Tuesday, 31 January 2012

why hello... where were you holiday?

Hey everybody.. emails are being replied to.. I think I have 10 or 15 left.. I just made it back into town yesterday.. so I'm back to work between my jetlagged state.

As funny as it sounds, one month away didn't really feel like being away, I really send kudos to individuals who can take a total vacation from what they do.. in my case, I can't. :) Some order mishaps like following me around the globe, and of course, page queries and comments too. With my brother not around, things didn't quite go according to plan with reprocessing. Our home is full of guests.. and our Shaykh is visiting. I have been sick on and off the last ten days because of all my traveling.

Alhamdulillah, the trip was AMAZING... I got to see SO much! I will share details of that in the next post. :)

As for Firefly, I feel the changes are only beginning... there will be a lot more to adjust to in the coming few months, inshaAllah there is an Umrah trip due for me after nearly 4 years of skipping out due to uni... I really need to go out there and Thank Allah Kareem for His kindness towards me and granting me success. A little after that, yes.. it's the big W word.. Wedding... *butterflies*

HEY! that does not mean Firefly will end... it just means it's going to have new inspiration, from a new place, a new life inshaAllah... That's also the reason why I have NOT started work or agreed to commit my time anywhere... I feel it would be unfair and improper to start work, take multiple breaks and then move away. I've come across great firms and organizations in my trip, so will inshaAllah approach them after I move... excited about that. :D

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who wrote to me during the holiday, not to ask about orders, but just because. It means so much to have so many people care... And then there are some... I'm still learning from. I used to get in trouble with family while abroad because I would worry more about my Firefly customers than actually enjoying my holiday... no matter what you do, you will still leave some unsatisfied. It's funny enough that individuals take their time in deciding what they need, how they want to pay, when they want to pay... and then expect everything to be magically placed and perfect in an instant.. and some, oh gosh, Natasha, I'm sorry... this is for you, I praise her and Cundas who have been so patient... I'm back now.. and we are getting this sorted. :) Mohaira, you as well. x

Blessed to be doing what I love. Everyone asks if I shopped for my wedding, I reply saying nope.. I went to museums and brought back scrapcrap (my brother came up with that one). Room is a disaster, trying to get it craftinized.. I emptied my suitcases and now the room is a trail of papercrafting, stamping, and embellishing material. My mum surprised me by giving the room a fab make over.. so I have all the more reasons to make it look AWESOME with all the wonderful things I've acquired. Alhamdulillah, I'm set to have a craft room :D

Some special people say I look happier being back.. fresher. Of course I am! I back with my Hayaati Hijabi and of course, my Firefly!

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