Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Secret Code

I wanted to blog today about something I think about every day. In the last 2 years especially, for me at Firefly I have been able to aquaint myself with so many new friends who happen to be fellow crafters.

With the craft revolution on the rise, I figured I would put up ground rules for myself to follow to not cross over walls with fellow crafters and to keep doing what I do in a style that is distinctly mine. Consider these a part of the 'secret code' I follow. You may disagree or applaud some. :) Here's my take on them.

  • If there is a universal format for something, I won't create a fuss over it. ie 12x12 scrapbook layout, 4x6 and 5x7 cards. That's just how cards go. Other sizes look wonky or become too 'small' or 'too big'.

  • Now if I started doing minis and created them on a format, ie 4 inches, 10 pages, 2 inner covers. I would twitch a little at whoever adopted the same.

  • If a certain page/brand is recognized by a particular font they use in their work.. I would stay far away from it.

  • If a fellow crafter created a horizontal card, with doily trims, and butterflies, I'd totally rethink what I'm doing with mine to not cross 'lines'. *happened before*

  • If I found inspiration in a sea or beach theme after seeing a friend's beautiful keepsake bottles.. I would totally take it on for a project. BUT I would not make it a bottle, a vial.. and I would never go with the same colors or material.

  • If a client of mine share's a fellow crafter's work saying.. 'I want you to make me this.', my answer is.. I do not replicate the work of others. If you prefer, a card based on this color scheme or a card detailed as heavily as this one can be done for you in my style.

  • If they insist, I ask them to go to the person that made it :) (I know a LOT of crafters who skip this part and agree to making something based off someone else's work to keep business... be it a keychain design, a mini album, a photobook or a card. It hurts sometimes because I do whatever I can to keep the honesty alive in what I do. I divert MY customers to other businesses on the basis to keep the 'replicate for profit' thing away from me.

  • Big time no no.. same product, same colors, same patterns, same size, same format... same 'occasion'. I have seen it around me and it URCKS the creepers out of me. Wondering why people do that. I don't do that.. why do they do that.

  • I don't like the bandwagon concept. Us ne banaya. Uska hit hua. Main bhi banaoon. Mera bhi hit hoga. -___________-; Rizq comes from Him. Do your best in what you do best.

  • If it's someone else's staple... I will let it remain a part of their 'desk'.. I am happy with MY staples. Alhamdulillah!

I like the honesty I can have with a couple of my crafty friends. We critique each other all the time.. ask each other what happened to you when you made this... or what do you think of this? It takes a heart to do so.. and a courage to bring yourself to accept and understand that no matter what your 'code' is.. someone else will come and break it or go against it. Doesn't matter what they do.. 'cause in the end your dedication and honesty towards your work is a strong tie to YOUR eman as well! May Allah Kareem bless my fellow entrepreneur friends and grant them barakah in what they do :)



  1. Great! I am usually asked to make things like yours, Noveen's, Erum's. And I tell them that I don't replicate other's work. I ask them to please kindly go through the albums on my page and if you are satisfied with my work then leave the rest to me! I don't like when people do that.

  2. I had trouble reading this..... because of my net most prolly..... but I just had to!!!! agree with every single code!! I may have a few to add if I make a list of mine though....
    I wish all crafters had similar views :(
    sharing this on my page <3

  3. I agreed Too...

  4. Very well said, V. I happened to have one,only one time experience when a girl emailed me with Erum's cardini pictures and asked me to replicate that. I told her that you can only get the same color combination from me. Well, she never showed up.
    I dont have a particular style, as u guys do. i like to be in the mood and create accordingly. But people like the 'i want exactly like this' and can-u-make-me-a-smiliar-card types are hopeless. God help us. Thank you for writing this post.

  5. I am personally very inspired by Erum's work! and I have improved looking at her work but I never try to cheat. I agree with your every word! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience and its a lot of help for us newbies. The universal card sizes were a great help, oh that's why I had those 'mera card itna funny kyun hai?' kind of face every time I made a card :P I agree to the rules and may we all stay blessed with the creative neurons in our brain :)
    Sumaiya from Simplicity


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