Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sessions! A must read for every Firefly fan! :D

Do you often wonder how one could put together pretty looking cards, presentations and photo pages? Do you ask yourself, could it really be that hard? What if I try it?

Why keep asking when you could so totally go for it? :D Scrapbooking is a lovely pass time. It is a great hobby for the softies at heart... and those little creative bugs we have hopping around in our systems.

So I have been brainstorming on the whole Scrapbook sessions story. Here is what  I've formulated. :)

  • Scrapbook Kits + 3 hands on sessions (2 hours each) Held every two weeks.
  • Kits will include, small sized scrapbook albums + decorative paper + embellishments to help you kick start your very own scrapbook.
  • Sessions will be to explore layouts, planning & compiling themes as well as learning techniques on creating certain looks and manipulating paper-material for textures embellishments and decorative surfaces. You will be exchanging 'tags' as part of a design challenge... let's not forget meeting other creative scrappers out there. :)

Why should you have a go at this?
Scrapbooking is very personal. Very heartfelt. And there are some memories and moments you cannot preserve with a simple album or photo library and you can't always get someone to do it for you! Express yourself! Journaling and adding your personal touches enhances memories. Makes things fun to look back at... 

These mini sessions are your gateway to one on one first hand advice and tips on making your layouts awesome and your ideas come to life. :) You will not only get a hands on experience in layouts and design, but you will slowly enjoy taking on weekly-monthly scrapbooking challenges. You will sharpen your eye for color, for contrast and comparison as well as enhance your creativity. Sounds fun na? :) Every one of us has experienced a scrapbooking technique or moment at some point in our lives. Most of us think it's for a designer, an artist or a totally creative person. Many just say, I can't do something like that. That isn't true! If you fancy scrapbooks or personalized and hand crafted gifts, chance is you have an eye for such creative things! WHICH means, your aesthetics are awesome. :) MashaALLAH!

What's this going to cost?
Six hours of your time dedicated to creating and designing during the Scrapbooking sessions, alongside some prep time in pulling together your favorite photos or memories of your favorite events. What do you want to capture? Which memory do you want to preserve? You may have homework, but just to explore your own strengths and talent. :) 

Registrations will close on the 16th of June, to ensure everyone gets a kit they need to sign up asap! 

Rs 3500 is the total cost. 
This includes:
  • the registration
  • scrapbook album
  • decorative paper
  • embellishments (3 packets of fun add-ons for your pages)
  • stamping ink 
  • set of clear stamps. 
  • your membership as a Firefly-Girl Creative Scrapper (card with no expiration)
Rs 1000 payable upon registration. Rs 2500 once kits arrive.
The kits will be purchased from abroad! How cool would that be! You're getting your hands on some genuine stuff. :D

There is no age limit, but I would suggest our youngest members be 10 years old. It's great to get kids involved in such tasteful pass times from a young age. :D Don't step back or be shy if you're even out of your teens! ;)

Venue will be in Phase 6, Defence. To be disclosed. 
Timings will be 4-6 on one Saturday every alternate week.
Sessions will be announced after Eid ul Fitr.

After these 3 sessions, you will be rewarded a mini certificate for your participation. Ain't that something fun to hold on to? :D

As things progress inshaALLAH, our scrapbooking sessions will become frequent and advance :) Scrapbook page design challenges and layout contests will be held right here, at the Firefly-Girl blog! :) inshaALLAH!

This is a concept still new to us in Pakistan, why not be the first to be a part of it and explore YOUR potential?

If you're not in Karachi and would still like to participate or be a part of the Creative Scrapper crew, feel free to join in. :) You can still avail your kit and membership card. Layout challenges and bi weekly session updates will be posted here. :)

Are you ready to be a creative scrapper? Register now, email
with Scrapbooking Sessions as the subject line!

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