Monday, 18 April 2011

1200 fans, we celebrate Hijabi style... with a touch of chocolate.

So Alhamdulillah! We are celebrating Firefly's 1200 fans today. :) To spread more smiles with the Firefly family, I'm giving out Hayaati Hijabi's Smile Sunshine keychains inshaAllah this weekend :) The lucky 12 were the first ones who managed to leave a comment on the post. :p How random. Right? :D I shall have those cutie keychains by the end of this week and I hope to dispatch them as soon as I do. I'm so excited. I've had a really awesome response on Hayaati Hijabi. My mum's in love with her. Given that she's a Cutieble version of my little sister. *too adorable MashaAllah* see... there goes Firefly's inspiration from life.

I have been working on my Research Document.. my Dissertation. It's based on the lack of local icons for children's textiles. And funny enough, I came across my own folk print for children's pj's... done 2 years ago. :) Praying to finish writing soon. Need to sleep and work out some sketches for Mini thesis as well. It seems so funny when everything is all vague and direction-less. Hayee. Direction come soon na. *note to self, email printer uncle today's orders*

Every day I tell myself that I will not splurge. And I tend to do the exact opposite. I think I turn to all the meetha and comfort food to make myself at ease when I have a lot of work at hand. To top it, I procrastinate my visions for exercise. :D Who else is with me?! 

Okay, so Neeners will be my support system now, as we both plan to enjoy veggies and fruits for a couple of days. Go us! :D *crosses fingers while looking at packet of Hershey's kisses* I'm not having any. Promise. *makes sad face*

Self Control is the Key to success (either to an empty, sweet deprived stomach, OR to a very very transformed you at the end of the year) I pick the latter. :) We can do it!

I had someone order this as a magnet a couple of weeks ago. It took me a really long time to decipher what it meant. Then it hit me:

It's for all those moments when you ask yourself, should I go for the Kaddu and shed a few pounds, or should I opt for the Nutella and experience chocolate bliss with maybe some banana on toast. Hehe. 


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