Saturday, 12 April 2014

Submitting to His Master Plan

When Firefly began 4 years ago, it was a very whimsy impulse to just do something and it became my journey. Because it roots from my journal, a lot of my life's individual experiences have always... been encircled with it. When I had my thesis, all of you knew my stress with mission graduation... when I had my travels, you all shared the same excitement when I'd post random travelogues, when I have been ill or distressed, you all have sent in your prayers, when I worked for a fashion house's publications from morning til evening, you all accommodated my weekend replies and even waited for your parcels to ship from Hong Kong.

I never really thought I could manage such a set up from another country til it was the only choice I had... You all have been a part of this larger family that I have yet to meet or be introduced to. And while you all leave me encouraging words every so often, whatever I have here to show for my endeavors is by His immense Grace and further by your support. I wanted to say Thank You.

So recently, another little phase swept over my life, and I have a strong feeling it's going to make Firefly leap into some more changes. I am a textilian.. which means my life at some point is rooted to fabrics, design, texture and other pretty things. While my heart and soul is and will remain Firefly, I have committed to a chapter for my professional career. I am back to work during the week. It is exciting for me, and is definitely something I look forward to. This means that orders here will continue to run, but will need a bit of adjustments. The inflow of requests is huge, MashaAllah, and it puts me in a stump on how I can even consider managing so many orders with a full time role at an office.

Please don't ever feel I have sidelined you, or do not find it significant to accommodate you. I am one person with just too much on one plate. I really love everything about this life we live Alhamdulillah, and my strength to continue is solely the amazing people I meet through my work. My shows for crafters shall continue, I shall continue creating keepsakes and quirky gifts, and I shall continue to inspire as well inshaAllah as long as my life permits me to.

I will revamp my order forms and order catalog, and I will finally put stocking around the city in place. Just to make things easier for all of you in the process. Nothing is constant, but change. I find it kinda magical that Firefly has always led me to where I'm supposed to be... it's kept me connected to 'home' on so many levels. And the journey seems to get better and better MashaAllah.

Thank you everyone for being the most amazing fanbase and support system anybody could hope for. You all are #love

I will update our order status on the website this evening. Lots of you will receive happy mail this coming week! And all my unread messages and emails will also be addressed tonight.

The Firefly Girl

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