Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So I'm lazing and half asleep. As I've started my dose of antibiotics for this weird thing called an ENT. I've been aching for a couple of days and this morning, voila. Zukaam Zindabad and a throat to match.

Can't say I'm enjoying it at ALL. Apparently there was a riot out in the city again today as well as last night. What is happening to our country?

I believe there's behthri in everything, and well... some reasons surface much much later than we'd expect them to.

On a slightly optimistic note, I am going to try pulling out a  few minutes everyday to work on a 'Firefly-Shop' blog. I will add design codes to the existing ones and categorize them in blog format so there is an outlet/gallery space to view Firefly goodies JUST in case Facebook goes offline for us here. I've worked out a neat online ordering form too. Up til now, the test run's okay. I miss the days when I used to code my own everything. I'm sure I can do it again if I just put my head to it. But I can't right now. I need to design and experiment with my print work first. :)

Oh yes, I had an idea in one of my viral daze states.
How many of you are interested in Scrapbooking? or would like to learn how?


  1. Ohhhh .. I love scrapbooks .. the crazier the better :) .. they are just so personal and really depict ur personality and lifestyle ..
    Though i haven't ever made one for myself .. would love to learn how to :) ..

  2. Scrapbooking as in how?

  3. Kiran,
    I know what you mean! :) I love them toooooo. I haven't scrapbooked in a while. The whole idea of it fascinates me. I'd love to scrapbook again :) I have everything, just need to start putting things together. ;) I'll keep you posted on sessions... if I can hold them or not. :)

    Rida, Scrapbooking as in, creating scrapbooks :) through various techniques and media. :D


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