Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Celebratory Goodie Bag *throws confetti*

I realized that I have gotten so dreadfully slow about sending my 'hand crafted give away gifts out'. I feel super sad about it. In the mess of things I get myself tangled in.. ie online classes, international exhibits, new products, and how can I forget retailing craft supplies and fulfilling orders. I never intended things to be so delayed from my end.

As of now I owe Rabbiya Anwar two gifts and Iqra needs to receive hers, too. So this time I decided I won't commit to making something, in the fear that it'll take me another year to churn it out. *hides face* INSTEAD.. I'm celebrating by sending crafty gifts! :) Those ought to be fun, don't you think? :)

So read up fellows, because this is going to ohmg awesome :D InshaAllah!

Since we crossed 12,000 fans on our facebook page and the Firefly Girl has a birthday comin up... I want to celebrate with you all by sending out some crafty love. *yeay* I really adore my fans and crafty friends for being my biggest form of motivation. MashaAllah. Firefly is totally what it is because I have support from all of you :) I wanted to thank you all for being the blessing that makes me appreciate my life everyday and makes me thank Him every day for what I do :) Alhamdulillah!

Get on with the deets... how do we take part and celebrate?

1. Click 'follow' as part of the 'follow this blog' bit on the bottom right of the navigation. So that means you get a notification on your google account every time I post a new blog entry :)

2. In case you don't already, click 'Like' on our facebook page and actively participate in giving feedback or your remarks on our products, updates and other fun things. *stay engaged folks*

3. Invite 5 of your best friends to like our Facebook page :) Make sure they click Like.

4. Follow me, the Firefly Girl on Instagram for fun Firefly photos on the run. Look up Firefly_Girl23 You get  bonus point if you upload an instagram photo featuring a Firefly purchase you made with the tag 'whimsical_firefly'

5. I pick a randomly selected person for an entire parcel packed with CRAFTING goodies.. ranging from embellishments, paper, flowers, stamps and ink! (you guys know I make awesome gift packs with crafting gear!)

6. I pick two more random folk and send each one a pack of 6x6 paper AND a pack of embellishments.

7. You can keep spreading the love til the 15th of June :) ( I will select a random fan via on the 19th ) inshaAllah.

8. Once you have fulfilled steps 1-4 comment on this blog post with the following:
  • Your Name, The name of 5 of your friends. And Your instagram ID.
This is open to our fans across the globe. :) items will be shipped out with much love via snail mail to our fans from Hong Kong!


  1. Great :) !!! But I don't have an android phone to sign for instagram :( What to do ?

  2. Assalamalikum Varah,
    You have me supper excited about this giveaway thing and I hope Insha'Allah I win it! Here is my entry for the competition
    Name: Zahra (facebook id Al-Mas Al-Makhfi)
    Friends who liked your fb page
    Murk Qazi
    Safa Abdullah
    Yamna Feroz
    Kabeer Qazi
    Azra Nayyer
    Instagram id: cluttersome ( follow me )
    loads of love deary

  3. aoa. hope u r doing fine. my invites r rabeea rizvi, rabeea ahmed, hira rubab, alveena batool and naghmana andleeb. my instagram id is haideralee. Thanks farrah ali


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