Friday, 15 February 2013

The Smile Sunshine Campaign.

March is around the corner, and every loyal Firefly fan knows what that means, it means we celebrate smiles and gift giving with Firefly's birthday! inshaAllah :) We turn 3 this year. *man time flies* And as I do every year, I wanted to do something for my fans. Apart from the special offers and promotional sale, I will be hosting the Smile Sunshine Campaign... and I need you all to support it. Don't think pockets right now, thinking happy thoughts. Items available as part of the campaign are at Pot of Gold prices.

The idea is to promote an exchange of gifts... It's not quite the Secret Pal, but hey, you may not know what your best friend, your mom or your brother are getting you. :) I drafted this to help everyone understand how this works.

1. Find a Campaign Partner (friend, parent, cousin, significant other, grandparent...)
2. Order gifts for them, (we'll ship them over)
3. They order for you (we ship the gifts to you)
4. You share your sentiments upon receiving, and photograph your gifts...
5. Share them on the Campaign Event Page
6. On the 25th, we select 6 of you, (3 paired up campaign partners) and send you Goody Bags, worth over Rs 2500 each! :)
7. Smile Sunshine!

Even our Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam encouraged gift giving and encouraged bringing together people in good spirit. :) So let's keep the smiles going... and the joys of gift giving going! InshaAllah.

The event is here...

The campaign deals/prices/purchases are open til the 12th of March :)

We draw out 6 names (3 pairs of campaign registrants) for Firefly Goodie Bags (valued at over Rs 2500 each)

Happy Shopping!

Keep me in your duas everybody, and thank you for keeping Firefly as such an important part of your lives <3

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