Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Life is great, MashaAllah!

So, with the recent posts over at Firefly and craziness that keeps reaching it's new heights.. I figured we'd do a blogpost today to celebrate :)

Almost three weeks ago, as most of you know, I wrote to several manufacturers hoping to get them on board with us for our workshops and allow us to purchase items at wholesale to be their retailers in Pakistan... I had literally given up hope til two days ago when I logged onto my gmail account and saw an email from Bo Bunny Press. I narrowed my brows for a bit... then realized they actually went through Firefly and the blog before responding back. How awesome? I sent them scanned details of Firefly, ie forms of Firefly documentation they could keep for their records and make sure Firefly really is a brand down here :) Alhamdulillah, we've cleared the review and our account is a step away from being created.

Just last week, I cancelled my bank card as it was misused -_-; so waiting for the new one so I can order from Bo Bunny's beautiful collection :D yeay!

I am not sure how important or exciting this is for you all, but it means a LOT to me. REALLY it does. Heck it was more exciting about them responding back to me than hearing my nomination at Ladiesfund wasn't accepted :P Alhamdulillah! This step means Firefly is recognized as a brand on an international level! :D

We turn two this Sunday, and I could not have a better way to celebrate. Seriously... acquiring this is a milestone for me and for Firefly. We're going to have these amazing products here, officially! Wohooot! Now, I just need to get that outlet thing happening. *wink*

I want to thank everyone for their ongoing duas and immense love. Every email I receive has such inspiring words, they motivate me to keep going :) Anyone that comes by to visit me or my family asks me, so how're the wedding preps? I blink and say.. mum's taking care of em :P I have other projects in brew. :) Like I said, Firefly comes from my journal, hence it's the closest thing to me apart from my faith and family. I really have been focusing all my energy towards it and the people who come for help on making their days memorable. The big day is in May... and inshaAllah Hong Kong is our next destination :) everyone's having those mixed emotions, I'm trying to avoid them altogether. Only Allah Kareem knows what's best... and I hope to keep up Firefly with His immense blessings and duas of those around me :)

I'm not packing up Firefly when I move away. I will inshaAllah continue it. I just need a couple of months to shift myself and my life to get it to work out properly :) I also hope to work on projects that allow me to travel back and forth. So fingers crossed :) You all may have noticed the number of specials this month, they're to celebrate our 2nd Birthday. Before I move, I want everyone to stock up on their bit of Firefly sunshine til we're back and working again :)

In the last 3 months alone, Firefly has gone to new heights, it's like Allah Kareem is moving up all my endeavors and achievements at incredible speed! What I'm implying is, Firefly's growing really fast mashaAllah and I'm being able to do so much in such little time. He's giving me a platform to start new things and go further to attain what I dream. I am so so grateful for all that I have, and all that I don't... it's taught me to be thankful, humble and most of all... optimistic. :) Alhamdulilah!

eeeee. I'm excited :D wohoooot! MashaAllah MashaAllah. Allahu Rabbi, Thank you!

My baby sister is on her way to being a little Firefly Girl herself, she's already into the crafting and scrapbooking full swing. She's not even five -_-; MashaAllah. My khala says she's Firefly's mascot. I love her to bits. My billy. She says she wants to do what I do when she gets older. I asked her textile design or this, Firefly. She says Firefly.. crafting. <3 Can't wait to set up her little part of the craft room for her 5th birthday inshaallah! :D

I'm sharing a few of the collections I'm interested in ordering from Bo Bunny Press, inshaAllah. What do you guys think? Please note that these will be priced as they are in dollars... I cannot offer them below a certain limit.. and I do need to keep shipping and taxes in mind! So just a heads up, do not gripe and whine about the prices... these things do cost money and heck we're blessed we're getting a chance to get em down here! :D

Country Garden

Time Piece




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  1. Dear Firefly/Varah,
    Bo Bunny! that is absolutely fab! :D
    very happy, don't have words to express the joy; cant wait to order away and being able to have the stuff with me without having to wait weeks for just wow! :)
    Congratulations on all the milestones especially this and the wedding ;) :)
    Awaiting further updates :)


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