Sunday, 15 May 2011

Prayers and the Firefly Shop (online)

So, I'm stumped. Sleepy. SERIOUSLY STRESSED. 9 DAYS til jury day. 30 samples to produce. NO idea where that'll happen from. It's not that my work is off... it's just that I don't know how to take it further. I'm just panicking. Almost 10 days of being ill didn't help at ALL.

I've faith that's giving me that ounce of hope to smile and blog... We'll all get through this inshaALLAH. Don't know how, but YEAH! We'll rock it all. :)

So I'm praying. Like really hard... that my inspiration strikes super soon. So that I can begin printing and producing the coolest looking series of prints ever. (InshaALLAH).

So anyone passing by this blog here, I request a few seconds of your time for a little prayer.

Lots of Duas for the kiddos giving their CIE's.
Hey, I need duas too. :)

BY THE WAY... in case Facebook messes up for some reason again... we now have a back up plan. :D I'm slowly archiving stuff for Firefly. 90% of it is up and RUNNING! Do visit the Firefly Shop! Subscribe to get updates... and don't forget to bookmark it. :) I've added an order form, too... to make life a little easier for those who don't like emailing :D

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