshaAllah... we will need help recruiting sponsors and media. So if you know or can help out in any way... write to me with Yellow Carpet as the subject line. I plan to have a make and take stall at the exhibition, and will be sharing those 'scrapper' session secrets there and then... free crafting class you guys... and of course, more gifts, goodies and give aways. Not to mention new products and awesome sauce exhibit sales! :D If you've made it all the way through this blog post, I want to congratulate you. Please use. ffgb085 as a code to order a maximum of 5 keychains at Rs 85 a piece. :) Are you excited? I am... inshaAllah.. lots of work to do.. so little time. Again, if you want to help.. write to me...

Alhamdulillah to a beautiful last few months, it's been tiring and vigorous work! Thesis semester has been CRAZY! I'm so so lucky to have parents who stayed by me through it all.. that too without sleep. Congratulations to my awesome classmates.. we did it! And my teachers... things will never be the same. :) Blessed to have been mentored and taught by you all! :)

Thesis Work photos comin up in the next blog post :)

Lots of Love. Smile Sunshine.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Things every Pot of Gold Seeker should know!

  • There is never a fixed 'time' for Pot of Gold, it is as random as me waking up and thinking let's have a round of Pot of Gold :) 
  • Which means, you must follow Firefly regularly to be in sync with the coolest specials... apart from Pot of Gold, Firefly holds its 24 hour madness sales, as well as it's monthly specials.
  • To know the monthly special, or current sale in progress, keep an eye on the 'note' titled 'Monthly' Specials
  • memorize the email address:
  • the subject line is always going to be POT OF GOLD
  • An item once claimed, may return to the Pot of Gold if it is not paid for or collected in 3 days
  • Items are NOT reserved by leaving comments on the photos or the album
  • Pot of Gold purchases are acknowledged in the order they are received, first come first serve. 
  • Pot of Gold items are updated with their status as soon as confirmations arrive via email.
  • Pot of Gold fever is addictive, exciting and full of great bargains. 
  • Those with queries regarding sizes, colors or customization options, are always always welcomed
  • Pot of Gold items are not one off pieces! Firefly products are made to order and are processed on order basis... 
  • Pot of Gold items are a result of stock accumulated over time.
  • Must be intense work huh? organizing the Pot of Gold... 
  • Honestly! All I need is good lighting, my scrapbooking paper, and my floor rug... I separate all items according to theme and group designs together. I photograph each piece. Photos are transferred, watermarked... and uploaded... And then the information on prices, quantity available and product type are listed. It's kinda fun, you stay energized...
  • Pot of Gold items are always available on order at regular prices
  • There have been times when keychains have been made available at Pot of Gold prices all month long!
  • The magic lies in your dedication and love for Firefly...
  • The closer fan you are, or the more interest you show in Firefly, the greater luck you have at seeking the rainbow that leads you to the Pot of Gold :)
  • Firefly products are under warranty, bring back your old piece... you will get a new one while the old one gets inspected on what went wrong
  • Alhamdulillah to our Round 5 of Pot of Gold! Thank you everybody for your immense love and ongoing support. :)
  • Smile Sunshine!
  • PS. I do not know when the next Pot of Gold is. :)
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