Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mini Album Keepsake Class.

I thought I would post this here, so those who want to join me last minute can just bring these in :) The idea for my Mini Album Keepsake Class is not to give you a template and kit with a how to manual. But it is to help you start planning and crafting for your projects. From start to finish, this is your precious little keepsake. You're deciding the theme, the colors... the look. And I'm going to teach you and help you piece it together inshaAllah! I could have prepared kits with all the materials including paper and embellishments, but that would not allow you to explore or envision your project :) Make sense?

As a reminder the class is 1-4 pm on Wednesday, 18th July 2012. :) Venue is Seaview, Phase 6. For those who'd like to join us. Please email or text 03218938431 with your name to have a chipboard base reserved for you to attend the class. :) We have 3 sets available.

I will be providing the chipboard bases and two book rings for the album, those who'd like will have access to use:
-stamps and inks
-embossing folders to adorn their pages

now isn't that cool? :)

Here are the supplies you need:

Paper: this will need to coordinate in order to achieve the look you'd like for your mini album. Please think of a theme to help you plan your project, ie if it's vibrant colors, the vintage look, a peace-serene like piece, something blue, baby oriented or something earthy, etc...

If I was doing a baby related album, I'd pick out pastel colors perhaps. If I was working on an album for a young girl, I'd maybe go with brighter colors, if it were a sober and very vintage album for family, I'd do neutral colors :)

5 colored pictures of colors, nature, objects, clothes, accessories, crafted items, flowers, etc... can be as small or as big as you'd like. When these are in front of you these will narrate what you're wanting your album to look like. ie, if I'm doing an album for a day at the beach, I might have a beach photo with the colors I'll be using in my mini album, I may add some color swatches and things to add interest and speak the thoughts I have for my project. This is referred to as a moodboard, it creates the 'mood' or feel of your project before you begin working on it. It is your thought process out on paper :) You can save these on your cell phone if you'd like :)

Some examples of themes and inspirations that I've carried out with Firefly orders.

This was a vintage theme in soft subtle colors intended for family.

a very popular combination at Firefly... 

The theme was vintage and was intended for a fiance from a fiance. So it had to have that manly touch along with a dash of romance. *wink*  So the tags and journaling cards are in blues and aged shades... the tags also include vintage cars. :)

Birthdays are colorful, vibrant and so full of energy! That's why this mini is scalloped and stacks out rainbow card stock embossed on the insides :)

The ribbons tie in the whole 'fun' and gift wrapped element. :)

For new arrivals, soft, sweet pastels.

A beautiful paper collection, Blackcurrent... very grey and pink!

4 sheets of printed/solid/or patterned paper 5x5 inches in size. These can be the weight of printer paper as these will be cut down and used on the front and back of your chipboard bases. You can use gift wrap, wall paper, or any other paper of your choice, despite it's thickness as it will be adhered to the covers. You can experiment with foam and felt as well. :)

5 sheets of coordinating paper, can be a solid color, textured or patterned. These will be your inner pages for the album. These also need to be 5x5 inches in size. Please coordinate the color/theme with your album cover :)

adhesive: you can bring your uhu, glue gun, gluey tape, double sided tape, padded tape... etc.. whatever you are comfortable working with.

scissors. :)

a pencil.

embellishments: because our mini album class is going to be super personal *you're building your album from scratch* embellishments are totally your call :) you can bring whatever you like to add to your keepsake mini album in coordination with your album's theme and colors. This may be material you found lying about in the house... or items you particularly wanted for your project and bought from the store. :) Laces are great for layering, just don't let them be super thick or flashy. Ribbons are awesome for finishing, and add that 'wrapped' look. Buttons, coins, keys, pins, butterflies, beads, glitter, cut outs, shapes... all material can add spice to your piece :)

scale/ruler: if you feel the need to be precise while cutting out your photos or pieces of paper

color/inks/pencils/markers/paints: I don't use too many of these, but if you'd like to use these for your album, or they are part of your working style, bring them along :)

photographs: if you want to make your album very specific, feel free to bring 10-12 miniature photos. They can be trimmed from existing photos, or you can just print them on a wallet size, passport size, or contact sheet size *the default print setting on most operating systems*

If you have questions, you're welcome to ask away. :) Hope this helps and you are starting to think out your mini album. :) Hope you're excited! :D


  1. thanx a lot. its very enlighting. cleared many questions.

  2. wow this is so exciting! if i lived in pakistan i wudve totally attended your classes. you're so artistic mA


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