Friday, 13 July 2012

a little Flu, a little fun...

For the last 3 days, all I recall doing is perhaps sleeping and hoping for a recovery that would allow me to breathe easily. I've had a horrible flu which allows my nights to remain in fever. Waiting for the medicine to kick in results in odd updates at the oddest hours. I messaged the wrong group for my class schedule update at 4 am... -_-; it's that crazy. Yesterday's orders are all in process. Have started the artwork, finishing up so it can go into printing. 

It's like odd things, and ailments are befalling so many people. Two of my students had relatives go to the ICU. My own Nani was out of the hospital 2 days ago... right when my Dadi went in. She comes home today inshaAllah. Another close relative is in the hospital.. and several friends are under the weather. It's like everyone's literally gone sick waiting for a little rain. Allah Kareem knows best. 

This weekend, I have the following projects I'm wanting to round up:

-A Karachi to London Mini. Sounds fun neh? at times I wish I never got rid of all my London Stickers :P no one ever used to order anything related to London back then.
-A Romantic Photobook.
-2 Butterfly themed minis
-A Black Current Mini

I worked on one which I had cut down the papers for even before going to Hong Kong :)

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