Wednesday, 16 March 2011


So today, I decided that I would focus on 'work' and to keep my mind from concentrating on 'other' things, I put on my playlist from an a-eon ago. And here's where my heart skipped a beat...

I only hope that I one day deserve what you've given me, But all I can do is try, every day of my life.

Shayne Ward's lyrics to 'Breathless'. It's such a pretty song. Does that make sense? :) It's one of those sweet lovey-dovey songs. But then most of the things on my playlist are 'those-typesa-songs'. Would you believe it? I sang 'It Must've Been Love' for my Student Council interview. And whaddia know, four years straight, I'm still in the Council. Unconditional Love I'd say.

Now the track playing is Perhaps Love, it's a Korean Song from 'Princess Hours'. I loved this drama. It was TOO cute! I was actually hooked on the man-hua... or Korean Manga-Comic. Totally worth reading for those who like fairytales. :) and the song, again is Perhaps Love, by J & Howl, from the 'Goong' Soundtrack.

I realized I haven't touched my manga for a while. Anyone else interested in it? I have the entire Imadoki and Alice 19th Series. Have Chobits, Wish, Inu Yasha, Angel Sanctuary, Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, and others... if someone wants to get their hands on some purchases, get in touch. :D

I thought I'd talk about some weird interests today. :) Adds to the whimsical life-story. :)

I had an interesting evening today, being interviewed by an old school friend, who actually wanted to interview a social media using business for his thesis with a couple of friends. I was honored really. Made me reminisce the whole initial Firefly process :) and how it all started. It feels great to be celebrating one year very soon. InshaALLAH. I'm slightly sad I won't be around to do the Firefly party, but still proud that it's grown so much in a year with the love and warmth.

Hope you all continue to smile.... with silly little notes that read Smile Sunshine!

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