Thursday, 8 December 2011

Things every Pot of Gold Seeker should know!

  • There is never a fixed 'time' for Pot of Gold, it is as random as me waking up and thinking let's have a round of Pot of Gold :) 
  • Which means, you must follow Firefly regularly to be in sync with the coolest specials... apart from Pot of Gold, Firefly holds its 24 hour madness sales, as well as it's monthly specials.
  • To know the monthly special, or current sale in progress, keep an eye on the 'note' titled 'Monthly' Specials
  • memorize the email address:
  • the subject line is always going to be POT OF GOLD
  • An item once claimed, may return to the Pot of Gold if it is not paid for or collected in 3 days
  • Items are NOT reserved by leaving comments on the photos or the album
  • Pot of Gold purchases are acknowledged in the order they are received, first come first serve. 
  • Pot of Gold items are updated with their status as soon as confirmations arrive via email.
  • Pot of Gold fever is addictive, exciting and full of great bargains. 
  • Those with queries regarding sizes, colors or customization options, are always always welcomed
  • Pot of Gold items are not one off pieces! Firefly products are made to order and are processed on order basis... 
  • Pot of Gold items are a result of stock accumulated over time.
  • Must be intense work huh? organizing the Pot of Gold... 
  • Honestly! All I need is good lighting, my scrapbooking paper, and my floor rug... I separate all items according to theme and group designs together. I photograph each piece. Photos are transferred, watermarked... and uploaded... And then the information on prices, quantity available and product type are listed. It's kinda fun, you stay energized...
  • Pot of Gold items are always available on order at regular prices
  • There have been times when keychains have been made available at Pot of Gold prices all month long!
  • The magic lies in your dedication and love for Firefly...
  • The closer fan you are, or the more interest you show in Firefly, the greater luck you have at seeking the rainbow that leads you to the Pot of Gold :)
  • Firefly products are under warranty, bring back your old piece... you will get a new one while the old one gets inspected on what went wrong
  • Alhamdulillah to our Round 5 of Pot of Gold! Thank you everybody for your immense love and ongoing support. :)
  • Smile Sunshine!
  • PS. I do not know when the next Pot of Gold is. :)

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