Friday, 31 May 2013

The Crafter's Expo 2013!

Many of you who follow Firefly on Facebook have seen the hype about the return of the Crafter's Expo for 2013 inshaAllah. :)

Last year, we pulled off the event in a month's span. This time, we have ample time on our hands to prepare and plan ahead to make it bigger and better this year inshaAllah! :)

If you're wondering what's up with the funky doodles and whimsy feel, it's simply my vision for the expo. The nature inspired aspect symbolizes crafts... there's hidden yarn and embellishments, bits and bobbles here and there, all the colors bring in our colors of craft. The idea is to make it welcoming and fun... which is exactly what the Expo is!

The exciting news for this year's Crafter's Expo is that we will be doing a separate wing dedicated to apparel and clothing. Given it is a Crafter's Expo, we are on the hunt for creative, fresh and out of the box apparel/clothing collection to be a part of this year's Fusion Fashion Wing. Whether it's a funky Kurti, a hand embellished kurta or a painted set of plazzo pants... you can add a jumpsuit, trendy abayas and even T shirts if you feel they fit our definition of 'craft'. :) The Wing will be a separate hall part of the Expo. Those who wish to only shop for apparel and fashion wear, can hop straight to this wing in December inshaAllah! All our textile and fashion background entrepreneurs, come forward. No aunty-wear or formals. Funky, fresh and modern day eclectic is welcomed!

*note if you have a range of products that include apparel, you will need to purchase to booths/stalls. The apparel/clothing will be showcased in a separate hall.

Did I mention that the Crafter's Expo is one of the best platforms for young people specifically? We even keep our booth charges to a minimal to allow you the best exposure without emptying out your pockets! Alhamdulillah! It's not easy being a crafter, and most often we invest more than we make, the Expo however hopes to do the best for you, to have the right exposure, and allow you to make a name and introduce yourself to folks out there. :)

I have created a makeshift registration form and have received several registrations in the past few months mashaAllah. I have worked out our stall pricing for this year and will begin bookings and final confirmations after Eid inshaAllah :) You know what that means, start saving that Eidi! :)

Please fill out the registration form by clicking this link:

The form also has an overview of our Crafter's Expo. The information has been updated in the leaflet in this post as well.

I am open to collaborative efforts this time about, to ensure each of us has the appropriate exposure and smoother sailing. We're on the look out for sponsors, media partners, official photographers to cover the event and more! :)

Of course, volunteers will be selective this year, too! :)

To read information about last year's Crafter's Expo check out these Media and Press Publications:

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Priyanka Pahuja from Express Tribune Blogs

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Looking forward to making the Expo a great success inshaAllah. And looking forward to having more of you join us this time around! If you couldn't make it to the expo last year, check out some of these PHOTOS by Hocus Focus Photography! Thank you Wahaj! :))

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