Saturday, 26 February 2011

oodalalee. what a day.

So, it is 51 minutes passed the a.m. And I am fighting my sleep now to make this post. But I must post it as it's magic is all in posting today... or... tonight. Or maybe a little while ago.

Saturdays for me usually are not holidays. As much as I don't want to work. I end up working. As much as I plan on relaxing or taking it easy, life has those funny aces up its sleeve.. you know the ones that tell you sorry sunshine, this is what you're doing today. God's decree.

I was exchanging texts with a client regarding her pick up. And here's what she had to say...

I'm totally out of words. Seriously. I had to read it a couple of times to register it all. Alhamdulillah. It's all the Almighty's magic. :) He's Awesome. Did you all know that? *rhetorical question* I am thankful to Him lately, MORE than ever for His immense blessings... and this month, my belief... is of blessings and blessings beyond count. Thank you Allah mian. 

So the not so holiday Saturday began with work in the morning. And in the late hours of noon, it happened. The first Elan meet up. I didn't realize it'd turn out as it did. It was awesome. The airhead me had a hard time finding the lounge, but I survived. Thank You. S.A. <3 you are my hero. :D

The meeting was cool. We got to introduce ourselves. It reminded me of the AA meetings we see on Finding Nemo. But it was fun... I set afloat some bookmarks and some of those wallet cards too. It feels all grown-uppy handing out visiting cards doesn't it? Makes you feel like you REALLY have something substantial you're standing for. Laughs.out.loud. No really. It just hit me. I am a professional. Oh God. I graduate this year. I'll have a degree. *inshaALLAH* It's one of those moments, I'm asking... Where is time going? 

Wherever. It's happening. And life is happening with it. And today, was one of those days, where being amidst talented and amazing individuals, you feel like you too are totally up to something. I have a stack of really neat visiting cards I should be feeding numbers into my phone with. But I think I'll leave that on tomorrow. I feel this Elan session is good for grooming us as people who can and should be ready to represent their brand or be proud of what they do. It's not just networking. It's expressing what your philosophy is. What you envision, not just for your own brand, but our country and society altogether. Here's to the women, power to us! wohoooo! The other day in our Liberal Arts Elective, we talked about gender bias... and the glass ceiling for women. Sky is the limit. But there it is, that ceiling. Well... what some don't know... the glass ceiling has a window latch that opens like a skylight. :p And we are making big things happen. And little Firefly will glow in the darkest of places. *inshaALLAH*

Today, I finally met the faces behind the brilliant line of work ranging from Wrap n Roll, Dots n Dashes, Bells n Bells, Say Cheese, Sweet Art, Khadija Karim, Sugar Doodle... and more! It was totally casual. Kudos to Khadija, Sania and Urouge... for all being the awesome young guns out there ;) Missing today was GPCS... sighsss.

A post on the Firefly wall today totally made my day: 

♥♥♥++ An infinite loop of ♥ for the Fire Fly Gal ,her work and her blog just loved reading those hope-alot-aloud lines ,a great soother for the messy minds and confused hearts!stay blessed

Hon. You and the Firefly gal have tons in common :) Keep reading. You'll realize that the soothing is all within the chaos of life's little mysteries... and confused hearts are always lucky. They have a thirst for direction as compared to those who wander endlessly to one unnamed destination. Explore it all... and stay true. x


  1. Thanks for the lovely mention Varah! It was such a nice day n full of surprises, was quite nervous but meeting u guys made the "funny feeling" go away in a sec! so glad u enjoyed the cupcakes!! makes it all worthwhile :)

    love, aneeza

  2. I can totally totally relate!
    That funny feeling about, okay... room full of people. JUST like me... now what?
    I remember you love getting feedback from clients... the sweet way to go is to have appreciation for you meetha. :D


  3. thanks Varah thats sooo sweet of u ! i loved the card and book marks .. i actually gave the sorry one to my husband .. it was awesome.. great job and hope to get to know u better and be friends for all the times to come !
    lots of love Urouge
    always remember to say cheese !

  4. Awww... that's lovely. :) hahahaha.. that sorry one makes a great give away for the significant other ;)
    And inshaALLAH :D
    *says cheese*

  5. Thanks Varrrah!! That is an amazing post. And thank you for the bookmarks and cards. I am loving them! Definitely plan on getting something printed from you one of these days :) I so have to make a list of all the amazing things I want to buy :)

  6. You're super welcome Ms Munir :)
    And yes yes, anytime. ;) I shall look forward to it. x

  7. I love your writing style. Can you help me with the press release for Elan please? Also, is it ok if I share this on the Elan page?

  8. Wonderful to read and recall about the Elan meet up which was terrific and I am already waiting for more ;)

    Thanks for leaving a beautiful part of Firefly with each one of us...(actually two bookmark and the w card)...
    as i write my design appears on the left side of your blog page :)

    I truly believe in an identity of a woman that is by virtue of one's own talent, wisdom, hard work and achievements.

    No matter what stage of life we are in, we should always have something substantial that gives us the feeling of being self reliant over and over again.

    Thanks for the kind mention of Wrap n Roll :)

  9. What a lovely post. It was our immense pleasure to be able to reach out to the people behind the most brilliant ideas.Hats off to EZ & EM.
    & Varah, not to mention your absolutely gorgeous book marks & cards. Totally in love with them.
    Hoping to take our acquaintance to a level of a great friendship......... Love always

  10. Awww Meri choti.. I know i missed out on a lot. Inshallah next time.
    Keep up the great work. U do me proud everyday!
    Lots of love and hugs and duas for everything special and great!
    *Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios*

  11. Thank you for the genuine feedback. I'm feeling the ELAN love everyone :) Can't wait for the next one. *throws confetti*

    Ms Zehra, would totally love to. Would be honored in fact. And yes please, you are very welcome to share this. :)

    Sumreen... aaaah. *instant smiles* ;) You're absolutely right you know... and I can gauge that almost everyone of us is driven by that little nook of talent, wisdom, hard work and achievements. I need to get in touch with you by the way. :D

    Irum, hehe. InshaALLAH! everything doesn't happen for a reason, all reasons were pre-written. ;)

    API... youuuuuu are my real unbiological sister. And your immense duas and super sweet 'proud of choti' moments, make me feel absolutely special. Love you.


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