Monday, 18 March 2013

What is life.

Recently I find myself asking this question after going through some episodes on daily basis. Wondering what are purpose becomes and of course in His Master plan. I am not hiding this, I am honestly the lease patient person in the world. I'm not joking. I become anxious. I dislike waiting. And the second I take a deep breath and go, okay.. I'll wait.. the sabr works wonders.

I've tread on a path that's very different from a lot of people around me, and especially my age. Even where I am now, I learn a bit more about my inner capabilities day by day. That it doesn't matter where you live, it's how you live it. It doesn't matter how much you earn, it's how you spend it... so on and so forth.

When I moved to Hong Kong, I was not worried about what would happen to Firefly. I was relaxed... and thought and still believe strongly that when He has given me so much, He will make arrangements for me.

So here I am, every day is a bit of a struggle. I have never had such horrible customer service in terms of speed of order deliveries/processing. I feel it more because I'm a few thousand miles away. And have to worry about the city, the printer, my mother, my customer... and over all.. the stress of having to deliver on time. All learning curves? Perhaps?

I kept sulking and sighing that out of the 60+ job applications I filled out in 2 months, I only heard back from one... and that too to tell me that they're not looking for me... -_-; I missed out a lot of what was laid out flat in front of me though. I had Firefly. The amount of work that I do for it, equals to the work load of 5 people.. not exaggerating. MashaAllah. I've had help from Mama and a friend. But things just haven't been the same.

In the stir of crazy happenings, ie delays and disappearances. Thank you MERCURY, I discovered that while my work has slowed down this month. (I put processing on hold) I have heaps of things I should probably be getting out of the way... AND we have a packed April. MashaAllah MashaAllah. Now these 'happenings' happened by fluke.. or rather by fate. Out of the blue, I made a friend, n Indian friend.. who I can't thank enough or appreciate here after moving to Hong Kong. She's been very supportive of Firefly. We've been finding new avenues to explore... and before you can say April, we have 3 weekends booked with exhibits in 3 very diverse markets.

Our first one is at Discovery Bay, with Handmade Hong Kong. It's this beautiful island resort locations with heaps of foreigners. The place itself is too amazing to skip out. Our second one will inshaAllah be at Fill in the Blank. Waiting to get approved for that. Fill in the Blank is an equivalent to Karachi's The Second Floor. It's pretty awesome. And it's in the heart of Wanchai. Near Queen's Road. I'm assuming we'll have some Indian/Pakistani people as well as localites. Lastly, we have 'At the Peak'. It's more a religious thing.. you know like Islamic awareness and such. It's exciting for me because I get to prepare the Kalima Sets and Hayati Hijabi projects. :)

Anyhow, turning direction here... I've been stumped. I have a lot of committments to my customers. And I can't help but feel helpless sometimes when things don't go as planned. In due time, almost always though.. it's like fate smiles and laughs out loud when the 'better'-'khair' written thing comes forth.

For those who believe my life is perfect or easy, it's like everyone else's.. I have some ups. I have downs. I have dreams... and I still have limitations. In between this tussle... I accept however, that this is life. My mother is my reminder to keep sabr. And she has always told me to be thankful. To say Alhamdulillah... even when the going gets tough! At the end of the day, Allah Kareem is protecting me from that which isn't good for me, allowing me to experience things I would have never imagined otherwise... and pretty much preparing me for whatever is coming up next.

It is not easy moving to a place where you don't know anyone apart from the people you live with at home. It's very different to walk into a new culture or new surrounding. And it's very different to not be around people you're closest to when you need them nearest. Another blessing in disguise? I discover more about my biggest support system right now, my husband. Who's helping me plan and sort out our upcoming projects. He doesn't have a design background or anything. But we're just wandering through Hong Kong a day at a time. Seeing new things and putting thoughts in place.

We won tickets to the Affordable Art Fair. It was funny, 'cause I've never won anything like this before :) hehe. We saw a lot of art. Contemporary stuff. Some of it was breathtaking. Even saw some textiles!

This post just got long. I apologize yall. And I thank all my fans and customers for being super tolerant while I work out the ropes here. It's not that it doesn't matter to me... it just takes a whole new level of relay and process for us at Firefly. Don't get me started on shipping... our shipment from Ranger has been at the post office since the 14th... -_-;

Anyhow. This was a little vent. Not a rant. Just a reflection journal entry to remind myself that it's not over... til it's over. It's just the beginning.


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