Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Entrepreneurship Code

We've been having a lot of posts on entrepreneurship and home based businesses Masha Allah. Having worked with several hundred entrepreneurs myself and having my own brand over the last 7 years, I thought it would be of help to share a few things. 🦋 I wrote them. If you wish to share, repost or pass on, please acknowledge the person who authored these words. 😊

🌺 when you start out, be crazy... Like absolutely passionately crazy about your initiative. No one has time for half baked ideas or non-motivated dreams. This means, whatever you're doing... Do it because you feel for it and are willing to put your heart into it. Don't do it because you see dollar signs and hear a cha-ching.

🌺 many folks start something because it is in vogue, fashionable or the new in thing. When approaching the same, don't do so believing you will make the same amount of monthly revenue as someone else or will be as well received as others. Those in the market made their mark and built their credibility from scratch.

🌺 keep a planner or organizer and write things down. Everything. Whether it's tasks you want to accomplish, products you want to develop or designs you want to execute. This helps clear your head and allows you to explore your options. A good number of women never write anything down. It is often an underlying hindrance from moving forward. These things are what will motivate you when you have the 'crap' days.

🌺 the moment you feel flustered and want to quit, scream, cry and binge on your favorite ice cream... But do not vent about it on social media. Everyone has down days. Yes.. Ask for prayers.. Seek guidance but never express your fears or frustration in the spur of the moment. A lot of people use social media for their outbursts, while you will find your friends pacifying and aiding you, not everyone will be so kind. No dirty laundry on social media.

🌺 you need to have that spark in your eyes to excite others around you. If you do not believe in your product, your service or your efforts, it will be really hard to have others believe in you. Be your own cheerleader first. Entrust Him with whatever step you take and rely on Him to be your aid.

🌺 there will be good days and not so good days.. That's the fun part.

🌺 you will not be successful over night. You have to create, innovate and be on your toes at all times.

🌺 do unto others what you wish upon yourself. Don't cheat, replicate or plagiarize. Tomorrow you will be an unhappy camper when it comes around to you. Be original. Make an effort to be innovative. That doesn't mean you recreate what's on Pinterest. Study inspiration but bring your own signature and flair.

🌺 be good to your staff and your team.

🌺 never whine, sigh or show lack of gratitude for 'work'. There are others dieing for an opportunity to have a fraction of what you have. We are very fortunate to pursue our paths and fulfill our dreams... There are a lot of young people that post dramatics like: fml.. So much work. Kill me, so many orders. I hate this, too many customers msging me. Say Alhamdulillah and Bring It On!

🌺 be grateful. Always. He will always bless you with more.

🌺 don't forget the little people, or big ones... That helped you or lifted you up.

🌺 things are not meant to be perfect but you can make them amazing. Strive to deliver your best, uphold integrity and stand by honesty always.

🌺 blowing out the other man's candle won't make yours burn any brighter. Don't put down someone else's work or product to elevate yours. That's insecure behavior.

🌺 keep positive thoughts. And that doesn't mean the really nice ones you post on Facebook so people like you.. It means the ones you have when you're alone and no one is watching.

Hope these motivate you and help all of y'all. We go through this almost every time at my #HappinessIsHandmade workshops. And it is always gratifying to know good vibes attract their kind!

Lots of love.

🌻 Varah

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