Wednesday, 2 March 2011

tick tock. vowels are fascinating.

It amazes me that we can totally strengthen our password by removing the vowels along with a few other sneaky little tricks online :D Have yall tried that before? What's more fascinating is the english language, I mean check out our vocab.. Tick... Tock. A. E. I. O. U. I comes before O. O comes after I. And I am being completely completely airheaded at the moment. :D

It's sleep taking over. Today's entry isn't very elaborate. It's a tiny little thought I'm letting out loud because the day is too short... with a long list of things to do. Crazy crazy time. It's flying. I mean, can you dance a little slower. It takes time learn the steps you know!

Thank you Almighty. I survived another day of unexposed screens, another 18 sets of photocopies on butter paper. And am now nearly staring at the laptop screen with hazy eyes. *squints*

OH YES! The reason I opened up the blog post! *duh*
Loadshedding delayed a couple of orders. And this weeks batch is going to get delayed a little more... as there is a strike tomorrow. And I don't own the shop :D The Printer Uncle does :p So inshaALLAH, I will dispatch all orders on Tuesday for pick up. I would keep the weekend but there is way way too much happening and I know something will go haywire somewhere. I can feel it. :)

Bracing myself for a very very important day. Well.. the beginning of several more important days... of sparkles, sunshine.. and maybe some sweet rain. You never know. :) So need some sweet prayers everybody :) I'll be embarking on a new journey... and inshaALLAH.. it will be my real life.. *big smile*

Allah ki Madad.
*Firefly's light bulb switches off now*

You know you love the cliffhanger! :D haha.


  1. Hey,
    though could'nt get a chance to had a click from u but really like your work and always admire creative bugs:) also appreaciate ur tick tock short story.
    All the best !!
    Nayyera Lari

  2. Thats the fun part about working the way we work. Nothing's for sure! So at the end of the day making it through and delivering the goodies to their respective owners is such a high! =D its more like a feat :P Lots of love Firefly!


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