Sunday, 13 March 2011

do you see what i see

I believe every moment we spend walking, speaking, sharing, listening and just living, is scheduled and planned. When people say everything happens for a reason, they relate events or occurrences to be a result of other events or occurrences. That isn't my belief. I believe everything happens because it was written to. And occurrences and events are not coincidence, they are pre-written. And with these pre written little episodes, surface our giggly moments and star like dreams.

It has been a beautiful last ten days for me. Personally, because I have lived the first chapter embarking on a journey to my fairytale. I met someone I had spoken to for the very first time. In seven days I understood all the reasons why everything shaped into the way it was and I can proudly say I am a changed person. :) Alhamdulillah. I haven't counted the number of ways I have smiled or laughed.out.loud. But I am blessed to count one reason responsible for a million more. You don't quite understand what love is till it escapes with a lit pathway from near the corner of your eye. And you can't quite place which moment in time or which word changes the course of things. End result... instant sunshine. Endless rainbows. Never ending sparkles. 

I pray everyone lights their rainbow... and finds the love they're hoping for. Whether it's the pathway to the Almighty, at the footsteps of His Beloved, the arms of one's parents, or just a journey to discover the other half written in the stars when the world itself wasn't even created. :)

Here's to fairytales... happily ever afters, dragon slaying prince charmings, pretty evening gowns, fairy friends, & stories of life, love, and luck. Thank you for those who sent in their wishes. It meant a lot to me! 

With the daydreaming aside... Oh.em.jee! :D Weeeeeeeeeeee! hehe. Firefly has found a new reason to glow ;) New designs coming up. Firefly will turn ONE on the 25th! I plan to hold a little Firefly bash, but will not be able to until April or so. Maybe I'll combine it with my own birthday ;) There's a little draw happening at the moment. Get your entries in sooooooon. Orders that have been piling up are ready for pick ups.. now I need to chase down people to come and collect them :P

I'll be traveling inshaALLAH next week, we're going for our study trip to Bangladesh. Wooohoooo. Yummy fish here I come. :D It's expected to be a ten day trip. And with the retrograde coming up, delays expected. So everybody, don't start anything new, don't start any new business, new projects, or sign any important documents. *just to be safe*

Smile Sunshine!

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