Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Just Because, this made me smile.

Dear Varah Baji
[Firefly Girl;) ]

Oh well, i needed a case instead. Still thank you very much Varah Baji for your cooperation, though i know you are very busy these days. And for taking out your time :) I really appreciate it! =) And again I'd like to say that I just really loved your work!! it's just of my type, funky and fun! :D May GOD bless you and your work always! :) Surely in the future I'd love to order from you as your work is irresstible!;) But for now, I'd like to cancel my order as you don't have the correct thing of my need:) Still, I'D LOVE TO MEET YOU ONE DAY TOO! ^_^

Thank you! :)
PS: I'll phrase your words for you: Smile Sunshine! <3 :D

Ramadan Kareem everyone :) May this month bring all it's beautiful noor, to illuminate our hearts, and enrich our souls with the strongest Eman! Keep the Firefly Girl in your duas. And KESC too! :)

Congratulations to Tanya and Tamim, who have finally received their Save the Dates. I pray for the most beautiful life ahead for you two. May you always have each other and live the happily ever after everyone dreams of and learns from in fairytales. Ek tha Raja, Ek thi Rani...

A special wave to Komal Riz, who's the patientest woman EVER with her order. Luck has it that it gets delayed due to light flux OR errors in process. Sorry!

A hello to Amna Hanif, who's anxiously waiting for special tags that need to travel with her.

A big smile out to Amna Iqbal, who probably thought Firefly will drive her crazy with her keychains. It's so awesome, she waited and waited. WAITED and waited... and now she wants more of em. hehe. SubhanAllah!

I want to mention Fatima Hamdani, one of the many younger Firefly fans out there who write to me and write to the world. She blogs you know! Thanks for always adding those little sparkly bits of life in our randomest google chat convos kiddo. :)

Alina, who's working for a cause... This is her message for anyone and EVERYONE who reads it:
We as Ronaq-e-Qainaat are arranging a GRAND iftari THIS friday for over 300 to 400 people and children in collaboration with Payaam's trust....Please if ANYONE is interested in contributing for this noble me ASAP....!! Donate GENEROUSLY....!! CONTACT:
*Do mention you saw this at the Firefly-Girl blog* :)

Sonya, dude... you just love the luggage tags. :) She and her family as well as friends abroad have ordered uncountable luggage tags, in fact, she's the reason I started making them. Lots of love your way. I  hope you recover really soon from your little ankle, foot.. chronic.. injury thing. :) x

Cookie baji, you've moved away and I have a feeling I'm going to miss out on those heartfelt cupcakes... Lots of duas for your new beginning at the other side of the world. Hope the tags travel with you always... <3

My ESP partner, C-ster. My little bro, Nivy. I miss you. I miss our packaging plant sitting in our pj's wrapping God knows how many star boxes stuffed with Skittles. I do know you're off to great things and inshaALLAH you will find all the success in the world, and baad mein too :) Love you!

I want to say thank you to my other half, Z.A. in HK... you've been such a great help and so so supportive from A to Z of everything I ever do. From the surprise package over the weekend, to the research you took on since I didn't have time, and for helping me put together the Ramadan series... bubba, thank you. :) You're Mr Awesome (MASHAALLAH!) and I can completely rely on you to upload stuff for me when my internet likes to be  meanie. :) JazakAllah!

Little Hayaati. My darling little mithi. Api loves you so so much. I will always be beside you, to teach you how to use the light table, to teach you how to hammer holes to make a notebook, to teach you how to use the cricut paper cutter, and of course, help you use glitter glue to color all your beautiful drawings for Z and me. In no time you'll have your own Skype ID. hehe. Billy, you are growing up so quickly and so soon, KG2! That's big now. MashaAllah. Can't wait til you're old enough to start Firefly orders with your Jaan.

The electricity may be unstable, there may be chances of error while processing, the samples I gave for metallic embellishments may have come out all wrong, people may have abandoned their orders... but Alhamdulillah... the forecast is whimsical, with a chance of rainbows!

Thank you everybody, we crossed 2500 today. :)

Lots of Love. Smile Sunshine.


  1. MashAllah, your positive outlook on things is contagious!

    Abandoned orders is a huge issue but you're dealing with it with such grace and integrity!

    In the end, its not your loss, its theirs.

    Lots of love.

  2. OMG! this was so moving! :)
    Varah, you're undoubtedly one of the most beautiful persons I've ever imagined! :) (imagined because I havent seen u yet) heheh.
    Outside doesn't matter, as long as I'm sure of your inside beauty!
    Love your work honey! Absolutely amazing! :)
    God bless you in all your endeavours.

    PS: Loved the luggage tag! Even thou i'm not travelling anymore (read: visa rejected), the luggage tag still holds a special place! :)

    Sindhu Arbani.

  3. Firefly girl,
    You're inspirational :) xx

  4. Hehehe, thanks Firefly! :D You do awesome work ;) and and and, don't worry I'll add more glitter :p

    Have a good weeek of no stress, inshaAllah :D


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