Sunday, 29 May 2011

Reviewing Defects?

I just thought I would mention, if you have experienced:
  • your keychain's 'chain' break due to an opened loop
  • or have lost your keychain because the chain broke
  • or have had your dogtag's ball chain collapse
  • or have had your processed card or keychain come apart or appear eroded
Please do not discard the product. Write to me so we can work on improving these products for you. While defected products are discarded or removed from the lot, there are some variables not in our control (mine and my printer's) There are chances that 1 out of 50 pieces has undergone a fault.

In recent weeks, there have been numerous issues with load-shedding and fluctuating voltage which have in return effected the heat and process time... which may have reduced the life of your Firefly product. Do not panic. This varies and is dependent on the batches. :) Firefly takes pride in the durability and longivity of its products. I'm serious! I've tested every product myself. :D I've had a hoard of keychains (approximately 30 of them) latched on to my own bag with a ball chain for the last 5 months. My bag weathers all sorts of abuse and Alhamdulillah! All pieces are STILL in place. We are constantly trying to improve the finishing and appearance of our processed products and some of you may have even noticed the upgrades over the last one year. :) We've shifted to shimmery material for good! We no longer work with plain material and the new stuff is awesome!

So if you land yourself with a product that leads to a complaint, please let me know so I can replace it for you. 

I just wanted everyone to know that they CAN bring forward their concerns so they can be addressed. It is not at all an offense on Firefly's services or work as this is all part of improving the great stuff that's already here in the land of rainbows :D

Please note, attempting to pull apart products or purposefully abusing them is not going to land you a fresh piece. This is why I request you to not discard your product and return it to Firefly so it can be reviewed for replacement. :) While hard plastic has been tested to endure rough usage, it is not advised you leave it out under the sun for days at a stretch or submerge it under water for excess periods of time. *wink*

Thanks for the feedback and continuous support. :) 
Spreading Smiles... Smile Sunshine!

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