Thursday, 7 March 2013

Crafts Month Celebrations - The Hop

Super excited to be blogging on this today. *given again I got carried away with work and committments that I left out my thoughts and musings.* ANYHOW...

Last year in March, we got approved to be retailers for scrapbooking supplies. MashaAllah, we've been stocking for a bit now. Excited about new inventory shipping and even more excited that this year, mashaAllah.. everyone else is celebrating Crafts Month with us! :) We mentioned it over at the page, and some of our crafty friends thought it'd be a fab idea to do something collectively. *waves to Noveen from All That Sparkle*

Since several of us already decided on what we're doing and how we're going about, it was hard to get everyone into the loop. I figured, I could share everyone's pages and works compiled in this blog post for the Craft Month Page Hop. :)

By the way. Not to be suggestive, but your feedback on these Craft Month projects is super important to all of us. So make sure you visit all the pages participating and leave comments on their work for the theme of the week. :)

I'll stop jabbering and get to the point now.
Below are our themes for Craft Month. And you all are welcome to craft along with us. We share our projects every Tuesday. If you don't have a page, and are just a crafty friend, feel free to send us your work, we'll display it here for all our visitors. :)

Craft Month, Weekly Project Inspiration

Every Tuesday this month, we will share a project, either new or old we have pieced together to go with the theme of the week. The project doesn't have to be a literal interpretation, you can do something conceptual! :)

Upload it on your page sharing that it's dedicated to Crafts Month and the weekly theme, like some of us did on our Facebook Pages :)

March 5th:
Spring, incorporate a Handmade Flower
March 12th:
Memories, incorporate a sentiment (stamped or printed)
March 19th:
Patriotism and the challenge is to incorporate something green, a moon and a star, or something Pakistani.
March 26th:
Love and the challenge is to use stitching. (faux or real is up to you)

Please don't combine the weekly themes or swap them for your convenience.

Craft Month, Page Hop
Please note, only pages with original work have been posted. If you classify as a 'crafter' feel free to write to us!

All That Sparkle
Craft Circus
FizY's Art
Glitter & Swirls
Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios
Handmade Memories
Kaghaz Kay Karnamey (Magic of Handmade Papermaking)
LimeLight Favors
Spectrum It's all about Colors

The Rules:
Craft Hop participants that fail to produce a project will be removed from the Page Hop.
Hop status gets shared 3 times a day.
Please take out time and visit all these fellow crafters :) Show some lovin!
This is a collective/community effort, you may not be a part of other individual campaigns.
The idea is to bring crafters together as a community and to follow one code. If that makes sense. :)
Happy Crafting!


  1. Love the idea! And even though I am away from my supplies and a couple of days late for the spring theme! Would share it today! Cant wait to get back to my work station and craft something specifically for the month! And cant wait to see the work other crafters come up with :)

  2. Varah, i too wana participate :)

  3. yay :D should inbox you a picture or should tag you ?

  4. yay..:D should i email you the pictures or should i tag u?

  5. yay!!! thanks for the mention :) would love posting according to theme all month :)

  6. Heyy, do we Have to mention all the pages above in the status update?

  7. i want to participate too, i have posted the work for this week's theme on my page, and tagged you. :)
    Rida, from Floral Art By Rida.

  8. loving the celebrations =).. would love to be the part of it =)

  9. Can we post as an individual?


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