Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Life is great, MashaAllah!

So, with the recent posts over at Firefly and craziness that keeps reaching it's new heights.. I figured we'd do a blogpost today to celebrate :)

Almost three weeks ago, as most of you know, I wrote to several manufacturers hoping to get them on board with us for our workshops and allow us to purchase items at wholesale to be their retailers in Pakistan... I had literally given up hope til two days ago when I logged onto my gmail account and saw an email from Bo Bunny Press. I narrowed my brows for a bit... then realized they actually went through Firefly and the blog before responding back. How awesome? I sent them scanned details of Firefly, ie forms of Firefly documentation they could keep for their records and make sure Firefly really is a brand down here :) Alhamdulillah, we've cleared the review and our account is a step away from being created.

Just last week, I cancelled my bank card as it was misused -_-; so waiting for the new one so I can order from Bo Bunny's beautiful collection :D yeay!

I am not sure how important or exciting this is for you all, but it means a LOT to me. REALLY it does. Heck it was more exciting about them responding back to me than hearing my nomination at Ladiesfund wasn't accepted :P Alhamdulillah! This step means Firefly is recognized as a brand on an international level! :D

We turn two this Sunday, and I could not have a better way to celebrate. Seriously... acquiring this is a milestone for me and for Firefly. We're going to have these amazing products here, officially! Wohooot! Now, I just need to get that outlet thing happening. *wink*

I want to thank everyone for their ongoing duas and immense love. Every email I receive has such inspiring words, they motivate me to keep going :) Anyone that comes by to visit me or my family asks me, so how're the wedding preps? I blink and say.. mum's taking care of em :P I have other projects in brew. :) Like I said, Firefly comes from my journal, hence it's the closest thing to me apart from my faith and family. I really have been focusing all my energy towards it and the people who come for help on making their days memorable. The big day is in May... and inshaAllah Hong Kong is our next destination :) everyone's having those mixed emotions, I'm trying to avoid them altogether. Only Allah Kareem knows what's best... and I hope to keep up Firefly with His immense blessings and duas of those around me :)

I'm not packing up Firefly when I move away. I will inshaAllah continue it. I just need a couple of months to shift myself and my life to get it to work out properly :) I also hope to work on projects that allow me to travel back and forth. So fingers crossed :) You all may have noticed the number of specials this month, they're to celebrate our 2nd Birthday. Before I move, I want everyone to stock up on their bit of Firefly sunshine til we're back and working again :)

In the last 3 months alone, Firefly has gone to new heights, it's like Allah Kareem is moving up all my endeavors and achievements at incredible speed! What I'm implying is, Firefly's growing really fast mashaAllah and I'm being able to do so much in such little time. He's giving me a platform to start new things and go further to attain what I dream. I am so so grateful for all that I have, and all that I don't... it's taught me to be thankful, humble and most of all... optimistic. :) Alhamdulilah!

eeeee. I'm excited :D wohoooot! MashaAllah MashaAllah. Allahu Rabbi, Thank you!

My baby sister is on her way to being a little Firefly Girl herself, she's already into the crafting and scrapbooking full swing. She's not even five -_-; MashaAllah. My khala says she's Firefly's mascot. I love her to bits. My billy. She says she wants to do what I do when she gets older. I asked her textile design or this, Firefly. She says Firefly.. crafting. <3 Can't wait to set up her little part of the craft room for her 5th birthday inshaallah! :D

I'm sharing a few of the collections I'm interested in ordering from Bo Bunny Press, inshaAllah. What do you guys think? Please note that these will be priced as they are in dollars... I cannot offer them below a certain limit.. and I do need to keep shipping and taxes in mind! So just a heads up, do not gripe and whine about the prices... these things do cost money and heck we're blessed we're getting a chance to get em down here! :D

Country Garden

Time Piece




Saturday, 10 March 2012

5k... crafty... and crazy. :)

Well, given that I haven't blogged in a while, my newest addition to the craftroom deserves a little post. :D Every trip I take to Dallas, I come back with one thing less... storage for my 12x12 paper stacks. You can't really stack them as is, they look untidy... and you can't stand them up right, they warp. SO... I worked out the dimensions I wanted and how I wanted it to look overall... I had it made. You don't get this size here in Pakistan, the only thing I've seen is for 10x9.. pretty much your a4s.. to stand upright.

So now, Alhamdulillah, I've got my paper organized by make and mashaAllah.. I love it. It was one of those teary moments of joy when I got it ready. Brought it home and painted it black.. the trays are gold :D shinyyy.

Looking at it from across the room is aaaahh. Heaven. Alhamdulillah :D

In other news, everyone's been writing in and in between a heap of orders via email, and queries every ten minutes in my inbox... handmade items to send out, to prepare for a workshop... as well as think of things to present on the 16th at the ASEAN food and bingo fiesta... I thought it would be better to not close orders, but take a break from my daily 4 hour task.. responding to queries. I've been getting all mix ups sorted. Rerprocessing done... and so on. I believe I should fulfill pending requests and then move on to new ones. I have doodles and sketches to upload for 4 of my clients... and something as simple as scanning is taking me forever. I understand it upsets people.. but it kind of peeves me when I mention on the wall twice a day that I will respond back inshaAllah, just not right now. 

I think sometimes people forget that Firefly is actually a person... and not a glitterbug B) I spend almost my entire day working... I don't get weekends or holidays... And this is in no way a complaint. Alhamdulillah! I love what I do.. and it isn't about taking a 'hobby' forward into a profession.

I had approximately 52 registrants for the workshop. WOW right?
Can you guess how many responded back when it came time to pay the fee?

I felt slightly saddened by the lack of seriousness by those who had signed up. I understand committments arise.. but it's actually little things like this that mount and become what we are as a people. *no offense at ALL* This workshop was an initiative for awareness... for education... and for sharing. It is through these workshops that I hope to create a better understanding of the 'scrapbooking and stamping' craft. It is only this way that others from abroad would recognize us... and well...

Everyone here says 'idher tu ye ni milta'... 'yahan tu ye ni hai'.. that's because we ourselves are not committed or dedicated enough to have things like scrapbooking paper or crafting tools locally available... Generally, the psychy of people here is, if I have it, I don't want that person to, if I do it, no one else should... if I know it, I don't want anyone else to learn. WHICH by the way, holds us back from so much we could accomplish :) Does that make sense? 

I'm on my toes... still in touch with the manufacturers.. still hopeful. InshaAllah :) 

I do not imply to ignore anybody's email... really. There's so many of you everyday, that I just felt I need to resolve all old issues before taking on new requests. Sometimes we get batch errors, sometimes during setting orders mix up... it happens.. and it's our responsibility to address it. If there's a mix up from our side, an error in type or text, or anything missing... that's all taken care of by me. 

In recent days, I have not at all appreciated customers writing back with things like...
that's so so .. you could have done this much for my order? :/ I fulfilled all the requirements and description... if there was a particular something you have in mind, please share it. I'll work on the guidelines you provide me with. :) happily!
or things like I was expecting at least an atm size... my friends.. all the info is available, sizes, material, prices.. everything.
I do NOT appreciate being told I'm blackmailing when I have delivered an order and have only stated my procedures and decorum for reprocessing at additional cost or refunding. Every business has its set of rules and beliefs... and at Firefly the values are whatever mum taught me at home:

- be honest.. don't lie
- be kind.. give warmth
- do whatever you do to please Allah Kareem
- spread the right message and love of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam

These are the reasons why you will never see anything promoting hate, negativity or things such as vulgarity, drugs.. alcohol etc. I get requests all the time to process this or process that.. but there are some things you just don't do.

I've had mix ups from my side as well, where 2 keychains became one, or 3 became a tag chain. I understand that's upsetting, but you have noooo reason to fret :) I'll fix it.. no worries at all. 

I am very blessed to have a VERY loyal fan base, and I appreciate everyone that supports what I do. For those who are new and a little curious as to why it's taking me so long to reply... I normally hit back within a day :) 

For those who want to judge and misconstrue anything and everything at Firefly, please go ahead. :)

Thank you for all the feedback, appreciation, criticism, warmth and most of all... duas. 
Smile Sunshine!


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