Sunday, 8 May 2011


I suppose this really really delayed blog post today would give the detailed insight to the Life of the Firefly Girl. It's funny. There have been so many happenings in the last few weeks that I could go on narrating the stories endlessly.

Today, Mother's Day... while I agree with the notion that for us, as Muslims and as people with roots to Eastern Cultural traditions, we carry everyday as Mum's Day. Respect and 'khidmat' to her is daily... and her of course, undying-unconditional love is overwhelming. It makes us wonder how she puts up with our 'crap' round the clock. How she listens when we're upset and frustrated. How she remains quiet about things that trouble her. And about how, even when she has a million and one things on her mind, she remembers the minutest details about our everyday lives. I know that every kid feels his or her mum is the greatest in the world. I for a fact am not one of those kids. I believe strongly that my mother is a true example of an extraordinary and exemplary woman, not because I'm being biased... but because she IS!

She has overcome and endured so many struggles in life... and I've been thinking back on those times the last few days. I snap myself out of it and remember them again a short span of time later. Mum's been so strong, in situations where an ordinary woman would have sacrificed her beliefs to keep things together. Mum's been so patient, when things people said made you wonder whether humanity existed or not. And Mum's been so so so selfless the years she taught at school and it was my little brother and me she had to think about. She's always remained so committed to her other set of 20 children in the classroom, their parents, her peers, her colleagues... she's been an all rounder. And she's never been bitter. She's been a reminder of faith. Not just the cliche faith that most people call out when they're having a hard time in life. REAL faith. Faith in the Creator and great love for the His Beloved.

Life transformed. And almost 13 years later. One can't help but smile, because life's almost a 180 degree turn. Alhamdulillah to the good, the bad, the beautiful... and of course.. Alhamdulillah to the woman I can call my Mama. I have been the most difficult amongst the three of us... and even now, I'll say Mama I can't help it. :) I love my mum. And at times I wonder how exactly I can let her know of it... working hard at school, then uni.. and recently Firefly... I suppose these are all reasons I turn to... to bring a smile to Mama's face. To make her see that her kid is out there doing something awesome and living on the values she instilled in me!

She's away with Baba and our little princess, Hayaati. They're away for Umra. And this is the fourth year that I haven't gone... simply because I can't get such a lengthy leave. The group that has left has about 3000 people traveling together with our Shaykh. And man, arranging accommodation and flights for that many people has not been easy. *nod* Baba has worked on it tirelessly. Alhamdulillah. Both my parents are really devoted to the mission... and well, may they be rewarded for all that they do.

While they're away. Nivy and I are at home. No, it's not a party. :p I have my mini thesis, and Nivy has his papers. We've been managing to fix up neat dinners and snacks for ourselves... and *cough... eating out now and then* It's always an adventure for us two.

Let's not forget the Firefly adventures now! Recent weeks have been insane. And this weekend has been the culmination point I suppose. There are some things I  would like every Firefly friend/fan to know.

  • Firefly is by me, Varah Musavvir
  • It is NOT a photography studio.
  • There is no, 'you guys'
  • I started this as a means of expression for all those special moments and true to life experiences
  • Each Firefly product, by default has a logo, a tagline, Made in Pakistan, AS WELL AS: Doodled and Designed by Varah Musavvir
  • There are charges for customizing at Firefly cards, keychains, magnets, etc.
  • I come up with my own comments and punchlines for designs
  • I do not copy from the internet... all 'quotes' have the 'quotee' mentioned
  • I do not appreciate visitors pasting links to other pages on the Firefly page.
  • I'm trying to find an alternate way to host designs as FB might be banned again... sigh.
  • I do not appreciate being flamed for things that may arise from lack of common sense.
  • I am very particular about my work being reproduced or 'copied'.
  • Taking inspiration and chhapofying are two VERY different things
  • I'm flattered there are Firefly-ers out there, who like Firefly have 'come up' with the 'unique and innovative' ideas for wallet cards and gift cards. Like really. That's so cool :) Firefly's totally raised awareness for that nifty card and now people want to make their own! 
  • Too bad, Firefly will always be different because everything's heartfelt... there isn't the 'business' notion here.
  • All info is on the Notes tab. 
  • All prices are there, too.
  • I do not bargain on my work.
  • If a thread of 13 plus emails is in my inbox, I will go by the last said thing.
  • Do not expect a 'magnet' when you've mentioned a 'card' in your email please.
  • I do not check my email at 5 am. So emailing me at quarter to... and expecting a reply by 9 is kinda impractical.
  • I'm a full time student, AT an Art University... STUDYING in my final year.
  • Yes, that's big. 
  • And yes, that's a lot of work.
  • I love receiving little notes with envelopes. 
  • They make me smile.
  • Like a lot...
  • I love all the new people I've met through Firefly.
  • I feel blessed to have been given an opportunity to spread smiles and love.
  • I feel I'd be rewarded for that somehow :) InshaALLAH.
  • It's an honor to be an inspiration. Really. It moves me to hear that I've encouraged or motivated someone. Whether through words or my work.
  • Firefly might go through some changes next year.
  • Firefly will always glow bright. InshaALLAH.
  • I love what I do.
I actually fell really sick 4 days before Art Showcase. I had low blood pressure. I didn't attend classes. I couldn't work. I just slept and felt tired. I panicked a day before the Exhibition and saw the doctor... and well. The answer was simple. I was thinking too much! Friday morning, I dragged myself to university. I really really didn't feel like myself. 

I haven't a clue how... but my energy was next to none, til it hit me that I have an exhibition. Not just an exhibition... but I have Firefly. I've had numerous people scold me... numerous people tell me that put Firefly on hold. You can't manage. It's not happening. Just put it aside. Focus on other things. My question was why? When I have to go to university... when I have to study... when I feel the need to commit time to family, when I feel the need to commit time to friends... why should I neglect something so strongly a part of me? That afternoon I rushed home. Pulled out pieces for the evening... display material, products, flyers... and well. That was it. I was refreshed. I pulled myself up and sat, smiling for my exhibit at Firefly showcase. 

It struck me at night that Firefly gave me so much energy. It gave me reason to pull myself up for my Mini Thesis... for my health... for my family. Alhamdulillah! God does not always speak directly to His people, and it is those moments when He sends individuals to comfort one another, to speak those words to inspire or to encourage... to let one know that everything would be fine, it would just take a bit of time til things fall into place. I'd say it's a blessing, that I am able to reflect or share a message, through a card or a keychain. 

I am most grateful to everyone that is constantly giving me new reasons to smile. :) And of course, it was a pleasure meeting all the lovely Firefly friends that came by to see me that weekend. The little girls in hijaab were the cutest! Hayaati Hijaabi was very well received. It was awesome. :)

I don't think it was unfortunate that the city became restless... there was khair in that too! 

I request everybody to keep me in their duas, the next two weeks are intense work for me. :) I was considering putting orders on hold. But Alhamdulillah, they're still running. And MashaALLAH, I'm still managing. :) 

Yesterday was spent in the bazaar looking for Mini Thesis Shopping. I can say it was fun :p I get plates back from the photo-etcher dude. And then inshaALLAH I start printing tomorrow. :) Yeay.

If I haven't gotten back to you, your email probably got skipped due to me reading it on my phone, OR, I'm working on something you requested before getting back to you. :)

TWO very big moments upcoming for Firefly inshaALLAH. Stay tuned ;) hehehe...



  1. Kudo's to you for managing both your coursework and Firefly, especially in the final year .. MashAllah :) ..
    Best of luck for the thesis :) ..

  2. Good luck! :) I really hope you get through everything.
    xx Rida.

  3. just enjoyed little cute episodes of this lovely firefly girl!
    amazingly beautiful work.
    may u enjoy all the luxuries n comforts in this world n hereafter.
    Fouzia Iftikhar

  4. Jazaki Allah Fouzia! I'm really really touched. :)
    Thanks Rida and Kiran! <3

  5. May your business prosper n grow as you've been the creative artist . .
    Rizma . .
    Love* xx

  6. That's awfully sweet. Thanks Rizma! xx


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