Friday, 13 July 2012


I am not a card person, I had some super special requests and did hand crafted cards... I love buying them though. And since the wallet cards swamp my life... I just admire pretty things from a distance. *wink* I love the work I see online though. It's amazing what people do with them... E.T at Glitters & Swirls is one of them. Her pieces totally wow you :) You make sure you drop her a little hello by clicking here.

Anyhow, we have the rescheduled card making classes today, given it's 2 am already. I wanted to work out a few samples for the stamped ones more than the vintage category, as I already have so much of it over at Firefly! I just finished up washing all my stamps and putting them aside for the class.

The cards I've done are all super simple... I tried very hard not to go vintage! :)
The point of each one was to show different ways in which you could utilize stamping.

This one was light tones and dark ones to create background and foreground. Super simple!

I wanted to show how images can be rendered and treated after stamping and of course, using the right ink.

Stamped imagery and water color... archival ink used to prevent the smearing and bleeding. Blinged with rhinestones.

I love this one. Self print, I love that stamp... in the background... a bit of color at the bottom.. and the Hello accent. 

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