Friday, 20 July 2012

Paper Hunt Magic, Task One and Tag Wallets!

Soooo. I've spent the last couple of days resting out my fatique by taking cold and flu medicine and sleeping like no tomorrow. I feel much better Alhamdulillah! And feel a little refreshed and energized. So with that thought, I'd like to share what was the product of our Tag Wallet Class :)

We kicked off a little late, but that didn't stop the creative thoughts at all. I had two students, Anne and Iqra who had been looking forward to the Tag Wallets for the longest time I had actually suggested the Tag Wallet Module to Iqra as she was new to working with surfaces and took a while on decisions. Figured we'd start with something a little easier and small... She had ten seconds to make her decisions while with me. :)

Anyhow, my requirement for the class was, bring embellishments.. any and whichever you have along with a 12x12 piece of paper. These guys had lovely chart paper with them, but given class had already started late, I didn't want them to waste time on measurements and trimming. I came up to the studio. Pulled out two random sheets of paper and came down to class with them.

I handed Anne the green one and Iqra the pink. Without further delay, we began our folds for the tag wallet, working out the creases and importance of scoring. These guys managed to perfectly within a few minutes. That wasn't the hard part at all. :)

I feel I put the two of them with a couple of challenges, despite the Keepsake being super easy to do:
  • they had no idea I was going to give them random colors to work on their project
  • they had to make do with embellishments they found in their stash
  • nothing was newly bought, nothing was exclusively purchased for the project, ie in terms of color
  • again, because of time constraints, I just handed them my box of scraps... they had to pick out shades and tones of colors that matched their theme. 
  • There were only two punches these young ladies worked with, the scallop and ornate.
  • The tags were cut out by hand by tracing out a template off one of mine
Both began working on their tag wallets. They wanted to distress, to make their tags. I had shown them my engagement Tag Wallet... to have an idea of all the crazy and fun things you can do to make your work stand out. In the process, these are the things they came up with. I think they did a fab job. The only say I had in their projects was to make them think a little about placement or contrast. The rest was their call. They learned how to make little ribbon flowers to embellish their projects with, since the embellishments were limited. Iqra pulled out aces from her stash which was by luck, a compilation of pinks and beads and girly things. Anne had some lovely vintage buttons and trinkets in her stash.. which went great for her Tag Wallet. :)

It's amazing what these two did with their scrap pieces of paper and assigned colors. It worked out better because both of them had voiced out their fright of colors and how picking the right ones was always hard. Going into monochrome narrowed down decision making. Picking the right pink or the right green to go with the tag wallet was also important. Well done, you two!

I hope you're less afraid of colors and your own creativity. You can do wonders when you put your mind to things :) It was a two hour class, which carried on for almost 4. They didn't want to eat, they didn't want to take a break.. They just wanted to craft and create. :) Which is the way to go! 

Happy Birthday Iqra :) hope your birthday was one of the best experiences ever ;)

I keep getting queries on classes and tutorials... and while the last two weeks have been class-ilicious, I suppose I can do another round after Eid inshaAllah. *given I am in town*


Now for the Paper Hunt. If you'd like to join my next class over at the blog, here's what you need to do.

You're going to create a scrap file. Which will have bits and bobbles of paper, card stock and left over invites, tissue paper, etc.. This can comprise of a4 paper, chart paper scraps, wrappings, left over gift wrap paper, textured paper, other materials (leather, canvas, fabric)

You're going to sort them by color.. you can do the rainbow, with reds, blues, yellows, greens, etc.. you can also separate your blacks and greys and browns, and take them into whites, off whites, ivory and creams.

This is similar to the scrap paper stash I had sorted last week. :) You're organizing what you have to make building your projects easier!

Once that's done. You're going to bring out your stash of embellishments. Pins, stones, studs, rhinestones, glitter, laces, buttons, keys, ribbon etc. Could be left over charms from an old bracelet, beads... pretty much anything you want to stick on to your project :)

You can sort these by color too. :)

Once you've completed task one. Leave a comment below, so we can start task two! with a link to your stash. Snap a photo, upload it to your Facebook profile, make it public. You can leave the link with the comment, so we can see what you came up with :)

I'm posting a link to my scrap paper project here:


  1. the work of the girls is absolutely fabulous! :)

    can you tell me what kinda file should i use? i mean i have LOTS OF paper. as in solid paper and scraps too :/ i bought 10-15 sheets of gift wrap. and i have chart papers. i have printing papers. i have remains from old projects. do you suggest cutting the huge ones (chart papers and gift wrap sheets) into... perhaps 12x12 sheets? although i think cutting the CHART PAPERS/CARD SHEETS into 12x12 wouldnt be a gud idea cuz umm many of the cards that i made have bigger dimensions.. perhaps 7x6 or something like that (when fold it, so total it would be around 14x12 or something).. what do you suggest? :D

  2. For those who dont have the stash with them or anything left over have to buy new things? Could you suggest a place from where I can get such embellishments?

  3. oops sorry i realized i made a mistake the total size should be 7x12. so i guess yeah i should cut them out in 12x12 sheets :) thanks so much for all this <3 you're amazing <3

  4. very good post> organization is d step toward gud work! well , i hav d same problem as mahnoor. full card sheets gift wrappers n big sheets. n d only place to stack em is under d mattress bt dn its nt comfy. shud it b cut in smaller sizes?

    1. the biggest problem i have is storing! :( i used to story them behind my bed :p now i keep all the chart papers and gift wraps against the wall and have out a basket in front of them to keep them from falling down. I found an old file folder type of thing yesterday. it has different sections to keep different type of papers separate but the 12x12 ones wouldn't fit :(

  5. LOL.
    Since I have a mountain high of 12x12 sheets, I have a storage chest made for them. It has 12 slots, and all my papers sit on trays. If you'd like one made, lemme know :)It was raw, so I spray painted the cubicle black, and the trays gold. My sheets stay pretty neat up there now.

    As for the scraps of paper, I cut them down to a decent size, so I could store them. The papers I have in the scrap box, I just keep for small projects, tags, mini albums etc. The larger ones, I store with the 12x12's.

    Getting hold of a file with dividers is great! That would help a lot :) A suggestion I would give you is a get a ring file. And get those clear protective sleeves. So when you want to add a new color or category/theme to your scrap file, you can just add a new sleeve and start storing in there. You can put labels on there, too! It can hold A4 sized sheets for the most part.

    My 12x12's used to sit in a stack on my shelf before the organizer came btw.

    My chart papers currently lie beneath my bed, as my mattress already has some old projects and the portfolio beneath it.

    Behind the bed or against the wall is great, but the paper start rolling or curving, and slides down getting dents. I'm not fond of rolling up paper, but keeping it rolled up and standing in a bin or box is a great option too. The only thing I don't like is that you get dents, and it takes a while for the paper to roll out of that shape :)

    When I wrote about Task ONE, it was literally about finding things around the home, as the project is for 'scrap' material :)

    If you're new to this, the paper can be anything, it can be a paper bag from the groceries, an envelope, a wedding invite, some pretty wrapping paper, anything at all. Raid the stationer's.. ask your aunts.. and your cousins. Being crafty is making the most of unexpected things, even if it's trash! ie, leftover ribbon, pretty packaging for stickers, cards.. etc. :) Hope this helps guys, get started so we can do task two! :)

  6. hey :) I FINALLY cut out all the card and chart and paper i had and organized it properly by colour! You can see the pictures on this link :)

    but about the enbellishments well atm I don't have time to organize them too :( and besides they aren't much so I have leave them be for now :p oh and I have a questions, I have old keys but they are quite rusted up, do you know what kind of paint or polish or w.e. i should use to make them useable? like perhaps what kind of gold/bronze paint should i use?


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