Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Crafter's Workshop and other updates!

Sorry for the lack of fun updates from my end. We have Hayaati's open day and I get to have a field day with arts and crafts :D wohoo. To top it, we were working on a prop for this cultural thing they have. The school needed a Santa. And here's what I made...

He has a felt belt, a wooly coat, and of course.. his glasses. :P Alhamdulilah, success. :D what do you guys think of Santa here? :)


Apart from Santa, we're part of the arts and crafts booth, so we've been assembling little things kids can use to make their own bookmarks, create their first photo book *bragbook*, and decorate their own little post cards. Cute right? :D Firefly's also gifting some cool looking school souvenir keychains :D photos of that comin soon. We're putting out some bookmarks too. :)

This is what my sister sat and did all day...

looooove the colors <3

In other news, I have some gifts to give away. :) I know that some of you are psyched about finally having the workshop with me.. and I also know that most of your are coming with an incentive, to learn and to take something back with you. I thought, why not gift something and have a little fun with freebies. Yes? :D

There are going to be 5 giveaways, which will be via a random selection. There's one 'woahmygoodness' kinda gift. And there are 4 smaller ones :) I hope those of you who take these with you remember me, and always live for your passion and do what it is that makes you happy :D and from what I think it is, that's crafting :D To read about the workshop, what you'll be learning and other details.. visit

The registration form is at the end of the page. Confirmations and details will be sent out as soon as we get a response on dates from all those who register :)

This one's the mother of them all. This'll go out to one lucky person :)
It includes, a Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, 3 embellishment packs. A stamp set. The paper pad is a beautiful one from My Mind's Eye.. the Lost and Found. Uff. Too pretty! they're dual sided by the way :)
You also get these prettiful tags for your projects :D

A second look?

Gift two. We had some of these in our craft bin, and woah. They're perfect for the pretty pretty design projects :)

Basic Grey has an amazing product line, and they do great coordinating embellishments and things. These are cardstock, ornamented and die cut, AND they have colorful layered acetate. Pretty right? And they're pretty big in size too.. so you get to play around there :)

simple.. beautiful flowers :)

Tattered Angels again, but this time complimented with a clear stamp and an acrylic block :D

I've had very inspiring messages in the registration forms, and I am very very excited to be doing this inshaAllah. I feel it's a blessing to be given an opportunity to help others learn or benefit. :) There are some of you who wish to attend from out of town, and then there are some of you that want me to come to your city. I will inshaAllah :) let's see how this first workshop goes. Would love to hold more :D

Registrations are filling in MashaAllah. 20 so far.  I'm not having a cut off number yet, we will have more confirmations after payments, and of course date selection. If we get enough people, I may break down the workshop on two separate weekends, to accommodate those who can't make it for the other date :) I'm also getting requests for any other day but Saturday. Weekdays are super busy for everyone. Friday is not doable as Juma takes our day to 3 pm, and well, it gets dark early.. and I don't want to take the workshop into the night. Sunday I'm avoiding because at our place, that's like a family day. Baba's home, so I avoid work or going out for things. I'm sure it's a family day for most of you too :)

I am also working on the Scrapbooking 101 layout kit. Trying to get material together for the page :) Will tell all the successful registered students what they need to bring :) I'm providing the glue and scissors, as well as the paper and a few layering materials. Details coming up Tuesday inshaAllah :) Is that neat or what?

Now tell me this isn't the most awesome workshop ever? inshaAllah it'll rock and I am totally excited to have all of you :D yeaay!

Again, do register :)

see you soon.


  1. I reaally hope I get lucky enough for the big loot ;D I want baray waala gift!! Lol really looking forward xx

  2. I have a separate loot bag for you remember :)

  3. varah! u r amazing! Believe me YOU are! the worst part which i dont like is heading to the bank fill the voucher up and wait for the stuff!! please change ur delivery procedure! please please... or any other u can tell for our convenience!
    waiting for an alternative ;)


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