Tuesday, 15 March 2011

what a day? 1000+love

Aiya. It's one of those long over-stretched days. Today was a study visit to a denim manufacturer. Did you all know that PAKISTAN manufactures jeans for Aeropostale and apparel for brands such as H&M as well as Bershka? I was blown away! It was so cool!

Anyhow, while my sleep heavy eyes are turning hazy and my head is pinching with this throbbing headache I've had since the heat and the never ending lecture at the manufacturing unit, I thought a 1000 fans deserved a few words at least for making Firefly what it is at this point in time.

I remember when I first started, I'd tag my friends. I got orders from them. Then came orders from their friends. Then I noticed orders from THEIR friends... and some time back, I completely lost track and stopped trying to figure who came through who and how much Firefly has grown. It's seriously a milestone for me. Not because 'yeay' I have a 1000 fans. But because, little Firefly is growing. People ask me WHY Firefly? or isn't that Firefly Photoworks? *waves to Ms Nariman*

The real story is of my journal. I have a passion for writing. Lines of prose, strands of words... I love it. I've always kept notebooks or journals. About five years ago, I purchased a hardcover journal. I began writing and called it the Tainted Firefly as most of my thoughts then were emotion driven and melancholic. From there routed my favorite quotations, my favorite stories, my favorite recipes.. Everything that interested me. So when I pulled out a wallet card I wanted to introduce to Pakistan, I wanted it to reflect the thought and stories behind it. Hence, the name Firefly. It goes back more than a year. It is therefore, truly inspired by life and its experiences, the people in it, friends, family... little sisters, crazy colleagues, random musings during school, those I need a hug gestures, and what not. That is what the Firefly is. The daily happenings in the life of not just me, but people the likes of you! We all wait for our rainbows, how many of us put down the umbrella and search the sunshine?

I hope each of us continues to spread smiles with little tokens of love and share the warmth during those cold and stubborn days. Life's too short to be sour and grinch-y. Isn't it?

Oodles of love, sweet duas and ever so kind wishes... may you all glow like the Firefly in the darkest of places. Don't wait for light to shine on you, make your own and lead the way. *sparkles*



  1. so proud of you my "other" little firefly 8)

  2. wahh Janaab meri choti!
    Need i say again that u do me proud every single day! Congratulations!
    Big hug and loads of love


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