Saturday, 25 May 2013

The 99 Project :)

It's back! Alhamdulillah :)
The 99 Project... back for Ramadan :D
Now it you're asking yourself, why would you want to purchase this?
We spend thousands on our clothing to look great. We purchase the right shoes... We like to feast on the finest cuisine. When it comes to investing in something close to our deen, we all begin to have second thoughts.

Let's put it this way, Memorizing and Learning more about Asma ul Husna is a way to dress our eman. This will help us tread closer to Him (inshaAllah) and will nourish the longing our hearts have for His Dhikr and His Love.

The 99 Project is dedicated to the Beautiful Attributes of our Almighty Creator. We created this to assist others in memorizing Asma ul Husna and further helping them understand more about each attribute and its role in our daily lives.

Each flash card has been designed and printed on a gloss finish card, to help it from weathering and to keep it fresh through every day use.

The perks of these sets:
  • vibrant colors, gorgeous hues. Attractive and appealing to all audiences... aged and young
  • the colors transition into a gradation and rainbow, working as an excellent learning device.
  • each card is numbered... so in case they get shuffled, you know just how to put them back in order
  • each card includes the Arabic script and English transliteration to help pronounce better
  • each card features the definition/English attribute
  • each card also has a brief paragraph on the attribute to help us relate and understand it more
  • included with the cards, is an enlightening Hadith related to memorizing Asma ul Husna
  • We pack a small fold out list to help you memorize these on the go
  • They come in a box to pack away and carry with you while you're traveling, on your pilgrimage or just want to store them when not in use.
  • all information presented on these cards has been researched with references. Those who have concerns or queries can ask us about them. We'll be happy to address them.

We haven't that many, but while we do... it's best you get to order a set or few for yourself and your loved ones. They make awesome Eid Gifts. And work towards Sadaqah e Jariah, for yourself, those you gift em too, and us as well! :)

May Allah Kareem guide us to rise in deeds that are good and forgive us for our shorcomings. Ameen.

What are you waiting for? :) The forms are pouring in MashaAllah!

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