Friday, 6 July 2012

a little upgrade... and a coupon?

Those of you who visit my blog regularly might be noticing a little change... after almost two years, I finally mustered up the courage to 'design' my new layout... I used to do a lot of it back in middle school but just let go of my 'layout' designing over time...

The little 3D looking flowers, butterflies, the bird cage, and 'embellishments' so to speak have been added on to the layout by me.. the same idea of a scrapbook page :) The left also includes an aged book with photos of my work, keychains, supplications, mini albums... etc. 

The layout features Prima's Belle Fairy design range... I love it. It's beautiful. I got hold of it in Hong Kong and HAD to purchase it. I love vintage... the aged, butterflies... flowers. A little feminine perhaps for some of our blog readers, but hey... we're growin up. When I started Firefly I was just starting my 3rd year at University. Today, I am a graduate and if it helps, newly married.

The layout took kinda forever to adjust into the setting and placement but I'm happy with it. It'll take me a bit of time to get used to as well... *wink*

While the old layout kept focus on the yellow, I figured something like this would represent more of the 'whimsical' and crafty me. Neh? Since it is about the life as the Firefly Girl. *smile* I figured more crafty-ness since I blog more about my projects and what nots... and then my musings as well. Works with the idea of the Firefly journal too. In fact, the one I actually write in is pretty similar, except it's more green than lilacs and romantic tones. :)

So to celebrate this new look and well, a sort of 'growing up' transition for Firefly... I'm going to do a lucky draw here. For every blog subscriber that comments on this post. They're getting a 10% off discount on their order :) Our first lot processes next week inshaAllah!

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  1. me me me im an avid follower of your blog.....ive been meaning to ask you there was supposed to be a video tutorial...where'd it go? :(

  2. I was going to do some tutorials while in Hong Kong, but not a video one.. since I'm not that tech savvy. Lol. :) what'd you want to learn?

  3. Following!
    meaning to mail u but always got busy with something else...wud mail u soon :)


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