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The Ultimate Crafter's Summer Series Classes.


After great success of our first of its kind Craft Workshop in Pakistan, we're back with the Crafter's Summer Series. :) Alhamdulillah, through out the month of March earlier in Spring, we were able to meet our aim... which was to educate and make aware the masses of the crafting tools, techniques and other fun things made available across the globe... and how to utilize them. In the last few months alone, MashaAllah, there's been a rise of interest within crafting materials, tools, as well as techniques for the hobbyists to take forward. Alhamdulillah! How awesome is that? While I'm aching to travel and conduct workshops and classes in Islamabad as well as Lahore, perhaps other cities later... I've devised a schedule of classes for everyone in Karachi. *I'm home for a little while*What's really cool is that Firefly is receiving great response from the Craft and Hobby Stores in Hong Kong, who also conduct classes and workshops by the way... So ten years of experience doing these pretty pretty things is working out MashaAllah :DSo I'll get right to it now...

The B Series:B1, we're doing the Ultimate Crafter's Workshop again. We've got a powerful presentation for you to have a background on all the right tools, techniques and know hows on crafting and scrapbooking! :) We go over basics of design, give you a dose of layouts in scrapbooking... we move to tools and punches.. how to decide which one you'd want to opt for. We also have a tutorial on stamping, and further heat embossing. We'll teach you how to use embossing folders at home without the cuttlebugg and Sizzix! :D A must for any beginner. 3-4 hours. Rs 2000.B2, a quick run on the tools you might find useful and how to use them, including your die cutting machine, punches, and others. 1 hour. Rs 1000.B3, stamping... what really is this? and how to apply it to your crafting? 1 hour. Rs 2000.B4, embossing at home. Everyone's curious about this one, and it's no fun viewing it online, you've gotta try it out for yourself... come on down to emboss at home with embossing folders.. without the cuttlebug or Sizzix. :) Fun yea? 1 hour Rs 1000.

C- Card Category.C1 Fun Every Day Cards Rs 1250. 2 hours.C2 Vintage Cards, want to have a look at what makes a card feel vintage? Further, want to make one yourself? 1.5 hours, Rs 1500C3 Stamped Cards, how to use image stamps, render the image and further, put it to use in cardmaking. 2.5 hours. Rs 1250C4 Journaling Cards and Tags, how to come up with your own tags and cards for keepsake albums, gift tags and such! 1.5 hours Rs 1500.C5 Pop Up cards, the simplest of things make a 'popping' impression :) learn how to make yours. 2 hours. Rs 1250

D1 and D2 Drawing Basics to get you into gear. :D 8 training hours... Rs 1500.Day 1.-Warm Up, Lines-Warm Up, Ellipses-Contours-The Basic Platonic Forms: Cylinder, Cube, Pyramid, Sphere-Drawing from Still Life arrangementDay 2.-Warm Up, Lines-Warm Up, Ellipses-Contours-FoliageDay 3.-Warm Up, Lines-Warm Up, Ellipses-Quick Sketches-Introduction to Rendering TechniquesDay 4.-Basic Drawing, Contours-RenderingHomework given daily.E 1 and E3 We get requests for something for the kiddos, we're going to have to sessions for them to craft and create their Eid Cards for loved ones... Each one is separate. Rs 750 ea, 2 hoursE2 and E4, with the holy nights nearing and the month of blessings in swing, wouldn't it be nice to craft something to cherish it? A project to work with your favorite Quranic Ayah or Hadith, to pretty it up and make it as beautiful as its meaning :) Rs 1000 ea, 2 hours

The K Series... Keepsakes!

K1 Tagbooks. From the pockets, the tags... the cover and binding it down... 3 hours, Rs 3000K2 Tag Wallets. Need a sweet and pocket sized gift? Learn how to put one of these together :) 2 hours, Rs 2000K3 Mini Albums, the mother of all crafty craziness, our most popular album... from lining the pages, to composing them... 3 hours, Rs 3200K4 The Photobook looks easy yeah? Why not have a go and we show you how to put one together for your photos? Gear up cadets :D 3 hours, Rs 3500K5 Ticket STub Albums, a recent additiion, we're going to show you how to work on these :)  3 hours, Rs 3000 

To be a part of our craft c
lass series, attendees are required to take two modules from separate categories... ie. B1 and C5 

or C2 and K2... you can pick your class. No restrictions... You can select as many modules you would like. :D

You are entitled to a 10% off on 3 modules, and a 20% off on 5 or more modules.The location/place/venue is to be confirmed but will be in the vicinity of Defence/Clifton, my residence.

A list of supplies will be circulated for the following:-C1, C2, C3, C4, C5-K1, K2, K3, K4, K5-E2, E4

There are no supplies required for the following modules:-B1 The Ultimate Crafter’s Workshop -B2 101 on Crafting Tools-B3 Stamping Techniques-B4 Embossing at Home-C4 Journaling Cards/Tags-E1 and E3 Eid Greetings SessionsOur Drawing Classes are Rs 1500 for 8 training hours. For those who would like to sit for 16 hours, please put forward a request with at Rs 1000 extra.

We undersstand Ramadan is nearing and all of us are due for our religious and spiritual duties, the timings for this reason have been set as such.

Please note that registrations are non refundable.

The following do not require prior registration, last minute sittings are welcomed. But to ensure your seat and to be included in our special notes and giveaway opportunities, please register!-The Basics ‘B’ category classes (B1, B2, B3, B4)- K2 Tag Wallets- K4 Photobooks*if you wish to attend, please arrive on time to be allowed attendance*

Because of the number of modules and time frame, we are not going to swap or switch classes on requests.

The Ultimate Crafter’s Workshop encore is not going to include kits or hi tea as our last one due to the cost and venue restrictions. 

The schedule has been posted so you may select a module you can enjoy and are able to attend easily. InshaAllah.


This crafting class series is for our folks in Karachi for the time being.

If you've read through and know what you want to sign up for... register by clicking the link below :)

http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/mY7Gib7928yoaD0 x

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