Wednesday, 23 February 2011

sparkles. hello sunshine!

Well now. 
Fresh, squeeky clean slate. And some fun fun ideas brewing in the crazy melting pot mind of mine. aaah. I am beginning to think I've entered that world where I really do make everything whimsical with a chance of rainbows. I've transformed into the inner optimist-outer smile-ist. Aint' that somethin? I've had a number of days where I've asked myself, WHERE is the time flying? God Almighty, thank you. I'm actually thinking, I'm glad I don't have time to think. When you think. You worry. When you worry, you lose it. When you lose it, you miss out the rainbows. And when you do that, you forget there ever was a sunshine worth smiling for!

So on that dose of positivity, and my new happy color, yellow, I present to you. Life as the Firefly Girl. Yes, I'm serious. I've been called that! Laughs.out.Loud. You know what, I should have recorded the date of my first 'Firefly Girl' title acceptance. 

I've spent quite sometime tweaking out the layout here. And I'm sure, every you stop by here, you'll see something slightly altered. Hey... I'm' getting used to this new blogware. Wordpress is out. Simply because I couldn't customize it without pulling out my credit card. *sad face* 

Anyhoo! Howdy everybody! My name is Varah, and I am your Firefly Girl. I am the mastermind behind the whimsical forecast at Firefly. I don't have a creative department, or an operations director. I work out of my sketchbook and a Dell I purchased two years ago. I think a lot. And believe strongly in destiny. And well, Firefly didn't happen because I wanted to one day. It happened because it was meant to, so that I could meet lovely folk of the likes of you. :) I'm blessed really. Everyday, I learn something new and get to communicate with someone totally different. It's an honor really, to be able to be called upon to bring smiles to the faces of so many beautiful people. I hope I continue to :) It's a toughie being a design student in final year. I need prayers to get through... to keep at it you know ;)

Recent sunshine tribute for today's news:

Hope you all love it. It's super special.
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