Friday, 6 July 2012

all that glitters is rhinestone!

Okay so I'm back.. I wanted to share a nifty and very simple way to organize that horde of rhinestones I have. They used to live in a box, but there came a point that the box didn't want to close... -_-; It was also a hassle trying to go through the stack to find the colors, they'd slip and slide.. and it would just be annoying. To rid myself of that, I picked up the crop-a-dile and punched through the corners of the rhinestone sheets, and ringed them together. Now I can flip through the whole gradation of colors. Wohooo!

PS: I use the self adhesive ones because they save time, and energy as compared to the studs you glue on. It becomes hard to adhere smaller pieces with a glue gun or UHU tube... and these are super easy to use!

IF you want to purchase some, opt for Doodlebug, KaiserCraft or Recollections. Great variety in sizes and colors! :)

Now for the gold...
I made some more flowers... :D

I distressed and gold dusted these. Can you see the sparkles?

Gold Dusted this one too, can you see the glimmer from it? 

This was a blaaaargh attempt. I never like the mesh ones.

This one I like. The metallic disc is a finding from a random shop in Textile Market in Hong Kong. I topped it with a rhinestone. :) Used mesh and this one fancy wrapping tissue... it's a cross between fabric and paper. No idea where it's from, saved it after someone sent a gift wrapped in it. *giggle*

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  1. Wow!! I am a lover of rhinestones but i failed to find any from here in Pakistan=/ i am a handmade jewellery designer..and i am dying to introduce something out of rhinestones...they are love<3 Since they depict my brand name as they are shiny,sparlky and bedazzling! You must have come across "Bedazzled" My friend is gone to vacation to London..i will ask her to bring some for me if she can find them easily:)keep spreading smiles! And you are right "All that glitters is rhinestone"


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