Wednesday, 15 May 2013

a tribute to Mama..

Every child looks up to his or her mother as the best there could ever be. To blindly know mom is always right. I was not one of those kids. I had an opinion and often would disagree with my mama on several occassions. Despite this though, watching her life up close I knew why I had those thoughts. I had not known what struggle was.. what sacrifice meant or what dedication really meant.

My mother struggled years as a single parent. She instilled in me the respect and love I have for my father. She showed me that a woman can be successful and strong fending for her kids like no tomorrow. My mother had shown me what it means to have eman. What it means to let go and sacrifice things just to comply with His plan. She has shown me what a change life can bring when you remain steadfast on the right path. She has also been a reminder of what strong relationships are built on... why tarbiya is important and how good comes to those who wait. I owe my growing up early to her training. I owe my own strong willed spirit and determination to her. I owe the bond I have with my brother and sister to the values she gave us. Further, I owe my creativity and skills to her encouragement and support since I was a tot.

I know every kid loves his or her parent... I guess my love is a mixture of respect and immense gratitude for teaching me to take care of myself all these years and looking after me with a hawk's eye. Thanks for showing me what Tawwakal Allah means.. what love for His Beloved Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam defines and what it means to be a mureed of our Shaykh.Happy Mother's Day!

Love you Mama!

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