Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Scavenger Hunt! :)

If you've been with Firefly from the start, you may have noticed our generous nature in doing 'specials' and sales... as well as doing give aways. I hadn't done my Awesome Customer Give Away for a while, we had a really big one in March for our 2nd Birthday... and now that I'm back for a bit, I wanted to do a little celebratory one. I thought I'd make it a little challenging, rather than the usual tag our page and like us on Facebook to be entered. While I understand these are all tactics and means to acquire more fans and create a hype about your brand or page... I don't quite get the point of it.. as in the +fans when not all of them order or interact on the page. Do I make sense?

I put up the Scavenger Hunt today, and it really does look like everyone's having fun. I know some who would most definitely share the photo number, so to keep it interesting and challenging, I will be changing the photo every now and then. Hehe. :)

It's fun because there are approximately 500 photos. :D 300+ just in the Chipboard Minis category. 
I see it this way, though this is a contest, even by default, everyone's just going to have to look through all my hand crafted work *wink*

Good Luck yall! :D

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